Is driving on St. Patrick’s Day more dangerous?

It is not the worst or most dangerous day of the year to travel, but St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most dangerous of the year to venture out on the roads.
According to national transportation figures, St. Patrick’s Day is the 10th most dangerous day of the 365 (or in 2020, 366) of the year to drive.
The top 10 most dangerous days on the road are: Memorial Day, the start of daylight savings time, Black Friday, NFL game day, Friday the 13th, New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and, finally, St. Patrick’s Day.
The driving hazards for most of these high-risk days are due to more traffic on the roads on holidays. On others, such as St. Patrick’s Day, the higher risk is because there is a higher percentage of drunken drivers on the road.
St. Patrick’s Day is known for green hair, green beer, and unfortunately, more drinking. If there is a title for “mother of all drinking holidays,” then St. Patrick’s Day is probably it. This is why it is one of the most dangerous 10 days of the year to drive according to statistics from the federal National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
Statistics from the NHTSA show that 276 people were killed over St. Patrick;s Day weekends from 2009 to 2013. In fact, two of every five accident fatalities, or 40 percent, on St. Patrick’s Day involved drunk driving. Not surprisingly, after midnight is the worst time to be on the road.
If you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a few drinks, it would be best to have a designated driver on that day.
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What are the Most Dangerous Times of Day to Drive?

What are the most dangerous times of the day to drive?

When we leave work at the end of another long day, our mind is filled with thoughts of many other things but the daily commute home. This may be why evening driving is the most dangerous of the day on our nation’s roads.
The drive may be similar in the evening as in the morning and the congestion may be the same, but the number of traffic fatalities is much higher during the evening commute than in the morning, according to data from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System for 2016.
In that year, the number of traffic deaths nationwide totaled 3,345 from 7 to 9:59am. That total rose to 6,201 from 4 to 6:59pm. That is an increase of more than 85 percent more traffic deaths in the evening three-hour rush hour than the three-hour rush in the morning. Almost as dangerous is the three-hour stretch from 7 to 9:59pm when 6,067 people died in traffic accidents. Fatality rates for the other three-hour segment of the day are: 1 to 3:59pm, 5,273 deaths; 10pm to 12:59am, 4,892 deaths; 1 to 3:59am, 4,017 deaths; 10am to 12:59pm, 3,864 fatalities; and 4 to 6:59am, 3,520 deaths.
Why is the evening rush so dangerous on the roads? There could be a variety of reasons, experts said. In the evening, people leave work at about the same time and that leads to a lot of congestion on the roads. After a hard, long day of work, people are stressed and in a hurry to get home. Combine those issues with distracted and impaired driving and that leads to traffic accidents and deaths.
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