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    Teens Injured in Electric Motorcycle Crash in Thousand Oaks, CA

Teens Injured in Electric Motorcycle Crash in Thousand Oaks, CA

On February 27, 2023, three teenage boys suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident in Thousand Oaks. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Electric Motorcycle Crash Injures Three Teens in Thousand Oaks

According to Thousand Oaks Police Department, the accident occurred around 6 PM. When the accident happened, three young boys were riding their bicycles near the intersection of Via Las Brisas and Via Grande.

Motorcycle Collision Happened on Via Las Brisas and Via Grande Intersection, Police Chief Reports

When they collided with a small Mercedes SUV, three teenage boys were riding an electric motorcycle near Via Las Brisas and Via Grande intersection. The 14, 15, and 16-year-old boys, wearing helmets, got ejected from the motorcycle upon impact and suffered major injuries after hitting the ground.

Teenagers Suffer Major Injuries in Traffic Collision

Upon the arrival of emergency services, the three boys were on the ground suffering from blunt-force trauma injuries, requiring immediate medical attention. Emergency personnel quickly transported the three injured boys to Los Robles Regional Medical Center while the woman driver waited for police to arrive at the accident scene.

When the Thousand Oaks police officers arrived, they started questioning the woman and spoke to witnesses as part of their initial investigation. Upon inquiring, they realized that the three teenagers were riding their electric motorcycle while heading the wrong way, northbound in the southbound bicycle lane on Via Las Brisas.

According to Jeremy Paris, the city’s police chief, the driver was an unidentified 47-year-old woman driving intoxicated and remained at the accident scene for further cooperation with the authorities.

About Motorcycle Accident Liability: Possible Causes for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common in the United States, with thousands of riders losing their lives each year. 

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is driver negligence. In most motorcycle accidents, other road users fail to notice the motorcycle due to their small size or are negligent while driving, resulting in broken bones and other injuries in a collision.

Riders could also be responsible for their injuries. This can include speeding, distracted riding, and failing to yield the right of way. Riders who do not have proper training are particularly susceptible to these kinds of mistakes.

Another factor that can contribute to motorcycle accidents is weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice, and other inclement weather can make roads slippery and decrease visibility, making it more difficult for riders to maintain control of their motorcycles. 

Road hazards are another potential cause of motorcycle accidents. Potholes, uneven surfaces, debris, and other obstacles can cause riders to lose control of their motorcycles, particularly at high speeds.

There are many different factors that can contribute to motorcycle accidents in the United States. While some of these factors may be out of the rider’s control, there are steps that riders can take to reduce their risk of getting involved in an accident. These include wearing appropriate safety gear, following traffic laws and guidelines, and being aware of their surroundings.

Who Is Liable for the Thousand Oaks Motorcycle Accident?

In the “Teens injured in electric motorcycle crash in Thousand Oaks” incident, the initial investigations reveal that the teenage boys were heading the wrong way in the bike lane. However, the woman driving the SUV was also intoxicated and hit the motorcycle while making a turn.

Although both parties could be responsible for the motorcycle accident in Thousand Oaks, the three teenagers may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent woman’s insurance company. They should consider getting an experienced personal injury attorney to protect their rights throughout the legal process.

Under California’s comparative negligence rule, even if you’re partially responsible for an accident, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim to recover damages. However, your degree of fault will have an impact on how much compensation you receive.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help gather the evidence required to minimize the plaintiff’s fault, prove the other party’s negligence, and fight to secure maximum compensation for the teenagers.

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