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Jan 4, 2019

California’s New Traffic Laws and You

Mini van versus car accident.
Beverly Hills car crash involving minivan.
Changes for Commuters and Passengers Alike? Beverly Hills car crash involving minivan. A new slate of laws came onto the books recently. California's new legislative year means some critical changes to just about every role of life in the Golden State. Furthermore, many of the most significant changes involve the road and those on it. The LA Times reported on some of the changes ahead. One of the most substantial changes responds to the Pokemon Go craze. Drivers are not able to operate a motor vehicle while playing the game. Also, the state established rules for motorcycle speeds while lane splitting. And there is a significant advance revolving around ride-sharing apps. The companies Uber and Lyft can no longer hire sex offenders, DUI offenders, or violent felons. The companies hired some drivers accused of attempted rape and violence against passengers. This is a significant win for all riders. Also, drivers for the ridesharing companies cannot operate their vehicles with a blood alcohol level above 0.04%. There were also advances for passengers of other types of transport. And this includes a charter bus. The action comes two years after the Orland crash killed ten people. Drivers of these vehicles must give their passengers written, or video instructions on how to use safety equipment, and emergency exits. School districts now must change their bus driver training to prevent children from being left alone on buses. Violations must be reported to the state DMV. Many Avenues for Effects. All of these have their changes. It is not clear how the laws will function in the real world. Some, like protections for ride-sharing consumers, are well overdue. It also follows other locations outright banning the practice. Changes to charter vehicles are also past due but likely do not go far enough. We here at Ehline Law watch these types of cases closely.  And we will advocate for the rights of motorists and passengers alike. Keep reading our site for more information on how these changes will affect you and your family.
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