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Welcome to Ehline Law Firm's personal injury news blog. This is where we cover the national and local scene. Topics covered include fake news, bias, defamation, and serious injuries to the mind, body, and soul. Enjoy our site and put it in the comments if you want us to cover a story, or make changes.

Oct 9, 2020

The Fake Russia Collusion Hoax Unmasked

Crossfire hurricane and Obama's intentional targeting of Donald Trump to distract from Hillary's illegal server.
Aug 8, 2020

How the Changes in Tricare Will Affect Vets: A Legal Perspective

A bipartisan bill is likely to land on President Trump's desk in the coming month or two.
Jul 7, 2020

The Obama Connection to Hillary’s Emails

Checking the fact-checkers. Did Obama tell the truth about Hillary Clinton's illegal, private email server?
Jun 25, 2020

Is Using TikTok to Interfere with Campaign Rallies Illegal?

Communist China has created a new generation of college students in the U.S. who hate America and traditional values. Is it legal?
Dec 24, 2019

Suing California Over its Freelance Writer Law

Can you believe this? California will do anything it can to hurt job creators and make it harder for workers the name of fairness.