Jan 6, 2019

Ways to Stay Safe When Driving For Two - Pregnancy Driving Tips

Pregnant female driver
Pregnant female driver
Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing near a car near the road with green grass, summertime.

Driving is severe enough when you're driving just for yourself. However, it becomes more difficult when you have a bun in the oven. Whether it is you, that is pregnant or a significant other, there are several things to consider when being behind the wheel. It is vital to keep you and your family safe when driving in and around for the next nine months.

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What Are the Pregnancy While Driving Statistics?

There are some dangers involved in driving while pregnant. Unfortunately, a person is more likely to be in an accident when pregnant with a child. NBC News reported that there is a 42% higher chance of crashes for pregnant women. And this risk of a collision is especially present during the fourth month of gestation.

Researchers pulled the records of over a half million women from 2006 to 2011 including the number of car accidents. For pregnant women, the risk increases significantly. It is also a leading case of fetal deaths. Chances are unusually high in the fall and winter, as well as during the afternoon.

How Do You Make Your Ride Safer For Pregnant Travels?

There is no silver bullet, but there are several things an expecting mother or family can do to lower the risk of a crash. It could mean the future of your whole family.

  • Combine Trips into One: Combine several separate trips into one. This allows a lower risk of a crash due to a smaller number of transits.
  • Consider Turning Over the Wheel: Hand over the wheel to someone that is ready, especially if you are tired.
  • Change for the Circumstances: Your body is different than it was before you were pregnant. You're likely a bit bulkier and need some changes in how you position your seat. Take more stops as needed, and don't rush. You'll get there.
  • Seek Treatment in Any Crash: Any crash or trauma is a big one for the baby. Make sure that you seek immediate treatment for any issues or collisions.

So if you become injured during a pregnant driving accident, peruse our page on the opic here. Keep it tuned here for more driving safety tips.