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When specific civil legislation and boundaries get crossed intentionally or unintentionally, and someone gets hurt, the law has a way to remedy it. These cases are tort cases. In simple words, a person takes civil action, usually with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Next, if unable to resolve the matter, the victim’s representative gets help from the court to find the solution. The damage sustained in such a case is called tort. Assault, negligence, and battery are some of the most common examples of tort cases. What Does Tort Law Do? In tort cases, one party claims that another party has harmed it in a particular way. Then the victim asks for compensation for the damages. Sometimes the offending party has only violated the special rights of the plaintiff. The offenders are very rarely dealt with as criminals in most civil cases or torts. Is A Tort Just Like A Crime? There are some occasions where the laws are dealing with tort and criminal laws overlay. But civil actions cannot be named as illegal activities. If another party damages a party, the affected party takes the case to the law. That party is seeking compensation for injuries and medical expenses. Such a case will be dealt with tort law and not as criminal law. The punishment factor involved in criminal acts will also not come into play in such cases. How Does Tort Litigation System Work? This system is a complete legal structure. Here, the lawyers work with claimers to settle the case. The goal is to get the settlement amount from the offending party. If it doesn’t get resolved outside, then it is taken to court for trial. What Does It Mean By Mass Torts When many people who have been afflicted damage by one entity in a similar way and they bring the case to tort attorneys for resolution, this is called a mass tort. There are more than two dozen people with the same or similar complaint against the same entity, e.g., a company that makes an individual product. On most occasions, these people come with a representative. Why Is Tort Law Necessary? Most people understand that damage caused by someone does not get recovered from his punishment, especially physical punishment. On occasions, the most important thing for the victim is to get compensated for the damage and loss caused by the offender. That’s where the tort law steps in and instead of just getting the offender punished it settles the case in a way that the victim’s loss get compensated too. Understanding Tort Liability When a person or party has crossed the boundaries drawn by the tort law, he’s not liable for the results caused by this breach of the law. For example, a person A steals the laptop of C, he will be considered liable to pay A back the money equal to the price of the laptop or the computer itself. This type of tort is named as conversion. Tortfeasor A person who comes in violation of the tort law and damages another party mentally, financially, or physically is called the tortfeasor. He’s the offending party who must pay for the losses.

Fair Settlement For Rotator Cuff And Bicep Tears

Fair Settlement For Rotator Cuff And Bicep Tears You never know when an injury can flip your life upside down, and a rotator cuff tear is one of those injuries that can occur during severe car accidents where the impact lays on the shoulders of the victim. If you’ve got a rotator cuff injury due to someone else’s negligence, there might be a case to get compensation for your loss. Contact Us Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC / Fair Settlement For Rotator Cuff And Bicep Tears Page Updated 11/30/2021 Ehline Law Handles Rotator Cuff Injury Cases for Our...

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How Can I Reduce My Tort Liability As A Business Owner?

Owning your own profitable small business makes up a large part of the American dream. Opening your new office or storefront is risky. Business owners facing these decisions must study entrepreneurs experienced fighting against personal injury lawsuits. Many unsuccessful ventures failed from failure to meet risk prevention challenges despite evidence meriting taking protective measures. Growing businesses have many moving parts involved, and all organizations demonstrate potential weaknesses. Companies can reduce their vulnerability and liability risks by taking simple, helpful steps for remaining...

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Determining Legal Liability in Landlord-Tenant Cases

Slip and fall is a case involving a landlord’s legal liability. Holding a landlord legally liable for their tenant’s injuries depends on many legalities and insurance coverage factors. When a renter suffers severe injuries and harm while traversing property managed or owned by their landlord, renters may face a retaliatory or constructive eviction for making an insurance claim against the guilty party. When dealing with these cases, the law looks for some aspects of the landlord or property manager’s actions. For you to hold your landlord legally liable, each factor must apply...

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Why Are Experts Important in Many Personal Injury Claims?

Experts and Injuries, Proving Your Causation, Liability, Damages The Griffin logo of Ehline Law Firm Los Angeles. When you face a personal injury case, you can and should get help from a lawyer immediately if you were the victim. Your lawyer will do his or her best to get you reasonable compensation for all damages as soon as possible. Also, they will take all the needed steps to ensure that the defending party agrees to pay the claimed amount. One of the steps in personal injury case preparation is the hiring of legal and medical experts. An “expert” is defined as A person...

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Understanding Res Ipsa Loquitur | Examples and Explanations

Res Ipsa Loquitur is a phrase that has entered into the legal lexicon for cases falling under the tort law doctrine of civil negligence. Ordinary negligence is a slightly different situation than Res Ipsa. Here are the history and fascinating modern approach to discussing this legal subject. Res Ipsa Loquitur and Legal Implications Res ipsa loquitur is one of the most common and essential legal theories of monetary recovery when learning about the American common law legal tradition. The Latin term means “the thing that speaks for itself.” When dealing with this concept in...

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Eggshell-Skull Defined. Examples, Explanations and Victims

Eggshell Skull Rule Defined Previously Existing Medical Conditions Car crashes can upend a person’s life. Even minor accidents can cause severe issues. From having to repair or replace a car to a long-term injury to lost work, and emotional trauma, it sucks! Some say that crashes are like icebergs, with more remaining under the surface. Pre-Existing Conditions May Mean Having Eggshell Thin Bones or Skin Some people are delicate. So, for example, in law we say that he or she: has an eggshell-thin constitution. Such is the case with accidents that leave long-term harm and trauma to...

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What is the Tort of Spoliation Damages? Comparing and Contrasting Discovery Sanction

Can I Sue Someone For Hiding or Destroying Evidence? Closeup of female hands with shredded papers No. Spoliation was a cause of action to sue in addition to the underlying action. Originally, spoliation damages were awarded by a jury in the case in chief, whereas modernly, discovery sanctions are awarded by a judge. Most California plaintiff’s lawyers hate it that the California Supreme Court eliminated our ability to sue for a once-popular cause of action, called “spoliation.”  It was considered a tort to spoil, or “destroy” evidence. So in the old days,...

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Intentional Torts And Some Common Examples

Law dictionary and gavel on white background When a particular act or omission by a party causes harm to another, an intentional tort occurs. Act, intent, causation, and consequence are the four main factors of an intentional tort. The offending party commits an action with a particular intent, which results in the causation of the effect and harm. What are the Main Intentional Torts? Battery. Conversion Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Trespass to Chattel. Trespass to Land. Assault False imprisonment Above are some typical examples of intentional torts. Below you will find the...

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Can I Sue for Popcorning Injuries? The Prank That Kills/Maims

I admit it. I am guilty; I laughed when someone sent me a “popcorning” video. But I regretted laughing. Because after I had watched it a few more times, my laughter turned to rage and disgust. This type of prank belongs in the same category as the “Knock Out Game.’ But in many of these popcorning cases, there may be a way to get some monetary damages. But most street thugs knocking people out will not always have assets. Exceptions include them being in the course and scope of employment. An example would consist of a McDonald’s employee knocking a person out...

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