Aug 23, 2020

How the Memorial for Robert Trump Shows the President’s Drive

President Trump's Beloved Brother Laid To Rest.

Robert Trump, the brother of the President of the United States, lived a long and productive life. Far more important than his roles in the business world or personal contacts was his role in his family. Robert Trump was a beloved figure in the family, especially by his older brother. In his role as a leading member of the Trump family, Robert Trump also leaves behind a substantial legacy for himself and his brother to fulfill.

It is during this difficult time that the Trump family can consecrate his role as a leader to reinvigorate the White House and the Nation. President Trump led a memorial service for his brother this week at the White House. These scene was especially somber for the First Family and those around them. The loss of a close family member is especially hard to handle. It is even worse during a pandemic and a presidential election. Below we can see just some of how the President and his family reacted.

With bagpipes playing, the president and first lady Melania Trump followed his brother’s casket to a waiting hearse in the late afternoon. They stood at attention and held hands for a couple of moments as the casket was placed inside. A few dozen family and friends stood nearby on the White House steps. As the hearse drove away, the president and first lady returned to the residence and some in the group embraced in an effort to provide comfort.

As we discuss below, this is not the first time such a tragedy happened during a Presidency, but is is the latest. it is yet another challenge for President Trump to overcome during his time in office.

The Role Of The President's Family?

Often when describing a President's family, we tend to focus on their spouses, parents, and children. President Trump's children are well known. They also play a major role in his administration. We also kow so much about Melania and her role bringing class into the White House. There's been a lot written about President Trump's parents, Fred and Mary Trump. Fred was already well known even before the rise of his son due to his role as a real estate developer.

But we don't know nearly as much about President Trump's siblings. President Trump has four siblings. His older sister Maryanne was born in 1937. His older brother Fred Trump Jr was born eight years before the President in 1938. Fred had a tremendous influence on the future president. Fred Jr died of complications related to alcohol abuse. This convinced the President to not touch alcohol.

The President also has an older sister, Elizabeth. Robert Trump was the youngest of the five, born in 1948. Robert Trump was also a major player in the Trump family business. He was a top executive in real estate. He was also much quieter than his brother, living a less public life before his death. Living in New York Fred Trump died of undisclosed causes earlier this month.

The Challenge for President Trump.

As we see from the AP story above, this is not the first time a President lost a family member during their time in office.

Abraham Lincoln and Calvin Coolidge both mourned the loss of a son while serving as president, Willie Lincoln in 1862 and Calvin Coolidge Jr. in 1924. The memorial services for both children began in the White House. The service for Robert Trump took place in the White House East Room. Unlike Willie Lincoln and Calvin Coolidge Jr., Robert Trump did not live at the White House. Nevertheless, it’s completely within the president’s ability to honor him with a service there, said Anita McBride, who served in three presidential administrations, including as first lady Laura Bush’s chief of staff.

This increases the potential challenge for the President, during the time of the pandemic and the upcoming election in November. Below we discuss how the President can honor his brother's legacy and overcome the current challenge.

How President Trump Can Triumph?

Donald Trump is known for overcoming so many challenges during his life. From his time as a young real estate developer to becoming President, he relishes the challenge. However, the death of a family member is a unique challenge. His parents died about two decades ago-- but he hadn't lost a sibling since the death of Fred Jr. The death of Fred Jr shaped him, motivating him to avoid alcohol and make the most of his life.

There is a similar push in President Trump now. Robert Trump was a major member of the Trump family. And just as with his children and parents, Donald Trump has an intense loyalty towards his blood relatives. I believe that the death of his brother will invigorate the President to fight even harder for his legacy and his policies. The election is coming up-- but the last one President Trump engaged in was also a major challenge. Now with the grieving and push from his brother's memory he may have the extra energy and drive needed to win once again.

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