As a historian first and a lawyer second, I am amazed at how politicians try and buy votes with their neighbor’s paycheck. Being a lawyer in the State of California, I have seen it go from a low-crime, high-income state to a pro-censorship, single-party, high-crime state in bed with Silicon Valley.

This article is intended to present an unbiased look at how the state is apparently poised to create racial purity laws, so it can send darker-skinned citizens, whom California calls “African Americans,” at least $300,000 a piece from its taxpayers. Prior to this, there was a huge push to pay off student loans of college-Millenials. Campuses everywhere were getting out the vote to get their man in power.

Comparing Nazi Germany Race Laws to California’s Capitol Collaborative on Race

Since announcing reparations payments, California is seeing an influx of unemployed people with many having extensive criminal records, while simultaneously, its traditional families, veterans, and small business owners slowly leave for other states! San Francisco seems to be offering a bonus of $5 million on top of Newsom’s entitlement in the six figures range. Let’s discuss how being able to identify as anything you want should be able to make you eligible, too… unless racial purity laws are passed.

Comparing Nazi Germany Race Laws to California’s Capitol Collaborative on Race

So far, at least 500,000 citizens have fled California since Governor Newsom signed his legislation to reduce penalties against male child molesters and mandated all public school kids be forced to inject what many scientists identify as mRNA gene therapy (leftover batches for a SARS-CoV-2 virus strain “variant” that no longer exists, known in the press as Covid-19), as a condition precedent to stay in a public school.

Michael Ehline is a leading civil rights and injury attorney based out of Los Angeles. Being from Southern California, he and his team see many of these issues up close and personal. In addition to his decades of experience in law, Ehline also bases his decisions on his time in the United States Marine Corps.

People were not allowed to blame others. Uncle Sam became your parents, and you were held to the same standard, regardless of race. No special race-based tests or hiring preferences are allowed in the Marines either. Pure equality is how we roll.

Woke Prosectors and African Americans

So-called “woke DAs,” elected with huge help from donations coming from George Soros foundations, have adopted race-based prosecutions, deliberately refusing to penalize so-called minorities in an apparent effort to prove California is not racist. These politicians call this “racial equity” to make up for white supremacy. Most native Americans we have polled are not on board with this, however, and the ones I served with in the Marines know that most white people are NOT white supremacists.

White people, in the meantime, are being treated the same way as Jews were during the Third Reich, with a focus on color and not character. This state-sanctioned hate has already caused more than one murder and beatings against white schoolchildren. Are you concerned it could lead to genocide? This generation has a chance to end racism by refusing to use race to harm people in hiring, loan forgiveness, and other tax-funded “free stuff.”

And we see “political” prosecutors charging self-defense cases as murder in a national push by the allies of Communist China in our government to abolish the Second Amendment and defund the police simultaneously. Although Newsom set this Draconian vaccine order aside a few weeks ago, many normal parents saw it as a scam, with Newsom, Big Tech, and Pfizer harming our families for what many Americans feel is financial gain and campaign funding donations from the big multi-billion-dollar pharma companies.

The Coming Reparations Push, And More

Society is changing before our very eyes. Calls for major changes due to historical injustices are growing and becoming more radical. Average people and politicians would do well to heed the lessons of the past– and what the effect of former efforts of segregation and discrimination have done.

How the Coming “Woke” Race Laws Will Lead to New Segregation

We’re not looking at reverse discrimination. We are looking at discrimination for its own sake. And with the calls for major change growing, don’t be surprised if they only mount, especially after the election.

A Rising Tide Of The New Segregation.

Are we returning to the days before 1964? Of segregation again allowed? In many ways, we are already seeing this on an everyday level. And it will only grow over time. For example, a handful of black families are coming together in Georgia to build a “safe space” for black people. The effort involves the purchase of 90 acres for a seemingly black-only community. While the families state that people of all races are welcome, this reminds me of the old adages of segregation. All races could take part. However, one race had different facilities and was treated differently by the powers that were of great importance.

“We have a very long history of doing cooperative economics, economic cooperation, creating our own communal towns,” says Jessica Gordon Nembhard, author of Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice and professor of community justice at John Jay College. “More recently, we’ve been establishing community land trust, which actually give official land ownership to the community.”

In some ways, self-segregation is a complex legal issue. However, to create a town on the basis of race in our current year is archaic, to say the least.

What Does the Supreme Court Say About Hate Crimes and Racial Purity?

SCOTUS has made it very clear that race should not be a consideration, as this is actually, wait for it, “racist.” Furthermore, in many ways, this new racism undermines many of the original civil rights goals of an integrated society. While our laws may still be race-neutral (at least at the federal level), changing our attitudes to accept segregation is not acceptable.

A Newly Segregated Society

In the above image, you see MLK demanding blacks be de-segregated. But BLM and the modern, new Democrats are apparrently trying to re-segregate society under the guise of fairness. There are plenty of examples from both sides of the Atlantic about the role of race in society. This has been especially the case since the end of the Civil War. However, one thing that is clear in every case is that racial separation is bad– and segregation as an instrument is worse. However, the recent Woke mobs in our city are saying otherwise. We have cases of colleges not allowing white students into cafes.

The University of Michigan Dearborn attempted to segregate students based on their race. Their justification was so-called social justice. Instead, it appears that they took a page right out of Bull Connor’s playbook.

“These virtual cafes were intended to provide members of our campus community with opportunities to reflect on their lived experiences. However, the framing and presentation of the purpose and intended outcomes of these events were poorly conceived and executed,” the chancellor wrote in a letter. One virtual cafe was meant for people of color to gather and discuss their experiences, while the other was meant for “non people of color.” The latter received backlash, as many criticized the idea of hosting a space for only White people to discuss race without the presence of any people of color.

What About Reparations?

One of the key issues talked about recently is whether or not the nation needs to give descendants of slaves reparations. In fact, California is discussing that possibility right now.

The state legislature passed a bill that would authorize a number of efforts tied to reparations. Assembly Bill 3121 made it through the state’s legislative branch, and now Governor Gavin Newsom has to decide whether to sign it or not.

This bill created a 9-person task force to study different proposals for CA’s 2 million black population to receive reparations. California now has its own office of racial purity! No joke, folks! Well, far more black people have moved to California since the announcement, as would be expected when the state seems to be dangling six figures to every black person living in California – who can prove racial purity. It’s not like California needs more democrats, so what is the end game here besides bankrupting the economy?

Duke’s Professor William Darity states these measures are headed in the wrong direction.

“I have a sense of proprietariness about the use of the term reparations, because I think people should not be given the impression that the kinds of steps that are taken at the state or local level actually constitute a comprehensive or true reparations plan,” Darity Jr. said in an interview. “Whatever California does perhaps could be called atonement, or it could be called a correction for past actions.”

Unfortunately for Professor Darity and for many others, the criticism is that the reparations measures wouldn’t be enough. But most experts agree it will never be enough. We are headed down a very slippery slope where many people will be forced to pay damages due to the color of their skin rather than any direct actions of themselves, their parents, or even their grandparents.

They would then funnel this money through the government to pay others based on the color of their skin. Again, independent of the actions of themselves, parents, or even grandparents. And things don’t quite end there once you give a mouse a cookie.

What Happened in the 1930s?

Furthermore, official discrimination at the state and college levels may lead to some terrible places. These include the possibility of major changes to our laws and practices. We saw dramatic changes happen in Germany against a legal minority, the 1 to 2% of the population that was Jewish. As scapegoats, the National Socialists, or Nazis, constructed a number of anti-Jewish measures. We see a very similar path taken by US public schools teaching Critical Race Theory Principals in their curriculums and even allowing what parents say is “gay porn” in their school libraries and on K-12 laptops.

Basically, the idea is that the white race is inherently racist, and only the state can make people equal by force-feeding children’s hatred against themselves and all white people. Since white “privilege” makes white people better, now minority kids get to insult them and make them feel guilty for their skin color.

If you disagree, you are a racist, etc. These are basically the same methods used by the Nazis in their schools, used against the Jews. Ultimately, the state confiscated their property and burned them in ovens. The Jews actually happily walked into the cattle carts and off to the ovens. German schoolchildren were taught to turn in their parents who supported God and the Jews, and THEY DID!

After taking power in 1933, the Nazis did not simply start the Holocaust. Instead, they used a number of slower methods to separate Jews from German society. Anti-Jewish laws, at first, had exceptions. Some were for Jewish veterans of the First World War. However, these all had the same goals. Jews were removed from government posts and restricted in the jobs they could take. The Nuremberg Laws set up a racial hierarchy. Marriage between Jews and non-Jews was not allowed.

The Nazis continued their anti-Jewish measures. These were often done one instrument at a time. By 1938, the Nazi Party supported a pogrom against its Jewish countrymen, Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass. Jews in large numbers were sent to concentration camps. After the events that killed hundreds of Jews and caused thousands more to flee, the Nazis banned Jews from owning guns or ammunition. By 1939 many European Jews were forced into ghettos. By 1941 the Holocaust began in earnest.

California’s Office of Racial Purity Very Nazi-Like?

Look At Hawaii

My many white friends still residing in Hawaii relied upon the state to protect them from anti-white feelings, using PSAs and school classroom training there explaining that all people, even different-looking ones (whites), are humans, worthy of respect. Racism against whites was very strong in the Hawaii public schools as far back as 2003, with white students beaten up frequently by students identifying as Asians or Islanders.

And now, thanks in large part to the unsupported political messaging in biased news reports, anti-white sentiment is off the chains in Hawaii. Basically, CRT, taught as fact by many CNN, MSNBC, and ABC “news” commentators, asserts all-white males [and the attractive females] of European descent are “inherently racist,” and the SOLE reason for our success is our “whiteness.” (See also “wokeness”)

There is no salvation other than giving up the “benefits” you received and giving them to your oppressed victims (In this case, black people.). That is CRT in a nutshell. Basically, it’s another Marxist technique used to divide society into antagonistic racial groups, the victim here being the oppressed former slaves and the oppressors being all white people, solely for their “whiteness.” [Wealth is a result of whiteness]

Its confederated supporters, ANTIFA and BLM appear to be moving full steam ahead to start a race war.

Here is some anti-white, state/media-sanctioned propaganda receiving federal funding.

VIDEO: “All White People Are Racist”

Buffalo students told ‘all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.

Buffalo students told ‘all white people play a part in perpetuating syst…

The story of Buffalo Public Schools is a sad and familiar one: a dying industrial town, underperforming inner-ci…

‘To be white is to be racist, period,’ a high school teacher told his class

A student who recorded the lecture in Norman, Oklahoma, said she felt picked on because she’s white.

Teaching Racism Against Whites to End Racism Against Blacks?

My children saw no difference between whites and blacks until their teachers started telling my kids that black people are basically victims of white people, insinuating anytime white police officers arrest or shoot someone of color, it is automatically racist (This is the inference presented). Hearing some of the propaganda, they repeat as fact to our kids over these Zoom meetings is sickening.

Punishing children with this propaganda for the imaginary sins of their imaginary fathers is a bad move. When I grew up, treating blacks or anyone else differently was shameful. And that included making them feel like you saw them any differently than yourself.

None of the black guys I served with and still train with buy into the victimhood thing, and they are all successful. And they all have a free “oppressor” lawyer.

Coming Racial Purity Laws?

Last, don’t you think California will need to pass racial purity laws in order to delve out the future reparations checks California is deciding upon?

Will Humans Who Identify As Black Receive a Racial Purity Reparations Test Exemption?

Now that 6-foot 3-inch tall men can identify as girls and crush every female sports record in girls’ school sports, including sharing locker rooms, perhaps California is “woke” enough to let me identify as “black.” And what if I “identify” as black? Would I not be able to grab some of that cash? And what percentage of blackness will make the recipients eligible for their racial purity test? We could sure use the money.

Will reparations candidates have to prove PURE slave heritage like the Nurnburg laws had to show Aryan heritage with no Jewish mixing? And if they have any slaveholder blood, such as Jefferson’s, will they get an additional “oppressor” bonus?

What if they are really from Africa from when after slavery officially ended? Will they get other benefits besides preferential hiring and education, including a special exemption for ancestry?

I know for sure that treating someone as if they are in a special class is the surest way to displace them into that class. Until the news media started pushing this “white privilege” narrative, I saw a great period of racial healing based on character and not skin. When is it ok not to be ashamed of being white? And since I have Blackfoot Indian blood, am I exempt? Can I get Indian reassignment surgery to appear more Native American and assume my rightful place as the only true American?

Where Do We Head from Here?

We are not at the Holocaust. Far from it. However, the division of people based on their race or ethnicity tends to head in the same direction. Mobs attacking people due to their beliefs or race already roam the streets. We see near-nightly riots in some parts of the country. Furthermore, when Democrats won big in November, most of us historians were not surprised when “anti-racist” rhetoric was used for more and more outlandish purposes. In addition, these changes are happening at a pretty swift pace.

Now doctors are even getting tax funding to amputate body parts and place kids on sex hormones if their mothers think their boy is a girl and vice versa. Of course, public school teachers are right there helping indoctrinate these impressionable kids. MDs are all too happy to take the money when their taxes and regulations are already killing their medical practices.

We are slowly seeing California become like a cross between the German Third Reich and Communist China. Support the state, and get goodies. Stand for families, and expect turbulence. Question doctors who peddle mRNA on children and expect to have your medical license pulled. This type of discrimination was unheard of up until the last presidential election. The silver lining for Millenial-leaning totalitarians is that you, too, can identify as “African American” and seek reparations.

My take is that discrimination based on race is always wrong. Wrong for individuals. Wrong for the government. The idea of state governments– or God forbid DC promulgating these changes would be a moral and legal disaster. It may be our history in 10, 20, 40, or 50 years depending on where we are headed. The actions of states like California or that of college campuses are likely the bellwether for what the next several decades will look like. Regardless, I am not thrilled with the prospect and will keep writing on the subject, especially as more events unfold.


I know we, as Americans, are better than that. I also hope people of all races reject these new measures. This goes double for those in state politics. We should know better by now. This also is a major test for us. A test about our very soul as a country. Do we believe in racial division? I thought we threw that off decades ago. I also believe in the unity of our human race.

Together as one, not divided into pieces. Caring for one another, believing in ourselves and our police, backing the civil rights laws of our past, and believing in the civil rights triumphs of our history. There is still much work to be done. I see it. But together, we reach that goal together. Even if it seems hard now. Still, there is much work left. The process is not fast. Nor is it easy. But it is one we can get through together. I know that we can.

About the Author

Ehline writes a number of articles in his law blog. For more info, contact Michael at (213) 596-9642 or He and his team are ready for any questions or concerns. Contact him and speak with a legal expert.

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