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What Is the Worst Kind of Burn Injury?

Burn injuries are susceptible to developing infections and are the worst kind of injuries you can receive in an accident in California.

Burn Injury Victims Can Get the Legal Help They Need from Ehline Law

Were you burned due to the carelessness or recklessness of another person? I am Los Angeles burn injury lawyer, Michael Ehline. I have over 30 years collective experience, first as a paralegal and now as a member of the California State Bar. I fight to help people like you receive maximum compensation for their burn and scald claims. Today I am here to explain the worst kind of brain injuries and how you can recover financial compensation.

The pain and suffering, mental anguish, and disfigurement are something many have to live with while in extreme cases, a burn patient may never recover from the skin’s leathery appearance.

Or the burn victim could die from their mortal wounds. (Children can be killed by discharges from electrical outlets, or hot objects like a burning stove-top, etc.)

Common Causes of Burns

Many people believe that fire is the only cause of getting burns, however, there are many different common causes of burns you can receive and some of these include:

  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Radiation burns
  • Electrical burns
  • And more

The different common causes of burns can deliver varying degrees of long-term tissue damage severity and burn injury treatment must follow accordingly, for example.

Let’s look at the different types and degrees of burns that a person can receive and some treatment options. (Cool water on the burned area, or medical care for deep red top layer epidermis infection symptoms or blisters diagnosis?) In most cases, the painful, affected area should never be left untreated by a doctor.

Classification of Burns

There are different types and degrees of burns that constitute the severity of it and the damages a person can receive.

First-degree Burns

Affecting the outer layer of skin, these types of burns are also referred to as superficial burns and deal minor injuries to the burn victim such as redness and swelling. Severe first-degree burns affect the outer layer of skin resulting in swelling and a bit of blistering however, these types can easily heal at home without the need for immediate medical attention.

When you get a first-degree burn, remove the article of clothing and run the affected skin under cool tap water for 20 minutes to completely finish the burning sensation.

Second-degree Burns

With second-degree burns, not only does a person’s outer layer of skin get burned but also the inner referred to as the dermis. Second-degree burns are also referred to as superficial partial burns and are painful than first-degree burns since it penetrates to the nerve endings which is responsible for registering pain.

Second-degree burns involve requiring medical attention for pain management if the swelling increases but these types of burns do not come with scarring unless they are a deep partial-thickness burn.

Third-degree Burns

Completely damaging the nerve endings, you won’t feel any pain with third-degree burns but the skin does turn color to a black, brown, or yellow. The burn goes deeper than second-degree burns destroying the two layers of the skin and these types of burns are severe requiring immediate medical attention and in severe cases, a transfer to the burn center. You would also need skin grafting surgery if your skin has serious burns.

Due to advanced medicine, survivability has increased for burn patients over the years, however, there are still risks of complications and death. If the burn victim manages to survive, the psychological trauma that follows can cause anxiety and depression requiring therapy.

Fourth-degree Burns

These are the most dangerous and life-threatening burns a person can receive since the burn travels to the fat, muscles, and bones while destroying tendons and more. The skin turns leathery and looks charred and the healing process is extremely slow for this bad burn. Generally, victims at this stage can give up mentally and lose the will to fight and live another day.

If you’re unsure about your health condition after getting burned, head to the local doctor who can provide medical advice on the burn and guide you accordingly.

Burn injury prevention can be moved along by installing smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher with fire retardant spray chemicals in your home and place of work. Staying out of the sun and heat can also ease your swollen lungs and decrease skin cancer as one of the most common causes of this disease.

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