Suing California Over its Freelance Writer Law

Destroying Jobs Through a Government Mandate

The law states that California residents who rely on writing for a living will face severe restrictions. In fact, writers in the state organized a group, CA Freelance Writers United to fight the changes going into effect on January 1, 2020.

According to AB5, the state’s law, freelancers who live in the Golden State could not write more than 35 articles per year unless the company hires them as an outright employee. For writers that depend on this income for their livelihoods, this may ultimately destroy their jobs.

I worked my way up the employment chain the old fashioned way. From the Marine Corps to a variety of blue collar jobs, I hate the idea that the state might restrict the ability of the average person to get ahead. Even worse, thousands of writers across the state will lose their jobs– or at least a large chunk of their income when this bill becomes law. All of this is profoundly unfair and represents why California is in so much trouble as a whole.

What are My Legal Options?

This is a crucial question in the days before the law goes into effect. Not every freelance site and newspaper can afford to add employees to the payroll and pay for worker’s comp, additional insurance, and payroll taxes. In addition, this new law turns upside down the traditional relationship between writers and their publishers.

For starters, the Freelancers United Group may be launching a class action lawsuit against the state for their actions. Furthermore, a regular civil case may not be what is in order here. Instead, a determined effort to get the law overturned as unconstitutional is perhaps the best order of the day. Altogether, such a law undermines the average person’s ability to make a living. That is unacceptable.

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How Liable is Ring for its Camera Hacks?

Surprisingly Lax Security for a Home System

Ring is in deep trouble after a number of its camera systems across the country were hacked.

The company’s poor management is a major disgrace. Such a camera system monitors the home. A breach represents several violations of privacy. First, it risks a break in because the camera is not working. Second, the intimate moments of a family are exposed to the hacker. Third, the company’s promises are all moot. All of these are terrible.

If you are considering a Ring camera system for Christmas, you already know the answer. The systems on the shelf right now are not acceptable. Furthermore, any potential fix may be hacked, as well. Since this is likely both a hardware and software issue, it won’t be an easy fix. Ring must be open with the public at every stage of this crisis.

The Verge published an interesting article on the company’s lack of understanding. Not just about its product, but about the scandal itself. Ring is blaming the victim. After the recent revelations, this is extreme. In fact, there is no two factor security, unlike major email providers. Furthermore, once the hacker gets in they can access all previously recorded videos.

Liable for Negligence

While there is more info still to come out, Ring appears to be liable for its own negligence. In fact, the Verge article above found that Ring does not cross check passwords lost in leaks. This oversight alone opens it up to massive lawsuits. Furthermore, the company blames the customers for the hacks. Ring asked its customers to implement security check ups it should have done in the first place. A lack of a comprehensive update is rife with risk. In addition, this also lets potential hackers know that the company won’t be fixing the issue anytime soon.

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