Nov 30, 2019

Toddler Death Highlights Cruise Ship Dangers

Part of a Growing Trend.

The death of an American toddler on a recent cruise highlighted the growing danger of injury aboard such vessels. The lackluster safety record of cruise vessels remains a significant cause for concern. Furthermore, the lack of regulation around the cruise and similar ships is a severe issue of Washington and beyond. Hopefully, such a case will appeal to the conscience of Americans and politicians. One death is far too many.

CNN reported on the death and the subsequent aftermath. An 18-month-old died while playing with her grandfather aboard the Freedom of the Seas. The event happened on the 11th deck of the vessel. The incident is under investigation by authorities. One of the windows in the dining area was open during the tragedy. According to the grandfather, he lost his balance, and the girl fell out of the window, dying on impact. The event happened before the vessel even left port for a week-long voyage.

The vessel belongs to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The company declined to comment under the circumstances, even though there is a good chance it carries responsibility for the tragedy. The girl traveled with her family to San Juan, Puerto Rico, whose lives are now marked by the needless death.

A Sad but Not Isolated Case.

Such a death, unfortunately, is not isolated. Cruise ships are an emerging and growing cause of death among travelers. Earlier in July, a crew member of a Carnival Victory ship fell to his death near Cuba. Look up cruise ships on Google, and you see "death" as the first result. A similar fate met an 83-year-old British woman on a cruise earlier in 2019, according to Newsweek. Marguerite Hayward died after being restrained on a cruise vessel. Crew members claim they controlled her after she had a panic attack. Hayward had mild dementia but did not deserve the factors leading to her death. Similar deaths are not uncommon recently and a major cause of concern.

Help in Case of Need.

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