Honda Pilot and Passport Recall Information

Affecting Two Major Vehicle Lines

Honda is recalling its popular Pilot and Passport models due to a severe manufacturing error. Due to the factory issue, these vehicles may not have been properly constructed, leading to concern about a catastrophic failure during a collision.

Consumer Affairs reported on the issue, According to the recall, the vehicles have serious structural integrity issues. The company reported that the front frame left and right side upper members could have not been properly welded to the car’s unibody. As a result, in case of a crash, there is a chance that this would not provide adequate protection in case of a crash. This could lead to increased chance of severe injury or death.

This affects 2019 and 2020 Pilot models and the 2019 Passport line. Honda announced that it would start to notify owners of these vehicles after December 1, 2019. If you were involved in an accident due to this error, your first priority is to contact an expert.

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Information on the Dodge Minivan Seat Belt Recall

Popular Grand Caravan Line Recalled Due to Severe Safety Concern

Dodge recalled one of its most popular car lines over a dangerous defect in its seat belt system. The minivans rolled off the assembly line without the proper restraints installed. According to the company, in the event of crash, the belts could fail.

Consumer Reports wrote about the recall, noting the large size of the potential issues. The recall affects over 30,000 minivans. Dodge stated that the seat belts in the second and third row seats may become loose in the event of a crash. This could lead to severe injury or death. According to the company, the seats were improperly installed, without being properly fitted to the seat striker. This means that they could become loose. This would result in the seats not being able to take the force of a crash. In addition, this may cause the seat belts to not be able to restrained passengers. The company also reported that the seat belts may have issues even in cases not involving a crash.

The only year affected by the recall is the 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan.

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