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University of Idaho Settles Lawsuit to the Tune of $90,000!

Imagine being ordered by a federal judge to pay 90,000 to settle a lawsuit for violating freedom of speech! Such a case is not so unusual in the US, where even educators are held accountable for the same spaces they are supposed to be teaching.

Today’s university students are not afraid to go after anyone they think has violated their rights, even university officials. Model students of the University of Idaho did just that recently and walked away with $90,000 for their efforts.

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The University of Idaho Settles Students’ Free Speech Lawsuit

A faculty advisor and Law School professor Richard Seamon and three students from the Christian Legal Society (CLS) clashed with the faculty members and students of the University of Idaho in a case that quickly escalated into a violation of the freedom of students to express themselves.

The University of Idaho was ordered to pay 90,000 to settle a lawsuit brought against them by three members of a Christian law students organization group, namely Ryan Alexander, Mark Miller, and Peter Perlot, together with the group’s faculty advisor, Richard Seamon.

According to the Christian students organization members who claimed their freedom was violated, the issue began when a university student, referred to only as a law student, disagreed with one of the marriage requirements of the CLS students group.

After the law student publicly denounced the CLS students’ deeply held beliefs, on-campus University officials intervened and issued no-contact orders barring the Christian law students organization from contacting the law student.

This was seen as a violation by the Christian student organization, which claimed their freedom of speech was violated. The federal judge news soon made headlines stating, “The University of Idaho settles students free speech lawsuit.”

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the University of Idaho will pay 90,000 dollars to students belonging to the CLS because the school illegally punished the group members for expressing their religious beliefs at the school’s main campus, and the no-contact orders will also be rescinded.

School Administrators Named in the Lawsuit

Litigation costs money and time, as well as brings negative publicity to university officials mentioned in the lawsuit, such as:

  • Lindsay Ewan and Erin Agidius from the University’s Office of Civil Rights and Investigations
  • Brian Eckles, Dean of Students
  • C. Scott Green, Idaho University President

How Do You Know Your Freedom of Speech Was Violated

Freedom of speech violations as witnessed by members of a Christian organization in Idaho, is quite common. If you feel you are being barred from speaking your mind, your rights will probably be violated.

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Who Can Be Sued for Violating Freedom of Speech?

As demonstrated when a student reported the University of Idaho case to the authorities, anyone can be sued for freedom of speech violations. It is not unusual to hear of human rights activists suing the government for this same issue.

This means that no matter who is violating your rights, nothing is stopping you from fighting for your freedoms. You only need a good lawyer by your side, such as the experienced lawyers at Ehline Law.

Ehline Law Is Here To Help

Anyone can sue anyone else in the US, which is one of the freedoms the country holds very dearly. At Ehline Law, the attorneys have many years of experience dealing with such cases. No case is too big or too small for Michael Ehline and his team. Call him now and book a free consultation at one of their California offices.

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