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Victim Rights After a Dog Bite Attack

Understanding Your Dog Assault Rights and Responsibilities.

Victim Rights After a Dog Bite AttackThe aftermath of a terrible dog bite attack may be confusing and difficult. You are already injured, and now you have to face both medical treatment and a possible legal battle. In this situation, you should consider your legal rights and the best path forward. Furthermore, your actions will have effects on whether or not a dangerous dog can attack more individuals. Of course, the first thing you should do is seek out medical attention. However, after that, the best idea is to contact a legal expert, like the trusted attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, or APLC.

Dog Assaults and Civil Liability

The owner or handler of the dog in question carries certain legal responsibilities. This is even more so if the owner did not properly care for or train the dog or keep it restrained.

This includes:

Strict Liability for Trespass

There is 100% liability on the dog’s keeper if it enters into the injured party’s property.

Inherently Dangerous Animals

Furthermore, there is strict liability for dog owners, even if they don’t know that the animal is dangerous. An improperly trained dog, or one that has attacked before, is a particular case. The owner must keep the general public safe from dangerous animals.

Negligence and Attacking Dogs

This is more of a gray area than the above examples, but just as relevant. Owners that do not adequately leash or restrain their animals are likely to be responsible. This is the case in public places the owner chooses to bring the dog into. Furthermore, each owner has a scale of duty, depending on how reckless their actions are. This includes allowing the dog off the leash in public or not restraining it at home. In addition, particular care could be needed for animals of certain breeds, such as pit bulls or Rottweilers.

Determining Your Rights After a Dog Attacks

Your rights start even before the animal attack. If you are not acting recklessly, the dog bite’s responsibility falls primarily on the dog owner. Contact us for more info on your next move, such as medical treatment and clamming up without a lawyer talking for you. Our trusted law firm has handled hundreds of similar cases– and makes the same promise each time. We will help you in your hour of need so you can receive an award of substantial compensation. If you don’t win, we don’t ask for a penny.

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