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What Are Structured Settlements? | Personal Injury Attorney Explanation

A lawsuit settlement draft check with the words “Your Name Here.” A liability insurance claim gets initiated after most accidents. So the insurance company will pay out a sum of money to the innocent claimant. But with large settlements, insurers may want to pay the total amount over a period rather than spending it all at one time. In personal injury law, this is referred to as a “structured settlement.” When the injured person has medical bills and other immediate needs for a significant amount of money, the structured settlement may not be workable. In this case,...

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Personal Injury Mediation | Who are Participants and What Happens?

Word Cloud with Negotiation related tags Mediation And Cases At the CMC, the court will set up a mediation or arbitration date. These are meetings between both sides, where a judge or professional mediator helps both sides try and settle. So the idea is to come up with a dollar amount and avoid a trial and more expenses associated with litigation. Mediation involves negotiations conducted by impartial parties. The idea is to resolve issues. There is a more particular meaning of reconciliation when you are referring to a personal injury case. It involves specific procedures, expectations,...

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Understanding Form and Special Interrogatories for Beginners

icon of microchip discover Usually, people go about their daily lives without thinking about law work. But injury victims will need to learn about this process. After all, filing an injury case and the unique elements of the case are information intensive. Discovery is one of the main ways a personal injury plaintiff develops and proves the plaintiff’s burden. The information provided here will help to educate the person interested in knowing more. Now this person will know about the process of collecting data and preparing a case. Gathering the correct information from the start can...

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What are the Tax Consequences of Personal Injury Settlements?

A lawsuit settlement check with the words Your Name Here, indicating that you could be eligible for a big payout on a legal suit The only thing sure in life is death and taxes, so goes the saying. Taxes are defined as separate compulsory contributions to California, city, county, state, and federal revenues. The government levies taxes on the payroll and other income of workers’.  And business profits are also taxed, And even though those taxes are passed off to consumers by raising the cost of some goods, services, or transactions, most cities charge a sales tax. So you can’t...

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What is Identity Theft?

Laptop fingerprint with Identity Theft text Understanding a Common Crime. By: Accident attorney Michael P. Ehline, Esq. After Google Places had merged our business law firm listing with a competitor about 40 miles away, we started researching identity theft. Hence, we created this pretty comprehensive treatise. Definition of Identity Theft: Identity theft occurs when another person assumes an individual’s identity. Here, the thief knows how to access financial resources. So they obtain credit and other benefits using the person’s name. Identity theft makes a victim of the individual....

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Can U.S. Marines Use Prostitutes Legally?

Michael Ehline is putting rounds downrange. One of the most significant problems commands has with its young Marines, Lance Corporals, is personal injuries while on liberty. Marines are known for rabble-rousing in Oceanside, California, and pretty much anywhere they sell alcohol. Since young Marines can’t drink till they are 21, they may want to fight or find a girl. More than one Marine has been assaulted by a pimp and comes back to base sliced up or with a black eye.  But with enlisted Marines, to them, it should be a no-brainer here. Marines are America’s most elite fighting...

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How Do I Select An Expert Witness For My Personal Injury Case?

Expert witness testimony is essential in proving most criminal and civil cases before a trial judge or jury. Your attorney has a moral and legal duty to present the best possible case on behalf of their client. Experts will provide backing for your case, disputing a defendant’s affirmative allegations while helping prove your claim’s reasonable value. Sometimes expert witnesses can prove invaluable when it comes to honing an injury case for trial. For example, an expert can assist in preparation for the cross-examination of defense experts. This type of expert helps...

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What is Role of a Life Care Planner in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A Life Care Planner is Essential For Most Catastrophic Injury Cases An expert witness is wearing blue surgical gloves examining the evidence with tweezers and red labels. A certified life care planner is a type of nurse who is an expert in a specific subset of medicine. The nursing specialty is case management. Moreover, rather than planning and coordinating a patient’s short-term medical care, a life care planner will create a specific care plan lasting the rest of a patient’s actuarial life. Lifecare planners may act as liaisons between the medical providers and lawyers handling...

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What is Subrosa? Legal Video Surveilance of Personal Injury Plaintiffs Explained

Subrosa Let’s You Investigate Parties Lawyers Isolating false personal injury claims A person called a claims adjuster assists people called insurance fraud investigators who utilize data mining and other tools. The goal of Subrosa is to defeat fraud by investigating and identifying dishonest personal injury plaintiffs. And no attorney wants a client who lies either. But dealing with dishonest people remains a shifty, slimy part of life. Here, not telling the truth and concealing things connected to false injury claims can send a fraudulent personal injury claimant away to prison. Fake...

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Common Marketing Mistakes Made by Law Firms and Attorneys

Get a lawyer to sign Often, affording a solo or a full-fledged firm depends upon a steady flow of new clients. Under the old model, a fresh law grad would get a job at a firm. Next, the green attorney would learn the ropes. Once trained, the advocate would put out his shingle. Sometimes they may partner up and start an LLC. Often, a paycheck was based solely upon referral advertising. Targeting old clients remains a standard model. And only a small percentage of injury attorneys have had great success in bringing on new clients. These intelligent people will be guest speakers on the legal seminar...

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Personal Inury Lawyer Steve Barnes Dead | But What About Cellino & Barnes?

King Barnes Is Dead, Long Live the King! New York lawyer Stephen Barnes, a giant of a personality and achievement, passed away yesterday in an airplane crash with his 32-year-old niece, Elizabeth. News reports aver they were on a private aircraft, flying to a birthday party in Buffalo NY, on behalf of Barnes’ mother. Barnes is a registered pilot. It appears Barnes was at the controls of his single-engine Socata TBM 700. Most of us in the PI profession recognize the name “Cellino & Barnes Injury Attorneys.” And some of us are familiar with the volatile relationship between...

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Problems With Online Ratings Sites | AVVO, Superlawyers, US News

What Are Problems With Online Rating Sites? The Rise in Legal Search on the Internet. Examples of attorney rating sites are Martindale, Lawyers.Com, and Superlawyers. There are at least 78.1 million people throughout the United States that use the World Wide Web. So, it stands to reason that these people are likely to use the Internet to locate a personal injury attorney. Out of 228 million adult users of the Internet, 93% browse local businesses and other services types. This number includes law services. Such a large amount of traffic has caused an increase in questions. A small industry...

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5 Tips For Picking The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Client argument disagreement in the office with a retired older man yelling at a lawyer It is a nerve-wracking experience for people in an accident caused by another person’s negligence. But from the physical aspect, it is even worse for them. Apart from the pain and discomfort, the substantial financial facets will follow. None of this seems bearable if a person is emotionally a wreck. If you’re unable to work because of the harm, people must find a reliable lawyer. That is the professional who can help them get compensation. A legal expert like this will help with everything they...

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What is a Demand for Preservation of Evidence Letter? Examples & e-Discovery

A demand for preservation of evidence letter mailed to the future personal injury defendant remains an underused tool in the unique injury profession. However, it is vital for many reasons we will discuss below. Moreover, it tells people you are going to file a claim for personal injury or death. The defendant is now said to be on notice. These are particularly helpful in landlord-tenant cases and employment law cases. It will be hard for them to lose evidence and later say they had no duty to preserve this evidence independently. You will need to demand that the potential defendants preserve...

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Structured Settlements – Buffett’s Support Signals Changes in Legal Landscape

Changes Signaled by a Business Leader. The famed investor Warren Buffett threw his lot in on settlement reform recently. The Wizard of Walnut Street opined recently that a lump sum payment is not always the best way forward for personal injury lawyers. Considering his expertise in the field of international and personal finance, it is advice litigants– and their attorneys should heed. Our Take on Buffet’s Signaling. Reading Buffett’s statements reaffirms my long-held beliefs. In my decades of experience, I’ve seen some clients who would be better off with lump sums. However,...

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What is Plaintiff’s Burden in a Civil Case Compared to a Criminal Case?

Scales of Justice in a Civil Case As will be discussed, there is a different burden of proof in criminal court to obtain a conviction than for civil court to get a judgment or jury award. Moreover, proving the plaintiff’s burden means arguing the relevant “standard of proof.” Civil court has a lessened responsibility than in a more severe criminal case. However, the plaintiff’s burden in a civil tort case is to prove each element of the case, the defendant’s duty, including breach of obligations owed to the plaintiff by the defendant, causation, and damages based...

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High Profile Cellino v. Barnes Suit Shakes Up Legal World

Attorney Michael Ehline. The Motorcycle Rider’s friend. The legal world is set ablaze with the news that two of the most prominent law giants on the east coast are at war. The New York Post noted this is not new at all. The two fought for over a year up until this point. WGRZ has the text of the case. Ross Cellino Jr. and Stephen Barnes are known for their easy-to-remember numbers and jingle. Now, they’re known for their knock-out, drag-out fight. The case is in front of the Buffalo, NY Supreme Court. The two seem to disagree on nearly every part of their business: this failure...

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