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SR 73 Freeway Crash?

SR 73 Automobile Accident Lawyer
State Route 73 runs from the I-5 junction to the I-405 junction, a total of 17.7 miles of road in Orange County.
Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Wrecks on State Route CA 73

The initial 12 miles of the journey is a toll road, while the last 3 miles of the SR-73 is also the Corona del Mar Freeway. The SR-73 runs parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway and also the San Diego Freeway.

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Starting at San Juan Capistrano, the SR-73 heads straight for Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, and Laguna Beach. It crosses the interchange with SR-133 and Crystal Cover State Park before running along Irvine and Newport Beach borders.

As it goes through the MacArthur Boulevard Exit, the SR-73 transitions into a freeway flowing along with the Orange County Airport. When it enters Costa Mesa, the route comes to its end as it interchanges with the SR-55.

Recent Car Accidents on the SR-73

Irvine Car Crash

On June 16, 2021, near the border of Newport Beach, there was a traffic accident involving a two-vehicle collision where the first vehicle traveling in their lane hit the second vehicle, forcing it to flip multiple times before coming to a halt.

The California Highway Patrol was quick to reach the accident site. Unfortunately, one of the drivers did not make it out alive. The second driver got rushed to a nearby hospital to treat the injuries sustained in the car accident.

Multi-vehicle Pileup

On November 8, 2021, near the I-5 on the SR-73, there was a four-vehicle crash in Mission Viejo with a long one-hour SigAlert. The four lanes had gotten blocked due to the accident, resulting in severe traffic congestion between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

As the local authorities arrived at the scene, the magnanimity of the situation started to become apparent as one driver was dead while the others had minor to severe injuries.

The injured got taken to a medical center immediately before removing the crashed vehicles from the SR-73 and re-opening it for the commuters.

Vintage Jaguar Flipped

A devastating accident occurred on the SR-73 toll road on June 16, 2021, when a speeding BMW (driven by a 19-year-old) smashed into a vintage Jaguar near Irvine Boulevard. The BMW hit the incoming Jaguar at high speeds before crashing into the road divider and coming to a halt.

Unfortunately, the impact from the accident pushed the Jaguar off the embankment, rolling multiple times before coming to a stop. Local authorities scrambled to the accident scene, but the driver of the vintage Jaguar had already died. The 19-year-old faced minor injuries from the accident.

Auto accidents like these are quite common on state routes and the Interstate Highway System due to distracted driving and excessive speeds. Such accidents add a financial burden to the already stressed-out car accident victim creating financial and social problems for an accident they weren’t even at fault.

However, a qualified personal injury attorney on your personal injury case can help you recover financial compensation to pay for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney for Your Personal Injury?

You can file claims on your own, but the chances of your claims getting rejected remain high. Having a qualified personal injury attorney look into your claims and provide you with legal representation increases your chances of a positive outcome.

We believe that insurance companies are there to help us, and liability insurance kicks in when an unfortunate incident occurs; however, that is not the case, as insurers benefit from rejecting or delaying claims. An attorney with trial experience can even take insurers to court if no mutual agreement arises during the settlement negotiations process.

How Do Car Accident Attorneys Determine Fault?

California is a fault-based state, meaning that the compensation disbursed is according to the degree of fault. It is important to have an experienced attorney to prove the fault of a negligent driver to get you the compensation. So, how is fault determined?

There are several ways an attorney can determine the fault of a negligent driver. However, the important thing is to call an attorney immediately after the accident occurs. Giving access to your attorney to first-hand evidence without any tampering can work well for you.

An attorney determines after an accident occurs whether the driver was violating the traffic rules. Traffic laws almost always remain the same across different states, which means it is easy for an attorney to determine the fault by simply watching the accident footage.

If the accident is a rear-end collision, the majority of the time, it is the fault of the driver who hit the vehicle from behind. Remember, all drivers have a duty of care and must exercise a certain level of caution when driving, and usually, rear-end collisions occur due to driver’s negligence.

However, there can be situations, even with rear-end collisions, where the driver may not be at fault. An attorney can assess the situation thoroughly from all angles before determining the fault.

Sometimes a quick investigation is more than enough to find out who may be at fault. An expert attorney can track down the vehicles involved in the accident, check the vehicle for damages, and paint a bigger picture of how the accident could’ve happened.

An important piece of documentation is the police report, and handing a police report with your claims increases the weight of your personal injury case. A police report contains all the details needed, from the driver’s license details, traffic violations, and even the officer’s opinion on the accident.

It is important to call the local authorities right after an accident to file a police report. Our personal injury attorneys have helped more than 3,000 injured victims protect their rights and recover more than $150 million in compensation for their losses.

We have the right experience to determine the value of your personal injury claim and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to get you maximum compensation.

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