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Jan 2, 2019

Can Doctor Thrown off United Flight Sue?

Dr. Dao removed from the flight
United Likely Violated Passenger's Rights? Yes, United was likely in the wrong here. The media is abuzz over the Monday mistreatment of a doctor on a United Airlines flight. CNN reported on the rising backlash against the airline. And the public outcry was swift. For example, a police officer is already on leave. United's CEO faces severe criticism. Passengers were horrified watching the situation. While airlines bumped 46,000 in 2015 alone, the practice is under heavy criticism. Also, the company's CEO already issued an apology. Consequential here is that Dr. David Dao was on his way to complete his duties as a physician. However, the United staff and police had other ideas. At least one passenger believed airline personnel targeted Dr. Dao because of his Chinese descent. Police and United crew carried the bloodied doctor off the plane in now-infamous cell phone footage. The airline bumped the doctor to make room for another member of their staff. The situation on Flight 3411 unfolded quickly. Dr. Dao initially agreed to the idea of being bumped. However, they changed their minds once they learned the next flight wasn't until 2:30 Monday. While being forcibly removed from the plane, his head hit an armrest. Blood flowed out of his mouth, and he was partially disrobed. The family's attorney spoke out on the case, appreciate the outpouring of public support. Watch the Gruesome Video of United Passenger Removed from Flight. Watch the video below to see the situation unfold on the flight. The New York Times reported that the story is causing a furor in China, as well. This arrest damages the company's reputation in an emerging market. Many United passengers chopped up their credit cards while others dumped their stocks. United's profile looks very poor, especially under the circumstances. Dr. Dao removed from the flight Their market value already fell to $1 billion. Also, the Chicago Department of Aviation said that its standard operating procedure did not handle the incident. Because of this, the officer involved was placed on leave. But an investigation will follow. However, many believe that United's plans to hold an inquiry are too little too late. The doctor has the complete right to sue. Because this is a private matter, he can challenge the airline directly. Also, the flight was not overbooked. While the term has been used, the seat was meant for another United, crew member. This is a breach of contract that turned into an unlawful assault, pure and simple. And the airline is a public state actor under U.S. v. Price civil rights precedent. So Dr. Dao also has a solid case against the law enforcement officers that caused him involuntary bodily harm. This is a civil matter between Dr. Dao's family and the individual officers or the police department. Each of these represents a breach of his fundamental rights of travel. All of these issues will not solve the underlying problems of United's treatment of passengers. However, it will increase the spotlight on these policies and how they affect the average person. We here at the Ehline Law Firm APLC will watch the case and update our readers as it unfolds. It looks like there will be plenty more to talk about in the coming week as the fallout grows.

Dec 27, 2018

How Can Child Seats Can Make a Difference on an Airplane?

Commercial plane aloft in a thunderous, blue and orange sky
Aircraft flying in the night sky of lightning.
Aircraft flying in the night sky of lightning. You might not think about it very often, but your child's car safety seat is a bit of a wonder. It allows for small children to ride safely despite their small size. It also brings a firm harness and snug grip to prevent severe issues. There are a variety of potential solutions out there if you can use them on your flight. Often it has to do with buying an extra ticket to fly, so in some cases, your mileage may vary. However, these tips intend to get you the safest possible flight experience. For this and more info, keep reading our column by the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Our firm represents hundreds of car and flight accident victims. We continuously research the most effective ways to keep travelers safe. Car Seats vs. the Lap Belt? Many people with young kids elect to keep them on their lap. Sometimes it's out of convenience. Sometimes it is because they cannot afford another seat. Regardless of the cause, it is not the safest option out there for parents. When flying with a young child, this idea should be considered strongly before buying your first ticket. The FAA does approve several car seats for flight uses. It is recommended by airlines that these children stay in these seats during the entire flight. If they're under two years old, the FAA recommends they remain in a rear-facing seat. In some cases, this may include kids up to 3 or 4. Other flights offer FAA-approved harnesses for young kids to make sure that they are safe on the journey. Ensure that your car seat has the FAA approval sticker to make sure that they are ready for such a long flight. Each option is one that might keep your child safe in times of turbulence or engine trouble. Make sure you take the safest route-- for their sakes.