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CA State Route 18 Auto Accident Attorneys

With more than 6 million car accidents occurring each year in the United States, many vehicle accident victims face substantial medical bills and disabilities, affecting their financial situation and social lives. Ehline Law Firm’s professional accident lawyers have worked with injured victims, helping people involved file personal injury claims against at-fault parties or their insurance companies.

The business of our personal injury law firm is swiftly assisting the client to obtain the maximum compensation they need to pay for such unexpected expenses as medical costs or physical therapy. Sometimes innocent people admit fault, making it hard to hire a reputable law firm or personal injury lawyer to help sue the other party. Click here to learn more about our Los Angeles car crash lawyers.

If you admit liability, or sign statements of admission, the personal injury lawyer who charge no upfront fees will shy away. Rear-end collisions are usually cut and dry, but you’d be shocked at the stories other drivers make up to get out of paying damages claims for a California personal injury.

If you got into a car accident as a pedestrian, passenger, or cyclist with serious injuries due to someone else’s fault, feel free to contact Ehline Law to receive a free consultation. Our talented auto accident attorneys will help determine whether you may be eligible to obtain maximum compensation for a California personal injury in your best interests.

California State Route 18

Highway 18 in California serves as the main route for travelers from the San Bernardino and Mojave desert heading towards the San Bernardino Mountains. The state highway spans 117 miles, with its south end starting at San Bernardino. The north part ends at Pearblossom. Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, Big Bear Lake, Lucerne Valley, Victorville, and Adelanto are some locations where major junctions are on the SR-18.

Tourism on the SR-18

Rear-end collision case is a common one along the scenic Highway 18. This stretch of road serves as a transportation link for communities along the route. It is also a famous road among tourists. In recent years, tourism has grown in San Bernardino County, with $430 million in revenue in 2019, a 63% increase since 2005.

Most tourists travel to the famous San Bernardino Mountains for hiking and skiing all year round, resulting in increased fender bender traffic over the years.

With local communities using SR-18 and interstate tourism, considerable traffic flow on the route, requiring drivers to exert extreme caution. With ravines and sharp cuts, drivers’ challenges further increase the risk of a fatal car accident across SR-18 in California.

Drivers not paying attention or fidgeting with electronic devices and ignoring other traffic laws has only compounded the problems that lead to a wrongful death motorcycle accident or other fatality. The party involved or their family members (mainly a wounded pedestrian or motorcyclist) will often take an ambulance to the local hospital.

Many victims will seek medical attention for broken bones or whiplash, and their cars will need repairs for property damage. Medical care can get expensive, and parties involved will incur out-of-pocket insurance deductibles. Let’s look at a few types of recent accidents on the route and how personal injury law looks injury and wrongful death actions.

Recent Car Accidents on Highway 18

Many traffic accident claims are due to felony hit and run DUI drivers running over pedestrians after drinking at a local bar, etc. Intoxicated drivers typically lose control and crash, which is one of the most common causes of driving fatalities. Generally, the police will investigate and assign fault or blame.

But when the officers responding to the accident scene, the perpetrator, worried about being arrested, has already fled. Although there is absolutely proof of a crash, without eyewitnesses you may never locate the person or persons with responsibility for what happened. Without adequate uninsured motorists protections, it will be your obligation to cover your doctor and pay other dollars out of pocket.

An Unfortunate RV Incident

A news release revealed on October 4th, 2021, that a brown RV with two occupants overturned on State Route 18 near the Mitsubishi Cement Plant into a ravine. Fortunately, after a rollover, the RV landed on its wheels, and the occupants immediately called 911 for help and requested air support. Firefighters and two rescue helicopters from nearby San Bernardino headed to the accident scene.

One of the occupants sustained minor injuries from the incident, while the other sustained major back injuries or other damages requiring immediate medical treatment. Typically in a case like this, the other drivers will exchange insurance information and driver’s licenses for identification and validation purposes. In this case, it could have simply been RV driver negligence or the fault of a dangerous road condition.

But here, it appears to have been a single-vehicle collision. No word yet on any court case, but we”ll update on any penalty paid by the responsible party, assuming it was the city, etc.

Head-on Collision in Phelan

Head-on collisions are among the most deadly and often result in fatal accidents. San Bernardino County firefighters received an emergency call for two vehicles blocking Highway 18. As the rescue team arrived, they found that a Ford truck and a black Impreza were causing the holdup, and both vehicles were severely damaged from the front, suggesting a head-on collision.

The accident scene had two casualties while five people sustained bodily injuries, with three facing severe injuries. Firefighters immediately called for three helicopters to help assist with personal injuries, organize the rescue mission and open up the roadway to resume traffic flow. Upon investigation, it was found that the other driver of the black sedan was driving recklessly, speeding over the speed limit.

Multi-Vehicle Collisions in Lucerne Valley

The California Highway Patrol received a call for emergency help at Lucerne Valley on June 22nd, 2021. As help arrived, the local authorities saw a multi-vehicle pileup with three vehicles rammed into each other, causing massive traffic disturbance. A woman was in one of those vehicles, unable to move and having trouble breathing, which required a police officer to airlift her to a trauma center.

Other car accident victims suffered minor injuries and got taken to the hospital for further medical examination. Typically these chain collisions start when one rear-ended vehicle is following too closely, increasing inertia in a chain reaction. Failing to yield is another way these pile ups occur.

How Our Car Accident Lawyer Helps Car Accident Case Victims?

A qualified personal injury attorney can help injury victims collect the necessary evidence (police report, medical report, pictures, surveillance video and more) and fill out the claims form to start the personal injury insurance claim process. Although a car accident victim can do it themselves, the chances of getting the claim rejected are far less if an attorney gets involved and finds insurance coverage.

Besides helping file a car accident claim for an injured victim, an expert auto accident attorney can help determine the value of your serious collision claim. You may be looking to get your medical bills reimbursed, however, experienced personal injury lawyers can take lost income, punitive damages, pain and suffering, and other factors into consideration when determining claims. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more, discuss and explain your unique circumstances!

Insurance Company Negotations

Personal injury attorneys also deal with insurance companies on behalf of their clients, ensuring that the victim does not worry about the case when recovering from their injuries. An insurance company is more likely to give the typical low insurance company’s settlement offer on a personal injury claim. Still, an attorney can help negotiate and get fair compensation for passengers and others with a loss.

An attorney can also fulfill all relevant legal criteria for filing claims. Did you know that you have two years to file lawsuits against the negligent party in car accident cases in California? An attorney already knows the laws and will ensure that the claims process smoothly without unnecessary interruptions.

Insurance companies are notorious for asking for irrelevant documents from victims after a car crash to buy time. Having an attorney by your side who has won millions will ensure that the insurers avoid such unfair delaying tactics.

Building a Solid Claim

To have a solid case for compensation, a car accident victim must prove that the defendant had a duty of care, the defendant breached that duty of care, the plaintiff got injured, and the breach caused damage to the plaintiff. A qualified attorney can fight to help prove these four elements to ensure a strong case that works out in favor of the victim during the traffic accident negotiation phase.

Do you seek legal representation? Call us and we’ll handle the negotiations from here once retained.

Protecting the Statute of Limitations

To be eligible to sue, our California car accident lawyers will make sure to file your lawsuit withing the general 2 years period. We will also make sure any crashes caused by the government are filed within the general six months time period.

If you’ve lost someone you love or know, a personal injury attorney can also help with paperwork and help you file wrongful death claims against the negligent party under California law. We do everything we can to help you recover the most compensation without delay.

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