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Dec 30, 2019

January is Radon Action Month

Understanding the Risks of Radon Poisoning Although it has only been better understood over the last 30 years, many older houses have the risk of carrying carcinogenic radon. This type of poisoning often occurs in unventilated basements without proper maintenance. Radon poisoning depends on a number of factors, including exposure over a long period. Such poisoning causes headaches and an elevated risk of cancer. Such a risk of cancer may even cause death under certain conditions. That is why activists declared January National Radon Action Month. This is especially important for renters. Often homeowners solve the issue of radon upon buying a house-- some banks won't lend if they know the house has radon in it. However, in apartments, the landlord may not think to check. In other cases, the landlord simply doesn't care. In either case, this presents a potential danger for both residential and commercial renters. If you believe that your landlord has not been honest with you or has not checked the radon level in your house or apartment, you need legal advice. It is against the law and most local codes to allow for the radon levels to rise to the point that is dangerous to humans. Furthermore, doing so knowingly also opens up a landlord to civil cases for negligence. All of this is of course secondary to your health. Your Legal Rights Dealing with Radon Furthermore, if you or a loved one fears the effects of radon, contact a skilled attorney immediately. In southern California, the best premises liability attorneys are those at the Ehline Personal Injury Law Firm APLC. Our Los Angeles based firm has offices across the state and have helped hundreds of renters and residents get their sense of autonomy back. Our consultation is free and we work on contingency. We don't ask for a penny unless we recover for you and your loved ones.

Dec 24, 2019

Elevator Safety After the Fatal Accident in New York

Could Affect Millions of Americans The August accident in New York that left a father dead created a wave of attention over the safety of high rise elevators. The Manhattan death is still under investigation by the city. Furthermore, the family is on the verge of filing a wrongful death case. According to the info available, an elevator crushed Sam Waisbren as he exited the Manhattan Promenade building over the summer. The New York Post covered the aftermath of the tragedy. New York's government acted swiftly after the accident. Its Legislature passed a law now on Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk. The Elevator Safety Act establishes guidelines over the 70,000 elevators in New York city's high rises. For starters, it calls for better maintenance and training for mechanics. Overall, the measure was in the legislature's court for years, but only passed after the fatal accident brought the issue front and center. The Family's Legal Options From a legal perspective, the state is doing its due diligence. The Elevator Safety Act comes after 30 other states passed similar measures.l In addition the largest union handling such elevator issues supported the bill. For the family of Mr. Waisbren, there are multiple options open. Of course,if the state did not require proper elevator safety, it could also be liable. In addition, the operator of the elevator itself and its maintenance crew could be on the hook. All records regarding the tune ups and inspections of the elevator may show a lack of responsibility. Furthermore, the building owners had an implicit expectation of care. If they did not properly care for the system, they are legally responsible. This includes double if they received a warning about the elevator's safety in the past. Such liability for wrongful death is often open and shut. If this story is familiar, your family may also be victims of poor elevator liability. Our legal experts at the Ehline Law Firm APLC are here to discuss your legal options and will be writing more about this issue in the weeks and months to come.

Feb 7, 2019

A Duty for Every Parent - Fire Safety

Firemen putting out fire
There is no way around it. First of all, fire safety is a crucial element for people of every age to understand and fear. However, there is a particular vulnerability for children due to fire. Blazes kill hundreds of Americans each year, with higher proportions for children. These fires can strike anywhere-- including in the home, at school or work, or on the open road. Each is their challenge that should come with the right warnings and discussions. Ehline Law writes this column as a means to keep our children safe from the risks of fire. We use our dozens of years of legal and practical experience for parents everywhere. Be Cool About Fire Safety As Rich Evans said, "Be cool about fire safety." There is little room for error when dealing with potential flame hazards. There are, however, several things that you can do to teach your children the basics of preventing fires and reacting to them. Teach children the basics of the causes of fires. Keep them away from matches and lighters. They should understand the potential risk that each present. Furthermore, they should follow which materials are flammable and a potential hazard. Stop, drop, and roll. This technique is constant since your days in school. It's the same as it was at the time. What to do in case of a fire: Most important, teach your children many of the basics, including to touch doors to see if they are hot, potential evacuation routes, and to stay close to the ground. Many fire deaths are not due to the fire itself, but rather suffocation. Also, keep smoke alarms where they are needed. Don't skimp on the number of smoke alarms around the house, especially around kids' rooms. Keep accessible fire extinguishers. Keep them in logical places. And teach kids how to use them if ever needed. Hopefully, that day will never come.

Jan 30, 2019

Skyslide Attraction More Dangerous than Previously Believed

While the new Skyslide is a major tourist attraction, there is a hidden risk for visitors. Many seek out the "Skyslide." And at least one woman has been severely injured while riding it. So some L.A. personal injury attorneys may have found a new cottage industry here. A new lawsuit shows the risk presented to the public and the insufficient safety checks done to prevent harm from coming to visitors. The case report is in Curbed Los Angeles. Even though it's just open a month at the US Bank Tower, the slide already claimed a victim. Gayle Yashar, 57, of New York claimed that she broke her ankle while using the slide. She and her husband filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, the company that owns the US Bank Towner, Oue, and Legends Hospitality, the operator of the slide. The lawsuit says that the slide accelerates so fast that visitors cannot properly slow down in time to prevent injury. Yashar and her attorney even posted the video of her trip down the Skyslide on Youtube. Options for Injured Skyslide Users In case you or a family member injure yourselves using the Skyslide, there are options open for you. Ehline Law successfully represented hundreds of clients injured due to unsafe conditions at entertainment venues, including amusement parks and others. We understand the risks that many companies overlook to open their locations, often at the expense of visitors. Ehline Law has experience fighting for tighter safety requirements at these sites to prevent future injury for others. We also seek compensation for the victim's families, including medical expenses, loss of work, and more. Hence, our team has the experience needed to go toe to toe with even the largest companies and demand to make the injured party whole again. We will travel anywhere in California to discuss your case with you. Furthermore, we offer a variety of services determining your legal options.

Jan 14, 2019

Common Household Injuries & Avoidance 101 - Who Can I Sue?

Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box
Pain in the back. Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box
Pain in the back. Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box Every year thousands of people nationwide suffer injuries in their own home in accidents that may have been preventable. The types of mishaps that can happen at home are wide-ranging. So for example, they include slips and falls, burns and even faulty gas lines explosions. Because these accidents can vary, so can the harm that's sustained. And it ranges from minor to very severe depending on the type of mishap. Mishaps that occur at home are not always the injured person's fault. In fact, many times there is someone else at fault. This is due to being a consumer of home products. Also, it is common to buy all kinds of home products. So for example, food, drinks, furniture or electrical appliances are common supplies that carry certain potential risks. In some cases, the home has had products installed and maintained by pros such as home designers. When mishaps happen at home because of another party’s negligence, the injured person can seek a financial award for the damages. It is to your benefit to speak with a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible when you're hurt. Common Household Mishap Conditions. There are some common types of issues that can cause accidents at home from the negligence by another party. And they include: Improperly Installed Electrical Wiring: Sometimes electrical wiring is improperly installed. So it may cause a severe electric shock and can be a fire hazard. If this is the case, often the party or electrician that installed the wiring may become held liable for negligence. Defective Appliances: Defective home appliances result in many home injuries every year. In many cases, these are electrical appliances that cause electric shock hazard, burns or fire. The most common of these appliances are for the kitchen, space heaters, battery packs, televisions, and even laptop computers. Improper Flooring Installation: Improperly installed floors can cause slip, trip, and fall mishaps. That can result in serious harm. The floor issues can include torn carpet, holes or cracks in flooring and uneven floorboards. Along with unreasonably slippery flooring. Liable parties include the installer and contractor who did the flooring. Defective Manufacture or Design of Home Furnishings:  People do not think their home furnishings can be harmful. But defective furniture, whether it happens during the design or manufacturing process, can be high risk for harm. This may be furniture that breaks or has become unstable. And this can cause the occupant to fall when used as what its made to use it for. What are Some Other Types of Injuries that occur in the Home? Many types of injuries can occur in the home due to negligence with some being less serious than others. They include: Soft tissue injuries. Lacerations. Burns. Chemical burns. Sprains. Broken Bones. Crush injuries. Accidental amputation. Neurological injuries. Concussions. Traumatic brain injuries. Spinal cord injuries. Internal injury. As noted above, there are many ways to become harmed in your own home or the home of another. This is true even when using products as made to use. That they can still cause extremely serious harm.  And in the event a mishap does occur, speak with a products liability injury attorney who can evaluate your claim. They will determine if you have a case with the best way to pursue your claim. The Southern California, L. A. based Ehline Law Firm is composed of top-notch personal injury lawyers. And they can be reached toll-free at (888) 400-9721 to schedule a free consultation. If you are in a rush, use the handy email form on our website, and we can communicate through electronic means. These lawyers can help you locate and sue the people who harmed you! Citations: "Finally, a Super Bowl Ad That Told the Truth" - Mother Jones "Home Accidents" - New England Journal of Medicine

Jan 10, 2019

Kids Riding Escalators - Risks Versus Benefits

Riding the escalator
Mom and two children on an escalator
Injuries are often caused by things that people don't take care around. If a person doesn't realize the potential danger or how to act around a certain object or in a particular situation, they are more likely to be injured. Such everyday objects can cause bodily harm across the country, including those in common places of travel or shopping, discussed here. Shopping malls are popping up all over Los Angeles. Injury cases seem to rise the more escalators are used. Elevators are used by thousands of people every day. While these conveyors are considered quite ubiquitous, there are often many injuries from these objects every year. Mom and two children on an escalator Escalators do pose a particular risk for children. Kids are often either not familiar with such a means of conveyance. Or they can lose digits or limbs that can be stuck in one of the moving parts. These can often occur because the companies that build, install, or maintain these machines are not responsible for their operation. As such, poorly damaged, improperly maintained, or unsafe escalators have caused severe injuries of all types. Landlords, in particular, are targets for pi lawyers. Furthermore, they typically have large insurance policies for the premises, as well as assets to cover any runaway jury verdicts. Why is Maintenance So Important for Escalators? Escalators, if maintained and built correctly, often function in the manner that they are meant to. However, those that leave elevators in dangerous conditions should be held responsible for their actions. If an escalator accident has injured your child, there could be mounting medical bills, physical and emotional scarring. Furthermore, the amputation of a digit can happen. Make sure that your insurance company accurately covers the damage caused by such an accident. So this includes all of the medical expenses current and future. Also, the wild parties that led to such an incident could be challenged in and out of court. A Skilled Attorney Attacks The Case! Facing the injury of a loved one, you are likely not able to lead such an attack yourself. Secondly, the aid of a skilled attorney specialized in personal injury and escalator accidents allows you the opportunity in compensation. This is money for your bills, pain, and anguish. You're not alone, and if successful, you will also help prevent a similar accident happening to another child. Contact a skilled attorney at Ehline Law today for more information. In addition, we work on contingency. Not a penny unless we gain compensation for you. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will come to meet you anywhere in Southern California to assist. Call us today for a free, no-pressure consultation. More: "Riding the Escalator: How Dangerous is it?" - Louisa H. Schminke, MD, Victor Jeger, MD, Dimitrios S. Evangelopoulos, MD, Ph.D., Heinz Zimmerman, MD, and Aristomenis K. Exadaktylos, MD - US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (link.) "Escalator-related injuries among children in the United States," 1990-2002. McGeehan J1, Shields BJ, Wilkins JR 3rd, Ferketich AK, Smith GA. - US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (link.)

Jan 9, 2019

Look Out! Children Are at Special Risk for Poolside Injuries

Swimming Pool Drowning Victims
Suffer a pool death or brain injury? Look no further.
Swimming pools dot the landscape across the country, especially in always sunny Southern California. This relaxation spot may complete a household. But it also brings a health and safety hazard that needs correcting. When taking on a structure that could cause a fall and drowning injury, you must protect the lives of your children. You also should care about visitors and others that could come into contact with your pool. 20% of Daily Drowning Deaths Are Kids? Many parents put in pools for the enjoyment of their children, especially for young children. Unfortunately, children between one and five are at the highest risk of drowning. In fact, the CDC reports that on overage ten people drown every day. 20% of these are children Among children, drowning is the second highest cause of death And this is a particular problem in the Los Angeles area, with a much higher proportion of swimming pools. Since your home may have a pool or your kids may visit a neighbor's pool, there are factors to remember. Don't Drink and Swim Suffer a pool death or brain injury? Look no further. Alcohol could not only slow your own reaction time and increase the risk of drowning, but it could also make it much harder to rescue a drowning child. If Possible, Have a Lifeguard on Duty It may be difficult to have a trained person on duty whenever swimming. But even basic courses in safety and water injuries can make a significant difference. Slides and diving boards can cause significant risks of both drowning and fall-related injuries. Avoid Unsafe Apparatuses and Keep them Maintained Any element in or around a pool that is not up to code or safety standards could cause serious injury. There are parts of a pool, including suction devices that could cause children to become trapped. Improperly placed netting or similar items could cause more problems. Properly maintaining the parts of the pool is a major factor in avoiding illness. When the pool is clean and ready for swimming, you can lower the risk of drowning and disease. Be Prepared for Injuries Having even basic first aid training can go a long way. With a first aid kit nearby you will be able to swiftly administer the needed medical treatment before more help can arrive. Make sure that you are trained for CPR and similar rescue technique. Constant Supervision is Needed Children should be watched at all times. There's no excuse for letting children run around the slippery poolside or slip and fall into the pool and have a significant risk of drowning. Improper supervision methods cause many injuries. If you or your child has been in an accident involving a swimming pool. Make sure that you have a skilled legal advocate by your side. A serious injury or death could be more than any family can bear. And there is assistance in finding medical care. And a means to pay for it. Contact Ehline Law for more information here, including speaking to our specialized pool accident and personal injury attorneys.

Jan 7, 2019

Common Areas and Elevator Accidents

Elevator in office builidng. Downtown Los Angeles.
The red carpet may lead to an elevator and an accident.
The red carpet may lead to an elevator and an accident. Some malfunctions of the elevators cause elevator accidents. This malfunction may cause them to stop suddenly between floors or to collapse. Elevator doors often cause amputations. Severe injuries and deaths have occurred in these incidents. Los Angeles is notorious for elevator problems. With its older buildings and busy traffic, these machines have an increased chance of failure. Also, the elevator company responsible for installing and maintaining elevators may share blame. But also, the maintenance department of a building may share accountability. And their failure and mismanagement could lead to mass casualties and even wrongful death. This is negligence. The company failed in its obligations to keep the elevator in working order. Ehline Law takes on many elevator-related accidents. Examples of cases we take include arms stuck in elevators and limbs lacerated, or amputated. Examples of people we would sue includes the South Coast Plaza or Del Amo Mall in Torrance. With millions of dollars in recoveries for those poor folks without protection, Ehline acted as a sword and a shield for many needing to get back on their feet. Here, we discuss the lesser known causes and effects of these negligence claims. "Common Areas" and Elevators. There are common areas where lifts are installed in office buildings, shopping malls, government buildings, hotels, schools, factories, work sites, and some private residences. Trapped in an Elevator - Pain, and Trauma. When an elevator incident occurs, the person who is injured suffers pain, psychological problems, and expenses that intensify the suffering causing more difficulties. An individual trapped in an elevator stuck between floors remains in a terrifying spot. A case such as this may result in shock or suffocation. If a person walks into an open shaft, which has no elevator and survives the fall, they will suffer severe injuries and emotional trauma. Elevator Malfunction Causes. Above all, the most common causes of elevator accidents are mechanical defects. For example, elevators not adequately aligned with the floor can mean irregular leveling. Defective wiring can cause electrocution and door defects. Poor maintenance and rider carelessness are also factors we see in many Los Angeles elevator mishaps. Plus, carelessness of building owners can cause accidents where wet and greasy floors result in slips and fall at or near hotel or cruise ship lobbies, for example. Statistics show that at least 27 people get killed, and 10,000 injured annually in elevator accidents. (read more). And some of the injuries being far-reaching. General Injuries. There are some injuries associated with elevator failures. These could be head injuries or back injuries. Many may involve severe back pain, injuries to legs, knees, elbows, and wrists. Who Is Liable to Pay You? Negligence typically causes injuries by an individual or entity responsible for the elevator maintenance. And they should be held accountable. However, the maker or designer may also be at fault. The wounded person, or the family of a loved one, have the right to file a lawsuit, naming the responsible party(ies), and recover compensation for the injuries or death. How Elevator Injuries Happen. Firstly, elevator accidents are often the result of human error. Elevators are the age of the building or older. Sometimes in newer buildings, old elevators are installed to save money. Every day lifts are used for hundreds of trips up and down. Secondly, any machinery and equipment with significant use are bound to have mechanical parts that wear down. In this case, it is the shaft and other elevator parts. When not appropriately maintained, injuries are sure to follow. Elevator Mishaps Are Arbitrary, and Staying Calm Saves Lives. Typically, this type of out of the blue event occurs to a rider without any warning. But sometimes, the owner or operator is on notice that there is a problem. So apparently, they know of the possible tragic events related to theoperation of the lift device. In addition, while it is not always possible to predict an accident, precautions can be taken. That way avoiding catastrophic events is possible. These start with not rushing into an elevator just because the doors are closing. Stuck Between Floors. Firstly, if the car gets stuck between floors, remain calm, and do not attempt to spread the sliding doors and leave the elevator, without assistance from professionals. Furthermore, if the elevator doors are forced open, be sure they will not close before leaving. By not panicking, it can help to reduce or even prevent injuries. Seek immediate legal assistance. Lastly, never state to anyone until you speak with a lawyer. And make sure the attorney knows the danger zones and courts. Ehline suggests you hire someone who has taken on these cases and won. Call us now at (213) 596-9642.

Jan 7, 2019

There are Many Ways a Child or Adult Can Be Hurt By Shopping Carts

Kids are at risk for amputation
Accidents happen in parking lots and inside the store.
While shopping carts may be ubiquitous at the grocery store, they are often dangerous for children and parents alike. Unfortunately, it's been a surprising fact of life that these cars cause issues for kids, with thousands of injuries each year. The Washington Post reports that the average number of injuries exceeds 24,000 each year. Below is an illustrative video of things people do with shopping carts that many of us have probably never thought about. As you can see in the above video, these accidents are not always the fault of the cart. Some of those people were being reckless. But there are ways that kids are hurt that can be particularly gruesome. Kids have little digits, and are also low, below the line of sight of other shoppers with their carts, are a few things that come to mind.  Furthermore, the levels of injuries range depending on the circumstances. Accidents happen in parking lots and inside the store. Unfortunately, these numbers are likely small because they just count the numbers of children that visit the hospital as a result of such injuries. It does not include the names of children injured that convalesce at home. The Statistics Are Not Complete? These figures are also partial, depending on age. All of these kids cited in the statistics are for children under the age of 15. So this means that even more teenagers are injured each year and are not quantified. The types of injury vary. But all of them highlight the potential hazard of the carts, especially if they are not adequately secured. Many children face head injury. According to the stats, 78.1% of the damage includes the head, especially soft tissue injuries. There are also significant numbers of concussions caused by falls out of the children's seats. There are a series of potential damages that could be resulting from these carts including: Fingers trapped by moving metal Falling or slipping out of the child's seat Issues with wheels, including running over fragile feet or hands No matter what the point, it is essential not just to let it go. Such an ailment could lead to further medical problems down the line, especially for a growing body. Make sure your child has proper medical care and attention. Contact an attorney if you need assistance in finding the proper care or a means to pay for it. Improper design or maintenance of these carts may have caused your little one preventable pain and suffering.

Jan 6, 2019

How Do You Get Paid if You Slipped on Fruits & Vegetables?

Businessman foot about to slip and fall on a banana peel on white background
Businessman foot about to slip and fall on a banana peel on white background
Businessman foot about to slip and fall on a banana peel on white background It's not something we always think about, but there is a legitimate danger at supermarkets. The risk of slipping on fallen food like smashed grapes, tangerines, and pieces of lettuce. Along with celery and other types of foreign foods like Kiwis and Passionfruit. These typically involve the smaller, thin-skinned foods that explode upon hitting the ground, or after becoming stepped upon. Sometimes there is nothing a shopper can do to get compensation. Other times, the grocer, or one of its agents is legally and thus, financially responsible to "indemnify" you. Causes and Legal Options When going to the supermarket to buy food for your family, the last thing you want to worry about is suffering an injury. While not common, slip and trip injuries in grocery stores happen every day in this country. Depending on the objects around and the slipperiness of the floor, such accidents can cause soft tissue damage, broken bones, and long-term medical issues. Being able to find and pay for proper medical care in the aftermath of such an accident is paramount. Liquids and Slick Substances Such a setting is not usually top on the list considered a risk to travel to. However, there have been quite a few accidents involving liquids or objects creating slip and trip hazards at grocery stores.  Due to issues with the products themselves. Their manufacture and packaging or placement errors caused by the store's staff. These could be a problem for anyone traveling the aisles. This can especially be the case for fruit-- grapes and Kiwi fruits are a significant example of foods that fall and smash out slippery fluids and jelly-like substances. Besides, once the item creates the hazard, it is the responsibility of the grocery to make sure that it's cleaned up. So this means the landowner or manager must make reasonable inspections. After all, they know that there is a high probability that someone will slip in the fruits and vegetable sections. They must inspect the milk and juices sections as well. What If I Was Injured in Smashed Grapes, Bananas or Passion Fruit? If you have suffered injury by such a slip, trip, or fall, it is important to find the right legal and medical options immediately. Banana peels and slipping characters often get depicted in cartoons for a reason. But grapes and even passion fruits ripen fast and smash easily. If you fall in these foods, there is a chance you will be out of commission for a while. Attorneys Can Guide Your Decision Making Process in a Fruits or Vegetable Slip and Fall Case. Often the right attorney can help you find, and in some cases pay for, the correct medical treatment for your injury. Michael Ehline specializes in personal injury and trip and fall accidents. As a disabled, former Marine, he understands the pain of severe injury and how best to proceed. He's helped hundreds of clients get back on their feet-- in more ways than one. He can help pay for the cost of treatment, lost work, and long-term expenses. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please call Ehline Law's offices today. We answer any time of the day or night and wish to offer you the best, most personable service we can. Our team works on contingency and will not ask for any money unless we recover for you. We will travel anywhere in California to give our advice or feel free to come into one of our many offices. Further Reading:   Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls in Wholesale and Retail  Slip and Fall Claims and Premises Liability -