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Will Insurance Pay For A Dog Bite?


Will Insurance Pay For A Dog Bite?

Will Insurance Pay For A Dog Bite?

Dogs are a man’s best friend. However, even the most well-behaved pups can deliver nasty dog bites, resulting in severe injuries and death in the worst-case scenario.

Getting a dog bite can lead to financial instability, with the unexpected hospital and medical bills piling up.

The lost wages if you cannot go to work can break many families financially. Besides this, emotional trauma can be devastating for many, necessitating the need for an injury insurance attorney in places like Los Angeles, where dog attacks are common.

The Insurance Information Institute reports 90 million dogs residing in American homes, and almost 5 million people are victims of dog bites annually. If you’ve gotten injured by a dog in an attack, contact a Los Angeles, California, dog bite injury lawyer, as you may be eligible for compensation by filing a personal injury claim.

Homeowners Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Dog Bites

Homeowners insurance generally provides liability coverage for dog bites and other mishaps. What’s interesting about this type of insurance is that the dog bite insurance coverage is applicable to your property and nearby places.

For example, if you visit a dog park and your furry friend bites one of the dog owners in the park, your homeowner’s insurance covers the incident. However, dog bites and homeowners insurance can hold the insured responsible for precarious situations.

Take, for instance, a dog bite on your property to an individual, but the dog does not belong to you. In this situation, the injured can file claims against you. Sometimes, coverage is available under your dog bite insurance, even if the dog is not yours. This is because the incident occurs on your property, which is then covered by your insurance policy—make sense?

There have been cases where burglars had won a lawsuit against the homeowners because their dogs put serious injuries on the burglars when they were trying to rob the house. Under homeowners insurance, liability insurance coverage extends to such situations as well.

Disclose the Breed to the Insurance Company

You must disclose that information to your insurance company if you have a dog. Insurance companies need information like the breed of the dog, history of dog bites, and other relevant information to determine the premiums on a homeowners insurance policy.

The premiums for dogs with a history of bites or aggressive breeds of dogs like pit bulls are high as the chances they might bite a guest, or any other individual is considerably more. Even if you have a pit bull that is friendly with people, you need to disclose that information to your insurance agent.

Failure to do so will result in claims denial. Hence, you would have to pay for medical expenses and other damages if your dog bites anyone. Although homeowners insurance covers dog bites, you should consider getting additional coverage or an umbrella policy if you have an aggressive breed of dog. This covers any damage done to a dog bite victim if your homeowner insurance policy maxes out.

What to Do After You Get Dog Bite Injuries

Just like any other incident, you need to get to a safe place if you’re bitten by another dog that is not your own. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to restrain their pet while you compose yourself and ask for insurance and contact details from the other dog owner. Try to get contact details of any nearby witnesses, as this could help build a strong case. Once done, head to the hospital for a medical emergency immediately.

Your health insurance should cover dog bite injuries if you were bit by a stray dog. You need to notify your insurance company immediately to avoid future claims issues.

Call Us Today About Dog Bite Insurance Issues

Every state law varies regarding dog bite claims, and there are different implications for medical payments coverage. For more information on California dog bite liability claims, contact us at (213) 596-9642, and an expert attorney will guide you on a dog owner’s insurance.


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