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US Has 25 Days of Diesel Fuel: Are Hospitals Liable for Power Outages?

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On October 21, 2022, news broke that the US has 25 days of diesel fuel, creating panic among business owners, citizens, and the entire supply chain. However, that is not the case as we explore the details with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Major Supplier Warns of 25 Days Fuel Supple Leading to Panic

A major diesel supplier warned of a serious hike in prices of consumer goods in the near term due to a major shortage of diesel on the East Coast. Although there is a shortage in diesel inventories in the country, there is no cause for concern as the diesel supply will not stop.

Experts Explain the Misinformation Spread Across the News

According to energy experts, there is a lot of misinformation about the diesel shortage and the country’s capacity. The 25-day capacity means that the US has a 25-day capacity to supply oil when all the oil refineries shut down in the nation.

Factors Affecting the Us Oil Supply Put the System under Strain

A few events caused a strain on the United States’ refining capacity. Fire explosion at the Philadelphia oil refinery, the Covid-19 oil refinery shutdown, and the Russia-Ukraine war all have contributed to a drop in the US oil refining capacity.

When the oil demand skyrocketed after the economy opened up following the Covid-19 crisis, it put the entire system under strain.

Global Oil Supply Affected as Europe Stops Purchasing Russian Oil

Since Europe has stopped purchasing oil from Russia, it has led to many countries seeking oil from other oil-producing nations, increasing world competition and further affecting fuel supply.

Tightened Oil Supplies Could Result in an Increase in Inflation Ahead of the Holidays

Experts believe that none of this means that the US will run out of fuel as typically, the country has 35 to 40 days of fuel supply, and now it has 25 days of coverage. It can affect consumers as the higher fuel price per gallon translates into an increase in the cost of consumer goods for shoppers.

The tightened global supplies and more competition for the Northeast can increase US inflation in the coming weeks. Amazon has already jacked up its prime subscription by 17%. The US government stated recently that all options are on the table as they try to restore national stocks. Two vessels carrying 1 million barrels of diesel each that were initially bound for Europe are now on their way to New York.

Hospital Power Outages Could Lead to Lawsuits

Hospital power outages compromise the health of many patients. The generators keep the heart monitors, oxygen machines, and other life-saving equipment online. During Hurricane Sandy, the power went out for New York and New Jersey hospitals, and the emergency systems for hospitals failed.

It wasn’t the first time such an incident occurred as, during Hurricane Katrina, hospitals lost power, and at some hospitals, the emergency systems failed, resulting in the deaths of many patients, including Althea LaCoste.

Althea LaCoste’s family pursued action against the hospital’s administrators for not maintaining the emergency power system, resulting in the death of their loved one. They settled the lawsuit outside of the court.

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