Jun 1, 2020

Tire Recall - What Several Brands Were Listed?

ALERT: Tread Separation Cases.

Front end tire blowout injuries.

Alarmed by tire tread separations, the National Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, recalled several tire brands. Some of these tires reportedly had a defect in which the gum strip was never installed. This piece combines the different belts of the tires to make it safer.

Those with no strips are in danger of catastrophic failure, likely leading to a car crash and injury. Ehline Law Firm is a company of experts in these types of personal injury claims.

Also, our lead counsel, Michael Ehline, is a leader in car accident defect litigation. And we are presently seeking facts from victims of these recent recalls. If you are a victim, call us now at (213) 596-9642.


The tires included in this recall include:

  • Compas
  • Telluride
  • Westlake
  • YKS

As reported in the New York Times, these were all made in China. At any rate, the maker is Hangzhou Zhonce Rubber Company.

Finally, the distribution of tires was the job of several local companies in the States.

These shippers include:

  • Foreign Tire Sales
  • Omni United USA
  • Orteck International
  • Robinson Tire
  • Strategic Import Supply

But in California itself, some tire distributors were K&D Wholesalers and Tireco. (Read More). Also, it is not known how many of these tires got sold.

But numbers could easily range to a total of 450,000 sold. Most of the defective tires were for larger vehicles. For example, these could be on pickup trucks and vans.

The tire recall registry sizes included:

  • LT235/75R-15
  • LT225/75R-16
  • LT235/85R-16
  • LT245/75R-16
  • LT265/75R-16
  • LT3X10.5-15

The Complaints and What to Do.

These tires allegedly caused a series of tragic accidents. As a result, an ambulance flipped over in New Mexico (Read More). So if your vehicle has or had one of these tire types, this may be a cause of a wreck. Meanwhile, if in an asphalt type blowout using these tire brands, Ehline Law can help.

In fact, our product liability specialists may just find who caused your troubles.

In conclusion, several brands have become defective. The steel belt strips may not be present. And this makes cars lose control. In any case, many bad tires like this are "Made in China." As a consequence, there is a lot of red tape in making your case. From here on, only a trained lawyer knows how to manage a case like this. So contact us today for a free consultation at (213) 596-9642.