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Michael Ehline- Experienced Los Angeles Brain Injury lawyer

Can My Traumatic Brain Injuries Self Repair?


Can My Traumatic Brain Injuries Self Repair?

Can a TBI Heal Itself? Expert Examples and Explanations

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a serious health condition requiring hospitalization, physicians, and medical attention. Many factors determine whether a body will heal itself or can prevent traumatic brain injuries. Studies show that bodily organs, including the brain, can heal by themselves with proper medical treatment, love, care, and compassion, helping to reverse brain damage.

Our Los Angeles brain injury attorney has provided some examples and explanations of brain injury self-healing in popular culture, clinical terminology, and traumatic brain injury research he conducted.

Brain Repair After Suffering A Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain on fire
Yes, how fast a severely traumatized brain will heal depends on professional instruction about nutrition, fitness, and brain repair medicine. However, not all doctors are experts who specialize in severe brain injury cases, which is a consideration when selecting a doctor to treat your injured brain.

Los Angeles traumatic brain injury attorney Michael Ehline is recognized as a Super Lawyers Rising Star and stands with the best lawyers in L.A. As president of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC’s injury law practice, Ehline works with healers and other experts in all facets of healing medicine and science in this fascinating field of study. Below, we will discuss everything athletes, moms, dads, and others in brain injury-causing accidents need to know about brain injury conditions and treatments.

Michael recently lost his father from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma onset by Agent Orange exposure as a USMC 0848 during the Vietnam Conflict. Mr. Ehline learned about environmental issues leading to death and brain somatic mutations. Besides that, he knows a lot about brain and red-tape medical procedures. Ehline remains a top local expert on these conditions and has years of experience as a brain injury lawyer.

These severe health conditions are all symptoms of a TBI:

  • Excitotoxicity oxidative stress
  • Edema (water on the brain) in clinical terms
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Cell death (the killing of vital brain cells).

Can Your Brain Be Injured Like The Contents Of A Shaken Egg?

Yes. To better understand a traumatic brain injury, let’s compare your cranium to an ordinary chicken egg. For example, your brain organ is the yolk, the fluid around your delicate brain is the egg white, and the egg’s hard shell is the cranium or skull. Your brain suffers traumatic damage from impacts or severe shaking. Imagine grasping the raw egg in your hand and shaking it violently for a few seconds.

Try it. As you will note, you can break open the yolk, even though its shell never cracked open. A severely traumatized brain’s cranium may similarly remain intact after a physical injury displaces your brain within its protective cocoon of cerebral spinal fluid. The frontal lobe can become damaged in a rear-end car accident, even at low speeds.

Healing depends upon brain injury physiology, psychology, ancient and modern medicine, and faith. Proper parenting and positive thinking significantly strengthen the human mind from childhood into the Golden Years. To see how a traumatic injury to the brain affects thinking and mobility, you need only look at former MMA star and grade 3 diffuse axonal brain injury victim Matt Hughes. (discussed below) Even though he has a severe TBI, he can help us understand this life lesson in psychology – “never give up,” even after suffering from a mild traumatic or traumatic brain injury.

A Famous Case of a Celebrity Traumatic Brain Injury – What We Can Learn About Not Quitting

Superior personal injury brain injury law firm in Los Angeles, CA.Famous cases of TBI in the news include #GOAT and Matt Hughes. Hughes suffered severe cognitive loss of function and bodily injuries in a train crash. After his physical therapy treatments, he has improved significantly based on his day-in-the-life videos on Instagram and YouTube. A former collegiate wrestler and all-around positive thinker, Hughes embodies the American “Never Quit” persona. Learn more about Matt Hughe’s traumatic brain injury accident here.

So, I suggest people trying to heal should follow his positive vibrations on Instagram for hope and motivation to cure their condition. Psychologically, feeling sorry for yourself only makes you sicker and impedes healing.

Treating TBI Symptoms and Healing

There are many ways a body can heal itself after severe bodily or mental trauma caused by a brain injury. Ancient medicine relied upon a lot of hocus pocus, but a lot of it worked. Most of our modern medicine stems from our ancestors’ discoveries from the old days. Modernly, pharmacies compound and concentrate substances to help the mind and body heal or mask symptoms like rage or pain when the body is healing. Examples of medicines designed to mask or cover up permanent pain symptoms include medication like Oxycodone, Tylenol, and Codeine 3.

Also, the ingestion of non-prescription herbs, such as Ginko Biloba, has long been touted as a method of improving long—and even short-term memory. Some natural products, like Cumidin, allegedly help prevent inflammation and pain.
Although sometimes your brain can generate new brain cells or motor neurons to replace damaged ones, degenerative conditions like Lou Gehrig’s disease (Also known as ALS) cannot be cured modernly. We know stem cells have shown promise in clinical trials by speeding up the damaged brain’s healing process. But yes, amazingly, much of the brain will heal itself following a TBI.

Inflammation and Healing Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

Healers have known for centuries that inflammation leads to all sorts of problems, even cancer. Medicine has discovered that a blow to the head or complex shaking trauma causes the body to produce chemical healing fluid in the skull cavity. This fluid mainly consists of white blood cells, a substance that signals cells at the damaged location to divide and grow. Consequently, this brain swelling process can help rebuild tissue and help repair the traumatically injured area.

Prolotherapy and Plasma Replacement Therapy are ancient methods designed to create a mini injury to make the body repair its tissue, creating healing collagen. In all cases, when things go well after the wound heals, the inflammation ceases, and the white blood cells padding the injury location dissipate.

Understanding The Problem of Hydrocephalus and TBI

The inflammation associated with a traumatic brain injury is not always harmful; it’s your body’s way of creating a cushion of space around the wounded brain matter. And this is to send in more cells and help the body heal itself. But with the brain, it’s a catch-22. With its delicate brain stem and soft gray matter, the injured brain needs to and is trying to heal after suffering a TBI.

Contact us – click the form or call an accident attorney at (213) 596-9642.”But too much inflammation in the brain can become chronic and lead to a traumatic condition called “water on the brain.” The scientific term is Hydrocephalus, which is the Latin term for fluid or water. Sometimes, fluid build-up and swelling in the skull are so harmful that they can damage DNA, lead to Chron’s disease, and worsen a brain injury. For children, it can particularly mean developmental conditions and intellectual impairments.

But no matter your age, water on the brain can also mean physical impairments due to a lack of signals properly flowing down the brain’s stem into the spine and limbs. Also, hearing and vision can be lost or reduced by any traumatic brain injury. So, to recap, your brain’s secondary inflammation response remains a highly complex altered cascade of mixed neurotransmitter responses and cellular changes.

  • Drug Therapy to Get Inflammation Right – Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies conducted on control groups of patients to test new medical care and treatment theories. Regarding TBI, trials are being conducted to reduce or eliminate chronic brain inflammation. However, the clinical trials dealing with TBI swelling have produced no reliable results.

  • Modern and Ancient Medicine and Clinical Trials

Ancient medicine, such as Chinese acupuncture, has solved the mystery of TBI healing. However, the new goal of drug therapy is to target the neural pathway, thereby inhibiting inflammation without causing secondary brain damage.

Some modern methods of reducing inflammation and pain response include having patients ingest aspirin, Motrin, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, these can cause other health issues, such as thinning the blood, which can cause internal bleeding and other problems. Physicians are still working hard in the testing phase to develop different methods of dealing with traumatic brain injury inflammation.

Because traditional Chinese treatments focus on a more holistic biological process, modern researchers understand their significance in potentially shifting those neural pathways to heal the brain. According to historical texts, over 185 years old, Chinese medicine, Xuefu Zhuyu, made from 11 herbs, was prescribed as a treatment for inflammation.

Modernly, Xuefu Zhuyu has been tested on laboratory animals to heal traumatic brain injury. Using spatial memory tests, researchers discovered that this herbal concoction enhances cognition while substantially decreasing the brain proteins contributing to inflammation.

  • What About Peptides and hGH?

We know that the thymus secretes chemicals and hormones that help the body fight off viruses and heal itself. Recently, we learned of clinical trials linking scorpion venom as a precursor to the body’s ability to cure some forms of brain cancer.

Off-label use of hGH, or Human Growth Hormone, has long been touted as a fountain of youth, helping the body repair skin and other tissues and build leaner muscle. Some forward-thinking people are even taking off-label injectable peptides like Thymosin Alpha-1 because the body, unmolested by GMOs, processed foods, and crap, has a fantastic ability to act as a self-healing machine and possibly fight off COVID-19.

In other words, peptides and other chemicals don’t heal you or your brain; they help the body heal itself by helping produce T-cells and other substances to promote healing. Most of all, eating right and avoiding caffeine, drugs, and alcohol, coupled with hGH, peptides, and stem cell treatments, maybe a modern fountain of healing.

Will Your Traumatically Injured Brain Heal Itself After Years Of Substance Abuse?

Brain XRays.A big problem TBI victims face is years of prescription substance abuse and brain damage. Opioids, after multiple reconstructive surgeries, etc., can cause many traumatic brain injury-related issues like vision and hearing loss. In popular culture, most of us old enough to remember conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh know he became addicted to painkillers after a severe personal injury to his back and the suffering associated with spinal surgery.

According to many experts, he lost most of his hearing due to the ototoxic effect of the opioid painkillers he took. Rush’s own paid physicians argue otherwise. He lost much of his hearing during the period he was taking substantial amounts of “Oxy.” Because of this impairment, he underwent cochlear implant surgery to be able to hear. But even then, his voice changed considerably due to his inability to regulate his speech tones audibly.

Permanently losing your hearing can result from regularly consuming over-the-counter medicines, including:

  • Ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen (paracetamol).

Forming New Neural Pathways and Healing the Brain

Although the brain organ cannot constantly regenerate, sometimes it can when the brain forms new neural pathways. This is the process of Neuroplasticity. This fancy name has nothing to do with plastic and everything to do with brain plasticity, which is the brain’s advanced capability to reorganize or reroute to send electrically charged neurochemical signals around to the damaged tissue. This is a lifetime process of forming newer neural connections. This process goes on even when a person’s brain is not severely shaken or damaged.

Neuroplasticity Means Rerouting Around TBI Damage?

In a nutshell, neuroplasticity is the brain’s process of forming nerve cells called neurons. When a person bangs their head in a car crash, for example, the brain will begin the Neuroplasticity process in response to physical and environmental damage. Although this is a great thing to know for people with less severe blows to the head, the brain does not always heal in severe cases of traumatic brain injuries. But the Matt Hughes case shows that even a terrible brain injury can somewhat heal itself to the point of partial recovery with perseverance.

Brain tissue and fluids can shrink or increase in response to internal, natural neural connection commands. The commands can be forged, refined, weakened, and severed. Any change in your brain’s physical makeup can dramatically increase or decrease motor functions, balance, and memory. Using Matt Hughes as an example again, Hughes was a grappler and a striker with a wrestling background. But first, he was a wrestler.

So when he learned pugilism, his brain formed new “wires,” or neural pathways within his physical mind. In other words, he created muscle memory. Like a computer hard drive, he uploaded repetitive steps that his body could perform as a reflexive action over time. This is one reason why aging people should take Tai Chi and yoga and try new things like dancing. These activities can positively affect how we heal and offset the aging process. Letting yourself go means letting yourself die a slow and depressing death.

The “Self Healing Machine” – the Human Brain

Humans can’t grow back a new digit like a lizard that lost its tail. But our bodies are capable of remarkable clinical healing. Unfortunately, as I learned from being a VA patient myself and watching my father suffer as a cancer patient, most doctors treat the symptoms. Fortunately, Matt Hughes found himself a great doctor. So rather than treating Hughes with a bunch of drugs alone, it is clear a combination of a positive mental attitude, excellent physical therapy, his family’s, and his fan’s love helped his condition stabilize. Either way, his traumatic brain Injuries are severe, life-threatening conditions requiring careful medical care and monitoring.

Whether or not Hughe’s brain compensates for lost neurons by taking over their cognitive functions from lost neurons remains to be seen. Matt needs to stay off tractors, and operating heavy equipment around his farm is not a good idea for now. But it’s evident to me as an expert in medicine and the law that his brain compensates for lost or destroyed neurons by rerouting those healthy remaining neurons.

  • Out With the Old In With the New?

Because brain injury patients will have useless dead brain cells that won’t regenerate, they must be flushed out, like when you go potty upon awakening from slumber. Your body ejects unneeded fluids, materials, and chemicals in your urine, and your brain is similar.

  • The Younger, the Better For TBI Repair?

Many children suffering from severe loss of cognition have brains capable of regenerating neurons. Either way, this is why a comatose patient will awaken after years or months of unconsciousness. Adult neuron signals are rerouted to restore cognitive functions rather than being restored. Unfortunately, as we age into adulthood, our brains become less capable of forming new neurons. However, the brain’s process of altering the information pathway takes longer than many people want to wait. With time, other parts of your brain that are not damaged can perform those lost functions.

A good analogy is the Marines. When an RPG takes your rife squad out, your officers may replace them with cooks or admin guys to redistribute your platoon’s firepower. And this is similar to your brain’s response after the devastating trauma associated with a TBI. True, these are not regular infantry. But in time, these troops will learn how to meld with your seasoned forces and work as a unit. In other words, the undamaged portions of your brain will pick up the slack so you can carry on with your mission. Also known as the “breaking in period,” this is a crucial period of brain repair, therapy, and improvement.

The effects of these injuries can be life-changing for the child. Thus, a child can have his psychosocial behavior, information processing, and speech affected. Sadly, parents may need to apply as full-time caretakers and accept Social Security money early to care for their little ones.

Kids- Long and Short-Term Traumatic Brain Injury Concussions

A traumatic brain injury from a child’s concussion will cause behavioral issues, problems with information processing, or speech impediments. Sadly, parents may need to apply as full-time caretakers and accept Social Security money early to care for their little ones.

In addition to these effects, the child can also experience difficulties and disabilities in:

  • Thinking
  • Memorizing
  • Concentrating
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Cognition
  • Sane reasoning
  • Judgment and more.

In short, traumatic brain injury repair will directly affect a child’s education and how they perform necessary life tasks. A traumatic concussion can present challenges for the child in maintaining a healthy social life.

What Do Brain Injury Experts Say About Traumatic Brain Injury In Children?

How permanent a TBI is to a child depends on the severity of the damaged brain’s condition. Because of its location on the head, traumatic brain injuries to children are severe medical conditions that require careful medical supervision and care. TBIs affect a child’s physical functions and can permanently alter their senses.

Because of this, it can make the average child lose their:

  • Strength
  • Feeling
  • Animation
  • Taste
  • Hearing
  • Sense of smell
  • Vision
  • Speech.

A TBI can be partial, where the senses are only affected, or it can cause permanent loss of sight, speech, or hearing. TBI can also severely harm the memory and intellectual ability of the child.

What Must Parents Know About Brain Injury Healing?

You might not be able to see the signs of traumatic brain injury and its residual effects yourself. Even a pure sport like soccer and low-head impacts are enough to cause brain trauma to our little ones. There has also been a stunning increase in closed head injuries to kids playing sports lately.

It is highly recommended that you get your child tested. IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) gives natural relief. So, it’s probably an excellent idea for the parents to enact a free evaluation as soon as the young child shows any signs of being disabled.

After evaluation, parents can decide whether to continue with regular or special education. Typically, after suffering a catastrophic TBI, this will be an institution for special needs children. IDEA provides services to help parents of children afflicted by a severe traumatic brain injury. So, when it comes to infants and toddlers, IDEA has a program that would potentially cure the child’s severe head injury.

Importance of Brain Injury Intervention By Age Three

Most of all, TBI intervention is most effective for kids under 3. A disabled child goes to a particular school or preschool. The government provides services besides special education, including subsidy money for eating and speech disorders caused by traumatic brain injury.

It is also in the victim’s parents’ and teachers’ hands to bring the child back to everyday life. IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan. Moreover, an outstanding teacher or parent should implement these plans whenever possible.

Because of this, you can make sure the traumatically brain-injured child gets educated according to their abilities. It should be a flexible program that allows changes as the situation changes. As the child progresses and discovers new traumatic brain injury-related conditions and challenges, all parties must adapt to the victim’s needs.

What Can A TBI Victim Do To Speed Up Brain Repair?

The brain “repairs” itself after suffering a TBI by rerouting damaged neural pathways, dispersing a damaged neuron’s duties throughout a fresh network. A TBI victim suffering from concussive damage to several brain sectors can kick-start the brain repair process by avoiding sports involving continuous jarring, head blows, and strikes over time. With your physician’s help, you can prevent more serious conditions from concussions causing severe brain injuries, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

To recap, a person who suffered a brain injury concussion after being struck or shaken too hard can help TBI healing by:

  • Sleeping and relaxing, including taking a nap and going to bed early at night, are crucial during the brain repair process. Anything that stresses or disrupts a TBI patient will diminish or prevent healing.
  • Follow intuition. Although some hard-chargers want to get right back in the game, listen to your wife and partner and hear your body. The key here is that slow and steady wins the race. As discussed above, it would help if you retrained a new neurologic fire team.
  • Diary and day in the life. TBI-related short-term memory loss is going to be a problem while your traumatized brain rewires itself. Making a video about the day in your life and written documentation can help retrain you and your mind. But it also helps create a record of your tragedy for your doctors, brain injury lawyers, and a jury. Showing a jury your frustration, grief, and anger helps prove your psychological brain damage award.
  • Try not to take illegal, prescription, and other drugs like Marijuana or alcohol. Any substance that changes how you think or harms short-term memory hurts the brain’s natural process of healing traumatic brain-altering conditions. But listen to your doctor.
  • Nutrition. Taking supplements and nutritious foods like Omega-3 fatty fish, watermelon, and even juicing helps hydrate and energize your healing body.
  • Stay hydrated. As noted above, hydration with lots of fluid is critical to brain repair and other bodily functions.
  • Stay off your computer and X-Box. Anything that interferes with or taxes your brain, like bright video game screens, can prevent your mind from focusing on getting well.
  • Avoid sports. We don’t see Matt Hughes doing MMA anymore or anything other than supervised activities under timed conditions. Be like Matt.
  • Have patience. Most of all, the traumatic brain injury healing process is time-consuming. In a way, it is akin to a relationship breakup. No one gets over someone they love right away. Losing part of your brain function is no different. So, after suffering lousy head trauma, give yourself time to facilitate healing.

What Can Friends and Family Do to Assist Your TBI in Healing Itself?

Most of all, traumatic TBI brain injury affects feelings and emotional expressions. So, a TBI victim often has multiple mind-related problems.

  • Mood swings. Females, in particular, can relate to mood swings during their estrus periods. Now imagine this being a year-round situation. Remember you are there for the victim as a friend and accept their condition.

Why Do TBI Victims Suffer Mood Swings?

This is a form of emotional liability that happens when your brain’s emotional controls are damaged or traumatized from jarring, jolting, or hard impacts. Behavior can become drastically passionate and then depressed, sometimes triggering brain injury victims into violent acts. People suffering from a severe head injury like a TBI may start acting out by crying, laughing, or yelling for seemingly no reason, which can be confusing to observe. Sometimes, you may think you did something wrong. It’s all part of coping with a severely traumatized brain injury patient. Usually, the person cannot control these expressions of emotion.

TBI and Anxiety

Like mood swings, being nervous can bring on feelings of anxiety, including overblown nervousness symptoms. My father used to have panic attacks and agoraphobia as a result of his condition. Unfortunately, I was unprepared to deal with it and took it personally. Don’t make the same mistake. Each victim deserves decent and humane treatment as they undergo treatment for anxiety and other related PTSD problems. Marines and soldiers getting blown up during our recent wars have caused a lot of TBI and PTSD.

TBI and Depression

Cognitive function loss can mean losing your job, spouse, and family. A brain-injured person will feel sad and abandoned. Tips to get through this period include eating right and thinking positively. Now more than ever, it’s time to let the body heal while compassion dominates our human bonds of loyalty and overcomes the urge for us to be selfish.

Irritable Temper Tantrums

Most of us who have spent time around a TBI victim understand that the victims will have a short fuse and quickly fly off the handle. But at the end of the day, significant improvement in brain healing will follow with proper love and care. Even after being injured by a concussion, brains are powerful healing machines. Sometimes, the traumatic brain injury was caused by a wrongdoer, which can make things even more frustrating. And that is why there are brain injury lawyers like Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.

To recap, your brain may heal itself. You must help facilitate the process if you suffer a traumatic brain injury. We know that guys like Matt Hughes are into healing oils like CBD. But here, we will discuss an oil type found primarily in specific species. This oil is a lard extract pressed from the flesh of oily fish such as anchovies, salmon, and bass. Omega-3 is a fatty acid, including eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. These are precursors of eicosanoids, but no scientific data demonstrates these will reduce inflammation in the body. These oils also remain tied to the improvement of hypertriglyceridemia.

With all the talk of brain injury healing oils in the news and former MMA star Matt Hughes suffering a TBI after getting hit by a train, this is a hot topic. From a personal injury law perspective, a magic potion to heal the brain could be helpful. Omega-3 derivatives, EPA, and DHA remain essential components of human cell membranes that reduce inflammation in many severe traumatic brain injury cases. We also know that these two fatty acids play a critical role in human heart development.

How Omega-3 Works On The Injured Brain

Several key factors are related to maintaining brain health after suffering from a traumatic brain condition, like your nutrition program. Often, certain chemicals contained in oils consumed in your diet will positively influence your health. In our opinion, omega-3 fats are one of the most critical considerations for concussion victims. Commonly, these essential oils get extracted from fish. Dr. Ka He of Columbia University authored a recent study confirming that these oils reduce toxins in the brain, including lead and mercury. (Source). Both of these metals are extremely dangerous to a person’s mind, causing brain trauma and death.

No amount of lead in the body or diet is safe. And this goes especially for children. There is little doubt about the study’s efficacy because he and his colleagues interviewed more than 1,300 women about their diet. Moreover, these researchers asked the test subjects pointed questions while using brain scans to see their neuro responses. By tracing the women’s adverse health conditions to their eating habits and environmental pollution, researchers found the vital link between Omega 3 oils and toxic brain substance reductions.

Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids positively affect heart health and a child’s brain during prenatal development. Human cell membranes function more efficiently when healing oils become part of a person’s nutrition program. With our modern processed food, nutrition is at an all-time low in the foods we buy. Moreover, the body cannot synthesize or get enough by eating fish and taking a Centrum. So, supplementing can be vital to brain health after suffering a concussion from severe head trauma.

Eating fish or shellfish can often produce a protective effect on people’s brains. The same can happen if people take the unique liquids and pill forms available at the pharmacy. Using this oil to preserve mental function is vital, especially for people like Matt Hughes, who has a slowly healing brain. Because most humans get EPA and DHA almost entirely from fatty and various fish oils, few individuals will ingest enough to receive the full benefits. Omega-3s may also be linked to positive brain health after a person is hospitalized for Traumatic Brain Injuries. Understanding this link is vital as more research shows the efficacy of brain health.

What Are the Various Types of Omega-3s?

There are three main types of Omega-3 oil “fatty acids,” known to affect humans positively by the scientific research community:

  1. ALA – The acronym ALA stands for “Alpha-linolenic acid.” Although this remains an essential fatty acid for human health, the human body cannot get it any other way than from food, such as shellfish. Vegetarian Solution: We know that Doyle from the deathrock band Misfits is a Vegan, which is a type of vegetarian. (Check out Doyle’s music here). Moreover, despite being a punk rock legend from the ’80s, Doyle is physically in great shape. So he remains living a testament to working out and eating right. So how does he do it since the body can’t make this substance alone? Non-animal-based products such as various seeds and their healing oils may be where we find the answer. TIP: To get sufficient non-animal-based ALA, consider adding walnuts, hemp, flaxseeds (cold-pressed oil), chia seeds and extracts, and even a few everyday vegetable-based oils commonly found at stores like Whole Foods Market. DOWNSIDES for Vegetarians: ALA is the weakest source of Omega-3. So, although some organics like soy, canola, or flaxseed are rich in ALA, their health benefits pale compared to fish obtained from EPA or DHA. Most of all, humans can only convert around 5%* of ALA into DHA and EPA. Here are some helpful vegetarian workarounds.
  2. EPA – The fatty acid “Eicosapentaenoic Acid,” or EPA, can be distilled from cold-water fish. These species include mackerel, tuna (Mercury in tuna fish presents a problem), red herring, halibut, salmon, cod liver oil, seal, and (were legal) whale blubber. NOTEWORTHY HERE: EPA is a foundational element in many prescription medicines. For example, these lively heart health combe pounds can significantly lower triglyceride. Also, Ribonucleic Acid (“RNA“) and L-Arginine, when combined with EPA, have effectively reduced post-surgery infections in patients. Other studies show this combination of naturally occurring chemicals drastically shortens wound recovery and healing times. Another valuable combination to reduce high blood pressure is ingesting the related gamma-linolenic acid (“GMA”) and EPA. An intravenous (“IV“) method exists to treat and control psoriasis by mixing DHA and EPA into an injectable solution. Most of all, EPA is used to treat and prevent heart disease. Doctors regularly prescribe this supplement to help patients heal after a heart attack. Due to its positive effect on human emotions, doctors have prescribed EPA for many years to help ladies cope with menopause and depression. Studies are presently underway to verify how and why this substance can control so many chemotherapy-related side effects.
  3. DHA Docosahexaenoic Acid (“DHA”) is another Omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is within the meat of the same cold-water fish and mammalians mentioned above. But vegetarians need not despair; algae can also manufacture this substance naturally.
  4. Nutritionists and doctors recommend DHA to aid in the control and prevention of:

DHA also positively helps treat some eye conditions, boosts mental acuity and memory, and promotes infant and child development. These acronyms also have something else in common: a relationship that promotes brain healing and improvement from brain trauma injuries.

How Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Act Upon the Brain?

To recap, Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are essential for normal human brain functioning from gestation, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and the Golden Years. The existing studies on a child’s brain development surrounding women with Omega-3 all point to its essential role in baby brain development. But these studies have all been done using fish oil, which can present problems for Wiccans and other Vegetarians who refuse to eat animal products.

We know that throughout life, Omega 3s protect and strengthen the cell membranes of brain cells. Because of this, your brain healing after receiving severe trauma can be assisted by these fatty acids, as they help keep cell membranes healthy. They can help facilitate healthy brain cell communication, but ALA loses strength as it converts into EPA and DHA as part of the body’s natural processes. This means that a person suffering from a TBI or other brain-related dysfunction would need to ingest copious amounts of ADA to achieve the same benefit as merely taking an EPA/DHA-rich supplement.

What Do Animal Studies Show About Omega-3 Diets?

Several studies have been conducted on animals to determine the efficacy of an Omega-3-rich diet. All the experts agree that control studies show that a diet lacking this chemical leads to decreased brain size. These deficient animals also demonstrated cognitive and memory disabilities compared to animals fed a diet rich in essential fatty acids. Studies conducted on elderly humans, known for brain conditions like dementia, produce the same results. As humans age, a lack of Omega-3s DHA can lead to a smaller brain size, which indicates accelerated brain aging. In other words, failing to eat properly can accelerate brain injury conditions.

Omega 3s and Mild Memory Loss Healing?

Studies indicate that people afflicted by traumatic memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, may benefit from healing and fatty oils. However, no specific peer studies exist documenting their efficacy in healing medical conditions like traumatic brain injury. There are several types of memory loss, including long-term and short-term. Significant memory loss, such as insignificant amnesia, can happen after waking from a car accident-related coma. Partial memory loss can occur from the trauma to your brain when you get knocked unconscious by another person during a sparring match.  Most commonly, AlAlzheimer’sisease remains a type of dementia that gravely curtails human brain function and overall quality. Sadly, dementia touches millions of families and caretakers looking after these confused, elderly adults. Thus, finding a cure or product that could improve or heal the diseased function remains essential to the pharmaceutical industrial complex goal. Reliable studies exist that document the significant benefits of fish oil supplements for improving mild brain problems, such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Age-related cognitive decline is a condition that does not teach the severity level of Alzheimer’s disease.

In one such study, 485 senior citizens underwent brain testing. One group took a placebo, and physicians administered 900 mg of DHA to the other group daily. At the end of the 24-week testing periods, the elders ingesting DHA scored higher on every memory function and learning test. In another 24-week study, elders diagnosed with MCI who took 1.8 grams of oil supplements daily showed significant improvements in their overall brain function. However, that test showed no brain improvement for the Alzheimer’s group. 

Doyle’s Problem Solved – Algae to the Vegan’s Omega-3 Rescue?

There is no evidence Doyle received a traumatic brain injury, but if he did, he is already receiving the best post-accident treatment. You cannot look like Doyle, discussed above, unless you have nutrition dialed in. And at his age, his songwriting keeps getting better and better. So, if I were a betting man, I would bet Doyle was getting some of his Omega-3s from seed, nuts, etc. However, to maintain his high level, he is likely to get the more bioavailable types of fatty acids from algae-based plants. Last time we checked, algae can create a vegan-friendly form of essential DHA.

After all, you are what you eat. Fish get their DHA from gobbling up large amounts of DHA-containing phytoplankton. And phytoplankton gets its DHA from consuming microalgae. When you think about it, all DHA is just microalgae. Guys like Doyle are probably just going straight to the source so they don’t have to eat the fish stuck in the middle of the food chain transaction. Omega-3 DHA is available online and at many health food stores as algal oil from fermented microalgae. Consuming DHA may help your brain heal from catastrophic cognitive injuries.

EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil that are vital for normal brain function and development. People with depression or a mild decline in brain function should consider taking them from an animal source, as they may see improvements in brain function.

  • Unfortunately, research has shown that this substance has no effects on people with normal brain function or AlAlzheimer’sisease.

Although these compounds are better known for heart care, they can heal traumatic brain conditions and improve mental health. These effects can help heal your traumatic brain injury as parts of your brain begin to create a new neural network, replacing dead brain functions. Supplements help provide the chemical agents necessary for regaining physical muscle control.

  • Proper Supplementation

Researchers showed that good health remains increasingly tied to people. This is obvious to people. However, recent research has shown the same for people’s brains. The US Food and Drug Administration considers 3,000 mg per day of Omega-3 safe for humans to ingest. However, up to 5,000 mg per day, the European Food Safety Authority remains safe even for someone not suffering from head trauma.

CAVEAT: Always tell your doctor before taking supplements, especially if you are a TBI or heart patient. 

Sometimes these compounds can affect blood clotting, interfere with a heart stent, and other blood-thinning pharmaceuticals to prepare for surgical procedures. Although studies show Alzheimer’s patients saw no benefits, further research suggests that people afflicted with an MCI can benefit from ingesting algae or fish oil.The discussion about severe medical conditions from a traumatic brain injury is perhaps the most important in our world today. Recent events have our attention on ways our nation is only now understanding. From the Coronavirus diet to brain injury healing oils, health is vital to our collective lives and happiness. A traumatically injured brain will heal faster with good nutrition and physical therapy. An excellent brain injury lawyer can help. If you were diagnosed with a concussion or TBI brain injury due to the negligence of an at-fault party, you might be able to get money for your pain, suffering, past, present, and future medical bills. Our severe brain injury lawyers are standing by to discuss your serious medical condition and render crucial legal advice. But don’t delay. Blowing the statute of limitations can ruin your chances of getting traumatic brain injury compensation for your pain, suffering, and loss of wages. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s negligence, call a traumatic brain injury expert now at (213) 596-9642


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