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Welcome to the blog about California Burns and scalds. Michael Ehline of Los Angeles based Ehline Law Firm (aka "Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC") has a background as an aggressive civil litigator. He has written this section to help you understand burn injuries and related Federal, California, Los Angeles, Orange County, and other local laws regarding victim's compensation.

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Most of all, those fortunate enough to have suffered a burn injury and survive, are not off the hook at a terrible existence. Just because someone lived, in most cases, doesn't mean they remain injury-free.

In many of the standard situations, victims may endure a wretched class of injuries.

Examples include partial-thickness burns. Hence, these are among the most tragic types known to man.

To  most of you, having:

  • Melted skin
  • Scars
  • Nerve damage is an impossible scenario. So it's just too painful to even consider as a possibility.

But it isn't just immense physical discomfort that afflicts survivors. There is also a heavy spiritual and emotional burden for you and your family. The event itself can cause permanent, psychological scars. 

What is the Importance of NFPA 921 in the Standard of Care?

Courts in Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions use NFPA 921. But NFPA 921 is a baseline method to determine training and response standards. So it's just one of many techniques in proving the liability of the accused defendants. Also important are reliable expert witnesses to render scientific opinions on the cause of the spark and blaze, and whence it came.

As always, fire prevention standards are an essential element in a case. Most of all, they can help establish the feasibility of repair or avoidance. Reading some of our blog posts on burn injuries should be helpful in your quest for recovery.

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