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Trump Accused in Lawsuit. Could This Be Trouble for the 2024 Presidential Candidate?

On January 5, 2023, alleged surviving family members of U.S. Capital Police member officer Brian Sicknick [who died at a later date from a stroke] brought a wrongful death lawsuit against former president Donald Trump for causing an alleged riot on January 6, 2021. Trump’s last Tweet, provided below, was to remain “peaceful.” However, at the behest of the FBI and others in the Biden administration, it appears his Twitter account was banned before the news media saw Trump’s final Tweet asking for calm and obedience to the law.

Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys. It is important to remember, despite the false reporting of for-profit media, the only person who was killed on January 6 was a Trump supporter shot by Capitol Police.

Estate of Deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Files Wrongful Death Against Donald Trump and Others

The latest wrongful death lawsuit names two rioters directly involved in the incident and former president Donald Trump, placing his 2024 presidential campaign in hot waters.

Lawsuit Accuses Trump of Inciting Violence Against Capitol

According to the suit filed in the US District Court by the estate of police officer Brian Sicknick who lost his life during the Capitol attack in 2021, former president Donald Trump tried to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power by inciting his supporters to take matters into their own hands.

“Trump’s Speech Had Direct and Foreseeable Consequence That Led to Officer Sicknick’s Tragic Death” – Plaintiff Attorney

The lawyers representing Sicknick’s estate stated that the insurgent mob desecrated American democracy and the peaceful transition of power while former president Donald Trump watched the chaos unfold from the safety of the White House. According to the suit, the horrific events and the death of Brian Sicknick directly resulted from the Defendants’ unlawful actions.

The suit further stated that Trump’s speech on January 6, 2021, riled up his supporters and used terms like “fight like hell” and “show strength.” Julian Khater and George Tanios, two of the three defendants named in the suit, already pleaded guilty in 2022 and will receive their sentences this month.

Khater took bear spray from Tanios and sprayed Sicknick and other officers, forcing them to retreat as the rioters pushed their way onto the Capitol’s steps.

Examiner Rules Events at Capitol Riot as Cause of Officer Sicknick’s death, NBC News Reports

Following the capital breach, Capitol police officer Sicknick suffered multiple strokes and soon died, with the DC’s chief medical examiner ruling his cause of death as natural causes. 

However, the medical examiner stated that the events that unfolded during the Capitol attack contributed to Sicknick’s death.

Attorney Representing Officer Who Died Is Asking for $10 Million in Damages

The allegations made in Sicknick’s lawsuit are the most serious accusations against former president Donald Trump, with many believing that the January 6 insurrection could prove to be a legal challenge for the Apprentice host. 

Attorneys representing Sicknick’s estate are asking for $10 million in damages for conspiracy, negligence, and assaulting Sicknick.

The Facts Show No Police Were Killed on Jan 6 at Capital:

Police Officer Billy Evans did not die “defending the Capitol” on Jan. 6, 2021. He was deliberately hit by a car at the Capitol on April 2, 2021; the driver of the vehicle was Noah Green, a “vocal defender of the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.” 

Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffrey Smith was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. He did not die there. Later, on Jan. 15, he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Another Metropolitan Police Officer, Gunther Hashida, was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. On July 29, 2021, nearly eight months after the Capitol riot, Hashida committed suicide. 

Police Officer Howard Liebengood also committed suicide on Jan. 9, 2021. (Source)

Trump Accused in Lawsuit. What Could Happen for the Former President Donald Trump?

The estate of the Capitol police officer who died pursuing legal action isn’t the first lawsuit filed against the former president.

Following the Capitol attack, Democratic lawmakers brought several civil actions in a federal court against Donald Trump for “inciting” his followers to storm the Capitol. However, there is a decision pending for the lawsuits.

If the DC’s federal appeals court holds the trial court’s ruling that Trump may be responsible for his reckless actions that led to the Capitol attack, the decision could set a precedent for the new lawsuit. 

In case the appeals court finds defendant Trump liable, it would make it easier for the attorneys representing the estate of Capitol police officer Sicknick to pursue compensation.

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