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Feb 10, 2020

Ehline Rejoins Comrades at MCA Dinner

Michael Ehline at Marine Corpse Event
Marine Corps to Serving Veterans It's been a long way for Los Angeles’ top personal injury attorney Michael Ehline. Of course, this means both literally and figuratively. From bootcamp nearly three decades ago to becoming an attorney, Ehline’s worked about every job you can think of since. and all the while, he never forgot the lessons that his time in the Marine Corps taught him. In addition to personal discipline, a great sense of humor, and working with peers, Ehline brings something else to the table. In fact, it’s the dedication to those who served that sets him apart. “I can’t just sit around and watch my comrades in arms suffer when I can help,” Ehline. You’ve probably seen Michael Ehline in the pages of Leatherneck magazine. In fact, Ehline recently partnered with MMA heavyweight Renato Laranja on a viral blitz showing what he can offer for vets in need. A Defining Role Furthermore, Ehline was recently a guest of honor at the February 2nd West Coast Marine Corps Association Dinner. In between the great meal and catching up with his fellow Devil Dogs, Ehline wanted to offer something that he learned first in the Corps. “I can give back,” he said. “I worked my way through reading the law to the Bar, then to my doctorate,” he said. “It’s been an experience. Now I have the skills to aid my fellow service members.” Ehline law is rated as one of the top personal injury law firms for veterans. And it makes total sense, considering that Ehline is a disabled vet himself. He promises something simple-- an A to Z process for vets and their families. In some cases, the law firm can pay for medical expenses up front. In addition, he works with this team determining loss of income and serious changes to an injured person’s life. He leaves no stone left unturned. "The Marine Corps will always be my first love," he said. Now that he's out of uniform, Michael Ehline wants to give back to the Corps that gave him so much. For more info, contact Michael Ehline at

Jan 14, 2020

Ehline Law Firm Walks the Walk Alongside Renato Laranja

Billboard ad with attorney being choked by martial arts expert
During his service in the United States Marine Corps, Michael Ehline learned more than he ever knew he wanted to know. "Ehline got a black beltch in winning you money."- Renato Laranja So much in fact, over 25 years later he still lives by the creed instilled in him by the Corps. Ehline started Judo at age 6 and he has stayed involved in the MMA community as part of his fighting spirit. “I knew the best guys I had ever met in the Corps., and in martial arts,” Ehline said, “I want to help warriors in any way I can.” Ehline is currently a disabled former Marine, working his way into law after military service. After leaving the Corps, he did a number of blue collar jobs before reading the law-- being admitted to the Bar the same way Abraham Lincoln did. All of this added to his original idealism drilled into him as a former Marine. “I wanted to make sure that whatever I did after service, I was the best,” he said. And Ehline meant every word. The Ehline Law Firm is currently one of the most respected personal injury, motorcycle, and car accident firms in California. Ehline himself is the recipient of several awards for outstanding service, especially for veterans. He offers a variety of services for vets, including a promise never to take a dime unless he recovers for them. “I know what injury means,” he said. “How helpless you can feel without a comrade. I vowed to never let any of my clients feel that helplessness.” “I fight and win for them.” Ehline has a top-tier staff to support him in his cases, but decided in December to make a change. So he enlisted respected BJJ fighter Renato Laranja to spread the message. Laranja is known for dozens of major mixed martial arts victories and for his taunts towards other fighters and comedy legends like one of the Diaz Brothers, for example. Meeting together, the expert lawyer and the expert fighter shared notes. After a conversation, Ehline was convinced. “Renato definitely taught me a few things,” he said. “I’m just glad I didn’t pass out from that chokehold.” Inspired and re-energized from his bout with the champ, Ehline vowed to continue his fight for military members and their families. “I want to be that champ for you,” Ehline said. Renato says: "Ehline got a black beltch in winning you money."  Ehline is presently running an ad campaign in Leatherneck Magazine and he has also enlisted the help of inactive U.S. Marine Nava the Beast. He has also announced the grand opening of his Torrance location as part of his service to this great state and country.

Jan 6, 2019

Best of the Attorney and Hollywood Season

Hollywood Weekly Magazine
Attorney of the Year Awards. Hollywood Weekly
Attorney of the Year Awards. Hollywood Weekly Saturday, December 3rd's Christmas Party for Hollywood Weekly was a blast. Bringing together many of the finest and ritziest citizens of Southern California and beyond it was a chance to wine, dine, and socialize. While the event was a great chance to catch up and rub elbows it was also a chance to understand some of the more prominent spirits of the season. Awards Given to Movers and Shakers. Awards were given to several key individuals that help the greater Los Angeles area go round. These include individuals that tirelessly dedicate themselves towards a variety of goals. Some revolve around Hollywood and the film industry, which remains worthy goals. Others focus in on community philanthropy and service. So the event based in Santa Monica, CA was just down the street from the Ehline offices on 201 Wilshire, which made it convenient for many local attendees to say the least. Santa Monica is famous for Cheech and Chong movies, traffic accidents and celebrities. Michael Ehline was happy to attend the event. And this time it focused on independent films, celebrating the arts, and supporting supporters of Hollywood Weekly. Giving Back. It's this second category that is particularly interesting. In some ways, it would appear that volunteerism is dying in America, especially in larger cities. However, Hollywood Weekly did an excellent job expressing the richness of community spirit existing in Southern California. There is perhaps a no better example of that than local son Michael Ehline. Ehline joined the Marine Corps as a young man and discharged following injury. As a disabled former Marine, he had to decide on how to serve the area that reared him. He took on multiple jobs before reading the law to pass the bar. Through the same manner as Abraham Lincoln, Ehline became a respected fighter for the little guy. "It's not about me," he said, "It's about how to protect people that can't do so themselves." As a result, Ehline has fought and won for accident victims against reckless and drunk drivers, corporations that cut corners, and faceless government agencies. You name them, Ehline Law has taken them on-- and won. Ehline won the 2016 Attorney of the Year Award by Hollywood Weekly. A prestigious award on one of the magazine's most important days of the year. Ehline is humbled by the experience, hoping that it shows how others can also get involved in local service. As a result, Ehline will return to his practice next week with a renewed mission to help the people of Los Angeles.

Jan 5, 2019

Helping Wounded and EAS Marines Get Jobs and Training

Michael Ehline (left) looks on to the class of vets and active duty personnel with Joseph Low (right)
Near and Dear to the Former Marine Returning to civilian life after military service is a laborious process. It's twice as hard if you saw combat. Every day, hundreds of military vets make this leap. Often they feel alone. Fortunately, with the help of the military, organizations, and kind souls, this process becomes a bit easier. Michael Ehline (left) looks on to the class of vets and active duty personnel with Joseph Low (right) That was the scene down in Camp Pendleton in July. 84 Marines and Sailors attended the Veterans Transition Support "No Cost Transition Program" at the Wounded Warrior Battalion. Among the activities was a 10 hour OSHA Safety Course. Russell Levy, head of the Veterans Transition Support program, set it up for the vets. Secondly, the program continues, including another OSHA Safety course in August, October, and November. Furthermore, there are also other educational programs. For example, these include a LEAN Continuous Improvement Cert, Warehouse Safety Plans, OSHA Record Keeping, VA Home Loan Benefits, and more. Find More Info Former Marine and current LA area injury attorney Michael Ehline were one of the guest speakers. Ehline spoke about how education makes a significant difference both in and out of military service. Also, he tied in the work ethic of the Service with other professions. Many veterans enter various fields. These include factory work, contracting, and white collar jobs like accounting and law. That's what Ehline did, reading the law before passing the bar. In addition, Ehline joined another Marine veteran attorney, Joseph Low, in the discussion. There are many moving parts to the transition back to civilian life. These include the possibility of medical claims revolving around the time in the service. These often carry with the vet well beyond their time of service. Keeping detailed medical records and being in touch with officials offsets some of these issues. "It was a great honor to help my comrades in arms," Ehline said after the event. "They are not alone. We will fight with them." For more information about Ehline Law, please contact our office. Furthermore, we are veteran owned and specialize in aiding vets of all ages. Feel free to call us toll-free at 888-400-9721.

Jan 4, 2019

Ehline Law Leading in Cruise Safety Lobbying

Cruise liner
Cruise ship
Experts Acting in Washington Cruise ship The Ehline Law Firm APLC carved out its reputation as a leading consumer and travel safety practice in California. The firm's leaders are not content to leave it at that. Michael Ehline, the founding partner of the firm, took his efforts to Washington to improve cruise safety nationwide. His efforts with industry experts and consumer rights groups establish a safer and better experience for all. Ehline worked on this project for years. However, he is not done yet. New legislation in Washington seeks needed to change. Much of the message is simple: allow cruise passengers the same rights as airplane passengers. It seems simple, but the government is slow to adopt these changes. This is especially the case due to heavy pressure from large cruise corporations. This legislation allows passengers to hold the cruise lines responsible for deaths at sea. Furthermore, it will enable passengers a chance to pursue fair compensation. ICV Leads the Fight? One of the leading victims' rights groups, International Cruise Victims, fights its hardest. Michael Ehline is proud to compete with them. The ICV supports a bipartisan bill which strengthens safety laws. The Cruise Passenger Protection Act, or CPPA as reported in FoxNews, goes a long way in the right direction. Many of these protections are common sense, including a requirement that cruise lines notify the FBI within 4 hours of death. It also allows access to surveillance records for victims. Leading Cruise Rights Reform in Washington Michael Ehline is no stranger to reform efforts in DC. His years of experience there led to some changes in the cruise ship industry. His partnership with ICV is one of the most significant accomplishments. "I am proud to be a persistent voice for victims," Ehline said. "Our work isn't finished, but this does give vital rights for passengers and their loved ones." A vote on the legislation is expected soon. Keep it posted here for more information.

Jan 2, 2019

Carlsbad School Child Abuse Appeal Rejected

Sovereign Immunity Did Not Work for CUSD In cases against the government, sovereign immunity makes the king or the "sovereign" immune. After the American Revolution, our people retained the English Common Law. Especially relevant were that exceptions were made for American Common Law matters. Thus, where English Law conflicts with our interpretation of Natural Rights and Natural Law, it is ignored. Furthermore, writings about this tradition are in ancient texts, such as the Magna Charta. The Revolution recognized the concept that the government is NOT above the law. Therefore, statutory schemes evolved to assure that public servants could not hide. No longer could a public servant cower behind sovereign immunity. Thus, if they engage in conduct that violates the rights of individuals they are accountable. Thus, in California, the Tort Claims Act evolved to assist victims in being able to sue the government. Only Six Months to Sue the School District? As a result, these laws are outside the standard procedural and substantive rules. Therefore, these are not procedures you or I would use to sue each other. A victim has only six (6) months to bring a claim against a public servant. The same rules apply for suing a government agency from the date of the discovery of the damages or injury. However, there are maxims of law and exceptions to these rules. One example is that when a potential defendant is in a superior position to the victims. The victim is lulled into a false sense of security. Therefore, parents took no actions within the prescribed period. A court can extend the statute. The agency sued can also grant a waiver. No Waivers Were Granted Absent a waiver, this robust defense. This argument is in answers, demurrers, or motions for summary adjudication. This defense is excellent on appeal and can be renewed anytime. Below is a recent example of this type of situation. The facts relate that the judges in a state appellate court case have ruled against a call by the CUSD. The school district argued two third-grader families missed the deadline for their claim. They said the application should occur within six months of the incident. The Court Rejected Carlsbad's Arguments The appellate court dismissed the appeal that the claims were not valid. It upheld a 1.8 million dollar jury award against the school district. The suit was for failure to keep a sexual predator away from third-grade students. The school claimed it was late. Hearing the appeal, was the Fourth District Court of Appeal. That court ruled the argument had no basis. Particularly pertinent is that they said district officials asked families to remain quiet. People in a heightened position of authority asked parents to keep quiet. They told parents to "sleep on their rights." At least it appears the appellate court made a finding of fact in this regard. The School Lulled Parents into a False Sense of Security? Noteworthy here is that administrators told the children’s parents they should remain silent. So the school was not allowed about to benefit. The statute did not shield the molestation. They said they wanted to avoid jeopardizing the criminal investigation. They asserted this could hurt the prosecution of teacher Raymond Firth. The judges additionally alluded to the fact district officials told parents to stay quiet. Thus, rather than sue, the parents relied upon the warnings of the school. The school asserted suing could affect the prosecution of Firth. Hence, the judge stated that it was a “powerful influence on the parent's actions.” Therefore, this was a disappointment to Carlsbad District attorney Daniel Shinoff. Shinoff said no child should ever be the victim of a teacher. Consequently, the school district feels wrong for the incidents. Termination of Firth should have been a long time ago according to the plaintiff's lawyers. They say the school district did not provide adequate supervision. There were many complaints about his behavior with other students. Los Angeles attorney David Ring represented the victims. He stated it took a long time to get justice. The events occurred in 2007. As a pleasing result, the children and parents can put this behind them. In 2012 the civil court jury unanimously arrived at a verdict against Firth and the district. This case could have concluded with 9 out of the 12 jury members. Firth handles part of the 4.5 million dollar judgment. The families said they do not expect the teacher will have the ability to pay. The appeals panel ordered the school district to pay for the families' legal costs. Costs awards were separate from the jury award. The Insurance Company Made the Decision to Appeal, not the School Rick Grove is the Carlsbad Unified School assistant superintendent for personnel services. Because of legal issues, he was unable to comment much on the case. Most noteworthy is that most of the individuals involved in the incident left the school district. He also stated he was unable to comment on the legal issues on appeal. Thus, Grove said the San Diego County Office of Education was paying most of the costs. It operates in joint power authority funding most legal fees by member districts. A spokeswoman stated the decision to appeal wasn't by the joint powers authority. It was by an insurance company. Firth age 44 was a third-grade teacher at Pacific Rim Elementary School. The teacher pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery as a result. Thus, in 2010 he went away for three years and eight months in prison after sentencing. Firth is now free. Consequently, he must register as a lifetime sex offender. In conclusion, it seems "low-class" of the school to ask parents to back off till the criminal case was over. What is your opinion?  

Jan 1, 2019

Ehline Law's Participation in November M.A.D.D. Carlsbad "Walk"

M.A.D.D. Walk like Madd charity.
Walk like Madd supporters. Ehline Law Firm.
Walk like Madd supporters. Ehline Law Firm. As a result of deaths, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been one of the country's most stalwart organizations fighting against drinking and driving. MADD's commitment by thousands of volunteers that did their part. They raised awareness, taking part in events, and using their influence to prevent drinkers from taking the wheel. Every event MADD puts on can save lives. This year's Walk Like MADD in Carlsbad took place on Saturday, November 7th at the Westfield Carlsbad. The timing was bittersweet, as it followed the fatal crash that killed two family members near Scripps Ranch, as reported by Fox 5. The alleged drunk driver faces up to 21 years of prison time. Southern California personal injury and auto accident attorney Michael Ehline took part in this year's march. We raised awareness of the immense suffering such reckless behavior can bring. The Carlsbad event featured an opening ceremony which released doves in remembrance of accident victims and survivors. There was also a 5k walk which helped raise awareness of the effects of such accidents. Chick-fil-a generously donated food, and the walk was followed by a fundraiser to help the organization function. There was probably one of the most moving tribute exhibits as well. It was there honoring victims of DUI accidents. "It was a great honor to take part," Ehline said, "I hope that this will lead to a day when there is no drunk driving. I can always find a new line of work" Bronze Sponsor of MADD Personal Mission For Car Accident Attorney Ehline Unfortunately, for Ehline, the walk was a personal one. Of particular interest, Ehline is a physically challenged former Marine. Thus he has seen the results of young Marines drinking under the influence personally. Working with dozens of clients injured by drinking and driving is never easy. Finally, sometimes Michael works with families of a fallen victim. These are people killed due to such a crash. So he has seen the turmoil and emotional trauma repeatedly. "We all have a role to play, and it can start here," he said, tying up his shoes for the walk. Additionally, the crowd was electric and helped lead the fight against drinking and driving. That's something Michael Ehline won't soon forget. We are sure you will want to join us next year. Hence, for more information, please contact the Ehline Law Firm at (760) 517-9022. So reach out to Ehline on Yelp! Review the company for the "consumer experience" as an event sponsor. Feel free to do so here.