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    Do Burn Injuries Really Happen During Football Games?

Burned top of woman's foot.
Burned top of woman’s foot.

Yes, they can! Injuries caused by burns can happen anywhere at any time. From home fires to events at work to those in car accident, there are many cases where people have suffered severe burns.

However, fans have also been injured at popular sporting events, with football games taking particular attention recently. Any burn that requires medical care is severe, and the victim should not bear the pain and doctor’s bills alone.

So How Do You Get Burned at a Football Game?

For many reasons, these burn injuries could happen in and around a football field. There are incidents when machinery such as lawnmowers or venting reaches a critical temperature that burns the skin of anyone that comes close to it. Cases where food preparation stands have unsafe practices that lead to onlookers being injured.

Furthermore, there are issues where propane tanks used to heat food are improperly maintained or installed. Also, this could lead to a leak that could catch fire or even an explosion. In one case, three people were seriously injured at a high school football game due to a propane tank explosion.

Coping With the Long-Term Effects of Burns Requires Money

All of these potential injuries have profound effects on the victims. Having to live with the consequences of burn injuries that could cause scarring and disfigurement are jarring. There are also mounting medical bills and potential loss of work to consider. All these could add up to a perfect storm for a fan who wants to enjoy a game.

When all of these factors collide, you need proper medical attention. An attorney specializing in burn injuries and premises liability, such as one from Ehline Law Firm, is vital.

If you are dealing with a wild party or parties causing an accident, an experienced personal injury attorney makes the difference. Call for more information or to sit down with one of our lawyers. Also, we can help 24 hours a day anywhere in Northern, Middle, or Southern California, or go here to learn more.

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