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Welcome to the Los Angeles brain injury blog. Here we discuss CTE, military and NFL brain injuries, and other aspects of head injuries relevant to medicine, patients, and California law.

Apr 14, 2021

Can Masahiro Tanaka Sue Over Head Injury?

In this case, Tanaka likely will not sue due to his million-dollar contract. However, he would have the full right to do so if an exception to Knight v. Jewett applies.
Mar 18, 2021

Risks of TBI Higher for Energy Drinkers?

Energy drinks seem to have one more health concern being raised as science attempts to connect them to brain injuries.
Mar 18, 2021

Definitive Guide Discrediting NFL Brain Injury & CTE Research

My Money is on Will Smith
An NFL football sits with a pile of money on a green field.
Knowing the full story about suicides, brain injury and the NFL highlights dangers to players/medical systems.
Mar 17, 2021

Can My Traumatic Brain Injuries Self Repair?

Personal injury lawyer, Michael Ehline discusses TBI healing and the history of self-healing.
Mar 5, 2021

Types and Severity Levels of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Understanding all the different types of traumatic brain injuries can help in aiding your personal injury case as you would be able to better identify and prepare yourself for any complications that may arise.
Dec 27, 2020

What is The Human Brain Stem?

Color chart of stem of human brain
Schematic of the brain stem
What are the most common causes and effects of brain stem injuries and what must you know?
Dec 27, 2020

Matt Hughes' Lawsuit: A Legal And Human Perspective

#GOAT Matt Hughes was poorly hurt in a train crash. There is a suit in progress and, we are hopeful justice will be done.
Dec 27, 2020

Strengthening a Post Injury Relationship Using Loving Confrontation

Getting in an accident resulting in death or a brain injury can present major relationship problems. Learn more about accident personal injury emotions.
Dec 27, 2020

Dealing With Brain Damage After A Vehicle Crash

Eric's acting out, and Heather's feelings of rejection after the crash only amplified their deep-seated anchors from childhood they had suppressed as a coping mechanism.
Dec 27, 2020

Creating the Intimacy Equation

While your personal sense of pleasure and meaning can be enhanced through emotional intimacy, the power that different types of intimacy can hold in your life and the various levels you are comfortable with during different moments can be difficult to understand.
Dec 27, 2020

Road Signs to Bodily Injury Related Suicide

Understanding and treating suicide from a car accident coupled with the loss of income or bad injury is real. Lawyers can help you get income, treatment, and attention as you heal.
Dec 27, 2020

Understanding Suicide by Teens And What To Do

Serious injury attorney, Michael Ehline discusses teen suicides and their relationship to head injuries from sports of car accidents.
Dec 27, 2020

What are the Types of Brain Injuries?

Ehline Law Brain injury experts
X-ray image of the brain computed tomography.
Michael P. Ehline discusses the various types of brain-related distress resulting from negligence.
Dec 27, 2020

Why Are Cancer and Brain Injury Patients Arguing For Scorpion Venom?

Bottled venom
Scorpions preserved.
Will a synthesized type of scorpion venom assist sufferers of brain cancer? What does this mean for the personal injury bar?
Dec 26, 2020

Heightened Risk of Stroke After a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Erased memories
Head impacts and a loss of brain function and losing memories as a medical health care symbol of neurology and mental problems with a pencil eraser removing the head anatomy on a grunge old parchment paper.
Personal Injury Lawyer gets into the minutia of brain injuries and strokes and the many connections.
Dec 26, 2020

TBI Behavioral Indicators in Children

A child brain injury lawyer answers some questions jurors want to have answered when valuating money damages. Ehline Law Firm.
Dec 26, 2020

CTE as a Major Health Concern in Sports?

According to Dr. Ann McKee of the Concussion Legacy Foundation and Boston University, the multiple blows to the head brought about Lou Gehrig's Disease, also known as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).
Dec 26, 2020

Locating My Source of Brain Related Pain – Moving Beyond

Let's face it, most attorneys are ill-equipped to deal with a call like this. We spend our lives in good schools, are polished and somewhat elite.
Dec 26, 2020

Consider "Your Best Interests"

Many patients enroll in psychotherapy because of self-esteem issues resulting from an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt and lack of confidence. These feelings are often brought about by conditioned or reflexive behaviors that stem from childhood.
Dec 26, 2020

The Growing Sense of Loneliness

In a world filled with isolating activities such as computers, phones, and constant running, it is no wonder that therapists hear that loneliness is one of the major concerns people voice in private therapy sessions.
Dec 26, 2020

The 5 Stages of Change In Human Brains

There are five stages of change, each with its own set of distinct behaviors and challenges.
Dec 26, 2020

There It Is Again - Negative Self-Talk

Changing these behaviors is hard, extremely so. It is a process that requires cognitive restructuring, but it can be done.
Dec 25, 2020

Why Is My Loved One Changed After A Brain Injury?

Decades of medical research now better understand some of the reasons that brain injury patients undergo severe changes in their personality and standard of living.
Dec 25, 2020

IED Brain Injury Biofeedback

People with IED are subject to these anger outbreaks despite a lack of apparent provocation. Another psychologist from a mental health crisis center referred to a young man reportedly suffering from IED.
Dec 25, 2020

The Many Faces of Neurofeedback

Sadly, no panacea for human suffering has yet been found, but Neurotherapy testing has proven it holds great promise
Dec 25, 2020

Post Traffic Accident Therapy And "Triggering Events"

As discussed in a previous article, there is a strong connection between your early childhood development and your current relationships. No matter who you are interacting with or on what level, many of your expectations, emotions, and thoughts can be linked back to your childhood experiences.
Dec 25, 2020

Treating Insomnia with Neurofeedback

consistent suffering of sleep loss can also lead to anxiety attacks, which only stand to worsen the disease, as patients place themselves in a panicked state worrying about whether they will sleep.
Dec 24, 2020

Are Healing Brain Oils A Fraud or a Miracle?

Attorney Michael Ehline exposes some truths and falsities about healing oils, truth, puffery, and fraud.
Sep 25, 2020

Uncovering The Mysteries Of Teen Brains

It’s often considered a given that hormones released during puberty drive teens crazy. There are so many tropes in popular culture that it is nearly redundant.
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