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    Who Is at Fault for Motorcyclist Killed in Lincoln Heights Crash

Who Is at Fault for Motorcyclist Killed in Lincoln Heights Crash

On October 22, 2022, a motorcycle accident occurred in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood near mission road leading to the death of a motorcyclist.

Left Turn Crash near Griffin Avenue Leaves Motorcyclist Dead in California

At around 7:30 AM, the Los Angeles Police Department received a call about the accident on the 2800 block of Griffin Avenue, prompting an immediate dispatch of officers to the accident site. When the first responders arrived at the accident site, they saw an unconscious 24-year-old motorcyclist lying on the road. The responders immediately tried to offer first aid but soon pronounced the rider dead.

Bike Gets Pinned under Vehicle When Driver Makes a Left Turn near Griffin Avenue

The other vehicle’s driver was at the accident scene to answer any questions the officers had. Upon inquiries, it was found that the vehicle’s driver decided to make a left turn, and in doing so, the motorcyclist did not have sufficient time to slow down, resulting in the accident.

The bike got pinned under the vehicle, causing fatal injuries to the motorcyclist, leading to his death.

Who Is at Fault for Motorcyclist Killed in Lincoln Heights Crash?

Currently, no other information is available about the accident, and we can only speculate on the cause of the accident that resulted in the motorcyclist’s death. Identifying how the accident happened can help the surviving family members determine the liable party and pursue a wrongful death claim.

The Driver Could Be Responsible

It could be possible that the motorcycle accident occurred because of the driver. The driver may have been distracted and perhaps did not turn on his blinker before making the left turn resulting in the Lincoln Heights motorcycle accident on Griffin avenue on Saturday morning.

Perhaps the driver was about to miss their left turn and immediately turned without looking for any incoming vehicles or a motorcycle in their vehicle’s blind spot causing the Lincoln Heights motorcycle accident on Griffin avenue.

The Motorcyclist Could Be Responsible

The motorcyclist may not have been paying attention on the road and did not notice the driver making a left turn resulting in the Lincoln Heights motorcycle accident on Griffin avenue on Saturday morning.

It Could Be a Government Entity

Perhaps the government did not put any warning signs of possible construction work ahead or a hazard forcing the driver to make an immediate left turn resulting in the Lincoln heights accident.

The Motorcycle Manufacturer Could Be Responsible

Maybe there was enough time for the motorcycle to avoid the Griffin avenue accident by braking, but the motorcycle’s brakes could’ve failed, resulting in the Lincoln Heights accident.

An Attorney Can Help Investigate the Crash in Lincoln Heights Neighborhood

Although the California highway patrol is investigating the Lincoln Heights crash, an attorney can also help investigate the accident.

Suppose there are signs of the driver driving negligently, a defective motorcycle, or a negligent government entity. In that case, an experienced personal injury attorney can help build a case, gather evidence (including a police report), and pursue a wrongful death case to help recover losses for the grieving family.

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