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Michael Ehline, Camp Pendleton Tour Bus Crash Lawyer

What are the Most Important Things You Need To Check Before You Ride?

The Motorcyclists’ Pre-Ride Bill Of Clean Health Even the most experienced motorcycle rider understands the risk they take every time they get behind the handlebars. The sheer power and excitement of the open road is a calling to many. This thrill is where the biker lifestyle may grab you. When you ride often, you understand many critical factors in how to ride and stay safe. Below we have included some pre-ride safety tips to get you safely down the road. The woman is wearing a motorcycle helmet. Mostly, it’s important to weigh how to keep yourself safe on the road. It will also...

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What Is Going To Happen To More Than 170 Arrested Bikers In Texas?

The afternoon of Sunday was not a good one for Texas. Waco, Texas, saw a massive brawl among many biker M/C clubs in the afternoon. The incident took place at Twin Peaks restaurant a few weeks back. The members of various biker gangs had come to that spot to talk about some matters regarding past turf wars. However, things didn’t go the way bikers had wanted, and a fight broke out among them. When the battle ended, nine people were dead. A Little About Bikers In Texas. You probably already know how bikers look. They have their style, big bodies, bandanas on their heads, frequently large...

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Motorcycle Accident Lost Contracts & Wages Attorneys | Los Angeles Based

ELFPI Law assists motorcycle accident victims who lost contracts and wages. Many of our clients suffered tragic wounded in roadside wipeouts. And they have obtained payments after disabled from their day jobs. Also, some have lost significant money from lost contracts and past wages, all from another person’s negligence. Below our injury lawyers will give you victims and families the basics on how and who can sue to gather these special damages in an Unlimited Jurisdiction personal injury negligence claim. Contents: How Do I Get Money For Lost Income? Work Restrictions Returning...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC / FAQs Motorcycle Insurance FAQ This section attempts to address the many frequently asked questions about personal injury motorcycle insurance claims. And rightly so, these claims are among the many roadblocks to a reasonable offer. Ehline Law goes into detail on the many motorcycle insurance FAQs riders have. We are expert insurance claims attorneys. We have won millions without even suing. We have a burning desire to help those less fortunate. Read on, or call (888) 400-9721 to learn more. Table of Contents: How Do I File a Motorcycle...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents | Safety, Injuries, Money

Motorcycle Accident FAQs At the outset, this Q & A is written by a lawyer who rides a steel horse. So although by no means comprehensive, this is the culmination of years of representing motorcycle mishap victims, as well as my riding debacles, strategies, and tactics for staying safe while riding. These are the most frequently asked questions from bike riders and victims from a legal perspective. Table of Contents: Steps to Take? How Do I Pay For Medical Care? Is it Better Not To Have a Lawyer? Other Reasons To Hire a Lawyer? How Much Money Will I Get? Should I Get My Bike From Storage? Time...

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Choosing the Safest Motorcycle Helmet – A View from a Riding Expert

The Cost vs. Safety Question There is no dollar value on safety. This goes especially for cases in which there is a high-speed impact on the road. Bikers have to live with that tradeoff every day. No helmet is perfect, but some offer more protection at a reasonable cost. The best motorcycle helmets are often priced in terms of quality. In other words, if you want the best possible protection, you’re going to pay for it. It might seem daunting at first, especially for a new rider. However, with careful consideration, bikers can purchase the best possible protection at a reasonable price. The...

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The Top Good, Bad and Ugly M/C Clubs in LA

Top Good And Bad Los Angeles, California Motorcycle Clubs Logo motorcycle lawyer There was a famous Clint Eastwood movie called the “Good the Bad and the Ugly.” There were heroes and anti-heroes. The same goes for LA Motorcycle clubs. There are a variety of motorcycle clubs throughout the state of California. Many are clubs based on various points of interest that leaders can broadly organize into the following categories: Outlaw motorcycle clubs and 1%ers Non-outlaw motorcycle clubs. Most often than not, the term motorcycle club brings up images of drug-trafficking and violence,...

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Can Women Motorcyclists Be Outlaws, Three Patches Or 1%ers?

Changing Straight Male Dynamics Of Motorcycle Culture And The Sexes Can women join a riding club? Yes! Can a female be an outlaw? Yes! Can a female be a 1%er? No! But when older males think of female riding clubs, they often are reminded of “Dykes On Bikes.” However, things are changing rapidly and also staying the same. For example, allegations of homoerotic behavior in outlaw motorcycle gangs have been around since the 70s. And modernly, in L.A. alone, there are straight, mixed, and transexual female riding clubs and motorcycle clubs. Sexual preference is no longer the focus of...

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Understanding Motorcycle Formation And Group Riding | Planning, Hand Signals, Road Mishaps

Motorcycle Riding In Formations Can Be Fun If Done Right – But Accidents Happen Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating experience for many veteran riders and newbies alike. Riding a rumbling steel horse in the open air with winds whipping about and bugs smashing into your goggles or eyeglasses reinforces oneness with nature and with the other groups of vehicles near your bike. Many independent riders enjoy the fun and excitement of riding alone, while others prefer the safety and camaraderie of group and formation riding. I am attorney Michael Ehline. As a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer for...

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How Failure To Wear Your Motorcycle Helmet Can Hurt Your Injury Claim?

An accident with a motorcycle. Traffic accident with skid marks on the road photo icon. The Need for a Helmet. California is one of the states with a universal helmet law implemented. Whether you wear a modular helmet, an open-faced helmet, or something in between, nothing can stop some negligent person from hitting you while riding in L.A. After all, Los Angeles has one of the highest incidences of motorcycle wrecks. So naturally, this means you have to wear a helmet when you ride. And this remains true if you are the one in control of your motorcycle or not. For example, you may have been...

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Motorcycle Repair Or Replacement Insurance Claims

Set of automotive parts. Isolated on white with clipping path. Is There An Opportunity Out Of Tragedy? Was your bike– your pride and joy– damaged in such a way that can make a grown man cry? But don’t despair. Sometimes there can be a silver lining for a dedicated biker with the right lawyer at his side. So don’t give up so easily. There are many ways to fix up your bike to be better than it was before. Finding the right parts and mechanic to install them is not always easy. However, if done correctly, it can be rewarding. Are Bikes More Than Just Parts? The aftermath...

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Youth Accidents Involving Motorcycles

Motorcycles And Youngsters Learn Everything You Need To Know About Teen Motorcycle Riding Accidents From a Motorcycle Lawyer In LA, CA. True, most motorcycle accidents involving young riders involve negligence on the part of the young motorcycle rider. Some teens since childhood have been riding on the back of motorcycles since they were kids. Because of this, they likely know about leaning into turns and the overall feel of open-air riding. But the teen motorcycle crash statistics don’t tell the whole story. Some accidents are caused by other motor vehicle drivers. Mainly, teens, even...

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Highway Construction Zone Hazards For Motorcyclists | Motorcycle Lawyer

What Are Some Inherent Risks Bikers Face In And Around Active Construction Zones? A construction or work zone is a location where roadwork occurs, often in the midst of vehicular traffic on federal and state-funded or subsidized highways and freeways. What characterizes a construction zone typically includes lane closures that funnel people into fewer lanes of travel or detours. Wood chipping machines, construction workers, usually wearing orange colors, orange jumpsuits, or jeans. Sometimes motorcyclists will notice roadside clean up crews working off a DUI penalty as part of their criminal...

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What is the Best Harley for Short Riders?

What Harley Should I Buy If I’m Short? Motorcycle riding Many men that ride bikes do so for a variety of reasons. Some just like the wind in their hair (under the helmet, of course.) Others love the Biker culture. Some do it for attention. Others do it as a hobby. No matter what the reason, safety is a top concern. And rider safety is why the type of Harley you ride is so key. Furthermore, this is especially important, depending on the height of the rider. Some bikers don’t want to admit they’re short. It’s understandable. However, certain bikes are better...

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The Future of Motorcycle Technology is Here

Motorcycles keeping the classic look with new technology Motorcycle riders or enthusiasts like to stay with the brand loyalty of course. In fact, manufacturers depend on this brand loyalty. They, of course, use it as a selling point. To keep rider’s loyal they have a plan. The builders regularly work on motorcycle improvements. Bike makers integrate new technology into the bikes. But they strive to keep the classic appearance of the motorcycle that attracts riders. Motorcycle makers incorporate new technology into the bikes. But they attempt to keep the classic appearance of the bike...

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Motorcycle Scar Injury Attorney Help | Burns, Road Rash, Lacerations, Piercings

Is There Hope And Treatment For Painful Motorcyclists And Bicyclist Scars? Picture of a close-up shot of a man’s forearm laceration and cut area after his surgery. For many bikers, scars are a matter of pride. Even extensive scarring is a rite of passage to show how riders came to maturity. For others, these scars are a joyful reminder of a life well spent with friends, family, and others. Peddled powered bicyclists and motorcycle riders have in common the risk of long-term scars after being in a vehicular collision. I am Michael Ehline. I am a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney....

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Is It Legal For Kids to Be Motorcycle Passengers or Riders in California? | Ehline Law Firm

Legalities Of Riding With A Child On A Motorcycle? A child riding a motorcycle For some, it’s a death wish; for others, it is a rite of passage. But riding on a motorcycle as a child in Los Angeles is very dangerous. There are two main ways children get hurt while riding on motorcycles. The first-way kids get hurt while straddling a moving motorcycle is when they are passengers on the back of the bike or in front of the operator. The other way they get hurt is while behind the handlebars as motorcycle operators. First of all, it is legal for kids to ride on the back of a motorcycle on...

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How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Worth to A Lawyer?

How Do I Calculate The Value Of My Motorcycle Crash? So nowadays, virtually everyone has seen the Google results for “personal injury settlement calculator.” But the whole point is that there is no sure-fire way to determine the value of a motorcycle accident insurance claim or court award. You can get as close as you can by building the suit itself, while it is still in the investigatory phase. But still, most accident victims want to know how much their case is worth. Build The Motorcycle Claim Early. You can get as close as you can by constructing the claim itself, while it...

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Medical Care After a Motorcycle Crash

When a smashed up motorcycle rider is hurting, he must seek medical care immediately. Waiting too long can be a severe health danger. Not seeking medical attention right away also decreases your chances of proving how you were hurt. The Ehline Law Firm is where the rider that has been in a motorcycle accident can get answers to their questions about medical care and a free initial consultation. We have convenient office locations in Southern California. Our expertly trained attorneys represent the tort victim in Northern California as well. Contents: Treatment and Follow Up Primary Care Acquiring...

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Eight Important Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

The sad facts are that if you ride, it is highly likely you will be in a crash at some future point.  In the vast majority of cases, a spill on a bike will mean injuries to the biker. It is common knowledge that motorcycle riders are at risk for very atrocious wounds. Contents: Checklist to Commit to Memory Multiple Defendants to Pay Getting a Great Lawyer Eight Post Motorcycle Collision Tips. If you can keep it together and commit these tips to memory, you could mitigate some of the expected, negative consequences. Immediately preceding the accident, refrain from becoming agitated...

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Motorcycle Incident Resources and Assistance for Riders

Below are some great resources we attorneys use to get help clients in their motorcycle-related incidents. So take a gander. As a matter of fact, these links could help you find out more about your rights from pros. Safety Statistics: Motorcyclist Traffic Fatality Rates NHTSA Motorcycles Motorcycle Law: DMV Licensing DMV PDF Motorcycle Rider’s Handbook Legal Definitions Motorcycle Rider Safety: Los Angeles Motorcycle Safety Course Info California Highway Patrol Safety Course CMSP Basic Rider Safety Course Motorcycle Safety Foundation Westside Motorcycle Academy Go to motorcycle...

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What is the Difference With M1 and M2 Motorcycle Licenses | Why Does it Matter?

Some youngsters start riding dirt bikes out in the boondocks and with no motorcycle license. Many kids are already great off-road riders when they hit their teen years. But street riding is a different animal altogether. Even if you’re a new rider, you need specialized training and minimal skill before you hit the asphalt jungle. Motorcycle accident avoidance is the primary concern behind getting licensed, and rightly so. Rider basic training is mandatory for cyclists under California law. And rider training is a matter of life and death. So if you want to avoid finding yourself scooped...

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Active Duty Soldier’s Home Taken Over by Squatters- Bikers Say No!

Are 1%er Bikers a Silent Vanguard? Turn on any television show or movie, and you will see some negative stereotypes about motorcyclists. Bikers often get described in a negative light. Mostly, it’s for no other reason than a few bad apples. The vast majority of bikers are law-abiding patriots. In many cases, these biker clubs go out of their way to protect U.S. veterans and keep our country just that little bit safer. Biker fights progressive sissy. In many cases, bikers are responsible for protecting U.S. members of the armed forces and their families. Along with this, these bikers went...

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Motorcycle Types and Purchasing One for Safety

Why Safety First Matters? There are many types of motorcycles and motorbikes on the road today. Many consumers tend to choose them for their style, for their acceleration, and their speed. However, the savvy rider will also consider the effects of the bike on their safety. Only with proper research can a rider understand how the bike would fare in a crash. This research is where Ehline Law is here to help. We’ve scoured the internet and used our experience to compile a list of some of the safest bikes on America’s roads today. Is There A List Of Safest Motorcycle Models? We...

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What Are You Doing to Look Out For Bikers? | May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Motorcycle Safety Is No Joke. Every motorcyclist has enough to worry about when they get ready to ride. Between other riders, parts issues, and other concerns, they don’t need to worry about further safety issues. Then again, every rider has a role to play in the security of the roads. Helpful tips often utilized at the right time can save lives. That is the reason why motorcycle safety month was created. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Because of this, Ehline Law Firm has launched its Motorcycle safety campaign to help others sharing the roads become more aware of motorcycle...

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Why Are There More Motorcycle Accidents When Gas Prices Go Up?

Is There An Unfortunate Reality At The Gas Pump? Motorcyclist in the LBC It might not seem like a direct correlation or an immediate reaction. Gas prices and the number of deaths on the road are directly tied together. This adverse reaction is a result of many factors. But gasoline prices are the first and foremost. It can be depressing that a person’s life is so directly tied to the price at the pump, but there are several reasons why. Easily the largest is mileage. Motorcycles and dirt bikes get excellent mileage, on average, which means they are often taken out of the garage in times...

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Proposed Lane Splitting Law Would Increase Risks for Motorists

Motorcycle riding Enough Handholding? Motorcyclists are making up a larger share of the vehicles on California’s roads. The state’s unique weather patterns have made it a stunning place to ride. Both residents and visitors love traveling the US 1 or many of the premier roads across the Golden State. With cycling increasingly popular, is it any wonder that the state legislature wants to regulate everything to which it relates? A proposed bill that looks poised to become law would change how motorcyclists ride the road. A state do-gooder assembly bill will affect the practice known...

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Moped Accident Attorney Tells All About Moped Crashes 101

Keeping Safe at Any Speed on a Moped. Riding mopeds may not immediately strike a person as a dangerous pursuit. However, inexperienced riders, road conditions, and other drivers can cause some obstacles to remaining safe on Los Angeles, California roads. Each one of these can create tremendous challenges, which can lead to severe injury or even death. A moped or Vespa is not a toy– it’s a legitimate form of transportation that should be respected on the road. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline with his bike Why is Moped A Small Mode of Travel? Mopeds are not the most common...

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Are ATV’s Safe Enough For Additional Public Roads?

ATV Injury What are Some Common ATV Injuries? ATV deadly accidents keep occurring on roadways, rather than trails, and in recent years have increased in number. All-Terrain Vehicles (Discussed here), are typically designed for fun and recreation, and riders are always seeking virgin grounds to ride upon. But there is a vast amount of evidence that the vehicles themselves are abnormally dangerous when compared to the two-wheeled bikes that are also used off the road. When I was growing up, there was a debate about three-wheeled ATV’s. While discontinued by most makers as modern four-wheeled...

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Law to Outlaw Biker Gangs Down Under—Under Fire in U.S.

Slippery Slope To Repressing Riders Man hurt on a bike paid One prominent case in Australia saw the government crackdown on motorcyclists. The government’s reach in such a situation was so broad that it utilized to crack down on any group that opposed government policy. This includes environmental groups, protesters, and unions. In this case, the motorcycle group, known as the Tramps, severely censured by the government. Their attorney, John Suta, described Australia’s legal system as able to handle other types of crime. He questions why and how additional laws are needed, primarily...

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Government Surveillance and Motorcycle Riders

Is The State Watching Motorcyclists Illegally? Motorcyclists have enough to deal with, from maintenance issues to problems on the road. Unfortunately, there are still negative stereotypes out there for bikers. Even some elements of law enforcement target motorcyclists. Thus, these wrong actions do nothing to break the chain of negativity. Every individual has a role to play in making our roads safer for all. A Cold Tire Besides, this is why electronic surveillance by law enforcement is so concerning. It is now clear that police are using electronic cameras and other means to track bikers. In...

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Video: Bikers Beat Man In Front of Wife Road Rage

The Shocking Video of Rice Racers Attacking Family. Overall, motorcyclists are some of the most law-abiding people on the road at any given time. Motorcyclists are involved in many charity efforts and helping veterans. Their contributions to society are just a small number of what the true bikers do for the United States. However, as with any organization or group of people, there are examples of rotten people. Fortunately, they are the exception to the rule. Watch the chilling footage below to see one such case. The footage shows the results of one confrontation. Fortunately, these types of...

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USMC DI Honored Posthumously For Saving Two Female Civilians

Hero Marine dies in a motorcycle crash. Heroism in Tragedy. SAN DIEGO, CA — Most of our viewers know that Michael Ehline attended MCRDSD as a young Marine recruit. As such, Michael is a motorcycle lawyer, motorcyclist, and avid supporter of all things Marine Corps. So when he heard about the death of the San Diego-based Marine Corps. Drill Instructor Sgt. Gary Wilson’s motorcycle riding death, he took it especially hard. “What is so sad,” said Ehline, is: “He rescued two women in a fiery car crash earlier in the year, and then met his own fate in a Freeway crash...

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