January is Radon Action Month

Understanding the Risks of Radon Poisoning

Although it has only been better understood over the last 30 years, many older houses have the risk of carrying carcinogenic radon. This type of poisoning often occurs in unventilated basements without proper maintenance.

Radon poisoning depends on a number of factors, including exposure over a long period. Such poisoning causes headaches and an elevated risk of cancer. Such a risk of cancer may even cause death under certain conditions.

That is why activists declared January National Radon Action Month. This is especially important for renters. Often homeowners solve the issue of radon upon buying a house– some banks won’t lend if they know the house has radon in it. However, in apartments, the landlord may not think to check. In other cases, the landlord simply doesn’t care. In either case, this presents a potential danger for both residential and commercial renters.

If you believe that your landlord has not been honest with you or has not checked the radon level in your house or apartment, you need legal advice. It is against the law and most local codes to allow for the radon levels to rise to the point that is dangerous to humans. Furthermore, doing so knowingly also opens up a landlord to civil cases for negligence. All of this is of course secondary to your health.

Your Legal Rights Dealing with Radon

Furthermore, if you or a loved one fears the effects of radon, contact a skilled attorney immediately. In southern California, the best premises liability attorneys are those at the Ehline Personal Injury Law Firm APLC. Our Los Angeles based firm has offices across the state and have helped hundreds of renters
and residents get their sense of autonomy back. Our consultation is free and we work on contingency. We don’t ask for a penny unless we recover for you and your loved ones.

Elevator Safety After the Fatal Accident in New York

Could Affect Millions of Americans

The August accident in New York that left a father dead created a wave of attention over the safety of high rise elevators. The Manhattan death is still under investigation by the city. Furthermore, the family is on the verge of filing a wrongful death case. According to the info available, an elevator crushed Sam Waisbren as he exited the Manhattan Promenade building over the summer.

The New York Post covered the aftermath of the tragedy. New York’s government acted swiftly after the accident. Its Legislature passed a law now on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk.

The Elevator Safety Act establishes guidelines over the 70,000 elevators in New York city’s high rises. For starters, it calls for better maintenance and training for mechanics. Overall, the measure was in the legislature’s court for years, but only passed after the fatal accident brought the issue front and center.

The Family’s Legal Options

From a legal perspective, the state is doing its due diligence. The Elevator Safety Act comes after 30 other states passed similar measures.l In addition the largest union handling such elevator issues supported the bill.

For the family of Mr. Waisbren, there are multiple options open. Of course,if the state did not require proper elevator safety, it could also be liable. In addition, the operator of the elevator itself and its maintenance crew could be on the hook. All records regarding the tune ups and inspections of the elevator may show a lack of responsibility. Furthermore, the building owners had an implicit expectation of care. If they did not properly care for the system, they are legally responsible. This includes double if they received a warning about the elevator’s safety in the past. Such liability for wrongful death is often open and shut.

If this story is familiar, your family may also be victims of poor elevator liability. Our legal experts at the Ehline Law Firm APLC are here to discuss your legal options and will be writing more about this issue in the weeks and months to come.

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