The Ohio Medical Marijuana Recall: What You Need to Know

Follows a Variety of Vaping Related Injuries and Deaths

Ohio issued a stunning recall of a second strain of medical marijuana this week. This comes after health and safety concerns over the bud sold to medical patients in the state. covered the incredible news, as the Purple Bomb flower sold at Rise Lorain, the Forst Sandusky, and Rise Toledo stores were potentially defective. In addition, the product may also be known as the Organic Strawberry. The state issued the recall because the product was untested for heavy metals, water activity, microbials, mycotoxins, and foreign matter. All of this together spells very bad news for consumers.

This isn’t the first case of such a recall either, as previously noted. The first recall began in November over a rosin by by One Orijin. All of this follows the opening of the first dispensaries in the Buckeye State since mid-January.

The following represents yet another risk faced by consumers over the last year. The dozens of deaths and injuries over improper vaping flavors led to state bans and national restrictions. This case is remarkably similar, and has national implications.

The lack of proper testing is also a concern in the legal marijuana states. For example, California may be the biggest example. The state’s new regulations underscore the potential risk for consumers. Untested strains of marijuana in un-inspected growing and harvesting facilities could lead to severe risks of lung damage or worse.

What are My Legal Options?

Whether or not you are from Ohio, this recall may affect you. Legal marijuana sold both for recreational and medical purposes may be defective. This includes the recall in that state, as well as potential issues in legal places such as California, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Altogether, this represents a risk requiring more research. There are many medical and legal concerns. This includes state regs and more.

The legal experts at the Ehline Law Firm APLC research this topic daily. It is important for all consumers. And it’s a product safety issue. These two topics are our specialty. Keep it here for more info on the recalls and more. We update our site daily.

Popular Vitamin Supplements Tied to Increased Cancer Risk

Shows Decreased Effectiveness of Chemo After Taking

Reuters covered the startling news which seems to contradict the accepted wisdom of many cancer treatments. For years, antioxidants have been a go to method of health. This includes a number of popular vitamins, including iron supplements, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. However, recent research from the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the exact opposite may in fact be true.

The news is certainly unwelcome news to thousands of cancer patients who took these vitamins on doctor’s recommendations. Furthermore, the researchers focused on over 1000 patients over a median of six years. They found that the patients that were taking the supplements at the start and during the treatment had an increased chance of death.

The article went on, showing the direct connection between the two elements:

carotenoids, Coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, C, and E – were 41% more likely to have their breast cancer return and 40% more likely to die during follow-up compared to patients using no supplements.

Legal Options for Cancer Victims

Unfortunately, this is not just a theoretical study. This included real patients who had their quality of life reduced by taking the proposed actions. Furthermore, this threatens the potential well being of current and future cancer patients. Considering the conventional wisdom, doctors across the nation today are likely recommending vitamin supplements to cancer patients. All of this has tremendous implications.

If you or a loved one suffered a turn for the worse after taking such supplements, you have legal options. The doctors or hospitals that recommended this course of action could be on the hook. Furthermore, now that the study is publicly available, any medical professional that does so after this month could be liable. There is an expectation in medicine of doing no harm. Failing to do so in the face of better or more recent research could be a legal minefield.

For more info, keep reading our site for up to date analysis.

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