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Jun 28, 2020

ALERT: Spiked Hand Sanitizer!

Warning, you could be making yourself sick with wood alcohol or methanol tainted hand sanitizer. Let's see what attorneys have to say about this newest risk to public health.

Jun 28, 2020

Are Healing Brain Oils A Fraud or a Miracle?

Attorney Michael Ehline exposes some truths and falsities about healing oils, truth, puffery, and fraud.

Dec 24, 2019

Popular Vitamin Supplements Tied to Increased Cancer Risk

Shows Decreased Effectiveness of Chemo After Taking. Los Angeles is famous for fitness and even Muscle Beach. So we have a lot of people here taking protein pills and everything under the sun to get that edge. However, what's suitable for bodybuilding may not be so great for cancer patients. Reuters covered the startling news, which seems to contradict the accepted wisdom of many cancer treatments. For years, antioxidants have been a go-to method of health. This includes several popular vitamins, including iron supplements, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. However, recent research from the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the exact opposite may be right. The news is undoubtedly unwelcome news to thousands of cancer patients who took these vitamins on doctor's recommendations. Furthermore, the researchers focused on over 1000 patients over a median of six years. They found that the patients taking the supplements at the start and during the treatment had an increased chance of death. The article went on, showing the direct connection between the two elements: carotenoids, Coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, C, and E - were 41% more likely to have their breast cancer return and 40% more likely to die during follow-up compared to patients using no supplements. Legal Options for Los Angeles Cancer Victims. Unfortunately, this is not just a theoretical study. This included real patients who had their quality of life reduced by taking the proposed actions. Furthermore, this threatens the potential well being of current and future cancer patients. Considering conventional wisdom, doctors across the nation today are likely recommending vitamin supplements to cancer patients. All of this has tremendous implications. If you or a loved one suffered a turn for the worse after taking such supplements, in LA, or anywhere else in California, you have legal options. The doctors or hospitals that recommended this course of action could be on the hook. Furthermore, now that the study is publicly available, any medical professional that does so after this month could be liable. There is an expectation in medicine not to harm. Failing to do so in the face of better or more recent research could be a legal minefield. For more info, keep reading our site for up to date analysis.

Dec 24, 2019

Legal Information for the Smiths Medical Drug Infusion Pump Recall

The Most Severe Class of Recall. Attention LA residents. The FDA issued a Class 1 recall of a popular type of medical pump used by a variety of facilities across several states. In addition, the error includes a pump type that could face future issues or recalls in the future. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on the recent news. A severe software error means that the pumps intended to save lives may instead be a grave risk. This includes the real possibility of injury or death. The pumps are made by Smiths Medical. Over 600 pumps distributed to consumers in three states are affected. The pumps themselves were sold under the moniker Medfusion 4000 Syringe Pumps with Firmware Version 1.7.0. As a result, this recall includes a variety of different patients. Smiths Medical distributed them to children's hospitals, neonatal intensive care units, as well as operating rooms and adult critical care units. The pump is supposed to move medications at a constant rate at a low or high dosage. However, the firmware error means that the low battery alarm may not work. This could result in patients not being able to receive the medicine needed. In the case of the most critical drugs, this could result in severe injury or death. Legal Options if You are Injured due to this Recalled Product. Fortunately, no one in Los Angeles has been reported killed by the malfunction. However, the company received at least 74 complaints linked to the product across the country. So in October, the company asked consumers to send these pumps back for reprogramming. However, this may have even broader implications in the future. Due to the intricacy of these devices, even a tiny malfunction could lead to death. LA residents should stay on the alert and let their friends know of the recall.

Dec 10, 2019

Connecticut Tesla Crash Latest Roadblock for Self Driving Cars

Yet Another Crash of a So-Called "Self Driving Car." Beware Los Angeles police. A Connecticut police cruiser is in worse shape after yet another Tesla crash this week. According to State Police, a Tesla Model 3 rear-ended one of their patrol cars. The driver stated that the vehicle was on autopilot. He turned around to check something, and next thing he knew, there was a crash. The Drive also reported on the incident. It posted several clear photos of the damage done. The driver was ticketed with charges of reckless driving and reckless endangerment. The only good thing to come out of the crash was that no one was hurt. The crash also comes after a deadly Tesla collision while the vehicle was also on autopilot. Tesla can promise the world, but these examples show the opposite. Drivers were unaccustomed to how this new tech work are only making the matter worse. Besides, Tesla's promises mean that drivers don't know how to use their flawed systems. All of this is a recipe for more accidents, more injuries, and more deaths. Promises Yet Unfulfilled. For all of the promises of self-driving cars being just around the corner, this crash is evidence of anything, but. In fact, over the last several years, such accidents have become more commonplace. Why would the consumer want to risk their family or their car to such a scheme? Tech is still catching up with the self-driving promises of big companies. It also shows that such tech is probably decades instead of years away. It also shows that many of the top proponents of self-driving cars are selling us short. By promising more than they can deliver, we are the real losers. The deaths, injuries, and thousands of dollars of damage caused by these errors are not just background noise. Instead, they represent what should not be on our roads. Let's hope LA doesn't jump into this.

Mar 14, 2018

Tesla Self Driving Truck Near You?

Google Meet your Competition
Will this be self-driving soon?
Tesla and the Self Driving Truck Dilemma. Will this be self-driving soon? Tesla is in all of the headlines lately. And for more than just launching a car on the way to Mars. Elon Musk and his company want to take over the car industry with bold ideas. Tesla's top experiment is self-driving cars. As of today, it is unclear whether the company can pull it off. However, what is more, explicit are the inherent risks of the project. Self-driving cars are among the riskiest things going technologically. Google the term self-driving car, and the results show up with "accident" as one of the top ones. USA Today reported on the fact that new self-driving trucks will likely have the ability to choose who would die in an accident. Human nature is fallible enough. Imagine putting the life of your family in the hands of several circuits. What is less obvious is the companies that will adopt the technology. One Tesla semi comes with a 300-mile range for $150k and another with a 500-mile range for $180,000. Ouch. Tesla claims it will start production in 2019, and several prominent corporations have them on pre-order, including Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, Sysco, UPS, and even Wal Mart. A Risk Foreseen With Big Rigs? Each of the companies above is making a bet on the tech that isn't out of its infancy. Worse yet, they are a danger as presently constructed. Self-driving car tech is likely decades away from fluency, not just a year or so. Furthermore, this overconfidence is likely a fatal flaw in road safety and these companies' plans. However, poor ideas haven't stopped people before. But it appears that they will proceed. The numbers above represent just a fraction of these companies' overall fleets. However, they may be a trend that is difficult to reverse once started. Once these vehicles are on the road, they could represent a significant shift away from the safety of motor vehicle travel we've grown accustomed to and toward something much less predictable.