January is National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month


A Vital Month for a Critical Injury

Medical science is rapidly understanding the severe risk that a Traumatic Brain Injury represents. In fact, any series of brain injuries can lead to severe long term consequences, including cognitive impairment, changes in personality, and even paralysis. Each one is a serious threat which requires close attention.

That is why activists named January Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month. Considering the higher risk for such injuries during high contact sports, it is only fitting.

Of course, when we think of sports TBIs, we tend to think of football. The NFL is gearing up for the playoffs and the Super Bowl, and it is a perfect time to bring up the potential risk of a severe brain injury due to playing the sport. Furthermore, in many high school and college leagues, there is not enough attention to the subject. High schools cannot afford to have doctors at every single game for every single team. Instead, many issues revolving around brain injuries are papered over and not properly addressed at the time. This is especially dangerous for young players, whose brains are still developing. This often leads to incredible long term issues later in life and in brain development.

Furthermore, other winter sports offer the potential threat of traumatic brain injury, including skiing and snowboarding. Due to the sporadic nature of many people’s skiing, the chances of serious treatment after a fall of collision is often low. In addition, many people think that they can just “walk off” a serious blow leading to a concussion. All of these factors added together are trouble for athletes and non-athletes.

Understanding More About TBIs

Our law firm specializes in helping patients with TBIs, both caused by sports and other causes like work and car accidents. We see the damage that TBIs do firsthand. For more info on the long term effects of these injuries, read our regular updates.

The Matt Hughes Case: Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Injuries Often Change Far More than Noticed

Former MMA champ Matt Hughes’ life changed forever in 2017. A severe crash between his truck and a train resulted in changes that he could have never anticipated.

Many of the aspects of the crash are well known. One way or another, Hughes’ truck collided with the Norfolk Southern train. Hughes claimed that he was driving properly and that the railway company did not properly warn drivers of the crossing. NS claims that Hughes was on his ell phone and did not stop at the crossing. Regardless of the exact circumstances, the effects were clear: Hughes was severely injured in the crash.

The Risks of TBIs

Hughes’ physical injuries are extreme. Watch an interview with him and it’s clear that he is a changed man. However, the worst damage was done to his brain. Hughes and his attorneys allege that he suffered severe brain damage due to the event.

A Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, affects different people in different ways. Often, the results are permanent. Such an injury often reduces the patients’ prior abilities. This often includes the ability to reason, hold relationships, and make them prone to depression, suicide, or even violence. Such injuries are especially common among players of contact sports, like football.

To be sure, Hughes’ behavior has changed. We can see this in the recent allegations of physical abuse. Hughes denied that he ever laid a hand on his wife. However, as TMZ reported, Hughes stated that he has changed significantly due to the crash two years ago.

In fact, Hughes believes that many of his troubles, including this suit are due to his brain damage. He said that “I understand that it is not fun to teach a grown man to learn to do everything all over again. I understand that I am a burden to those around me. I understand that I am an inconvenience to my family.”

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