Texas Hit and Run Death: Who Bears Responsibility?

Death Due to a Speeding Hit and Run

Another tragedy struck a family in Texas due to a hit and run accident. In this case, a Houston woman was killed on Little York Road in Houston Sunday. According to police, the accident occured around 6am. In the accident, 29 year old Sergio Israel Hernandez struck a Nissan Rogue driven by Elaine Jolivet. Hernandez sped in his black Mercedez and fled the scene. His vehicle caught fire and he left the scene.

ABC 13 reported on the tragic accident. Jolivet was found dead on the scene by officers. She had just celebrated the release of a new book. She left behind three daughter. Hernandez was charged with failure to stop and render aid.

Determining the Legal Burden

From a legal standpoint, Hernandez carries the most responsibility– obviously. However, there are many elements still outstanding in the case. First is the criminal aspect. Considering the severity of the crash and the hit and run nature, I would not be surprised if there were additional criminal charges. In similar cases, the offending driver faces charges of vehicular manslaughter. Furthermore, the investigation is not complete. Additional info is still outstanding.

In addition, there are severe civil implications in a crash like this. Hernandez’s legal status or driving history have not been released. Should the 29 year old have a poor driving record or similar crashes in his past, he may face further scrutiny. This is especially the case after a fatal accident. Jolivet’s family has a strong wrongful death case. It is in their best interest to contact a skilled wrongful death attorney on their legal options. This includes the loss of love and affection, emotional trauma, and loss of income. Her three daughters are especially vulnerable as a result of the crash.

Keep it posted here for more updates on this and similar accidents and their legal implications.

Is Colorado Legally Responsible for Illegal Immigrant Hit and Run Fatality?

Had Been Deported 6 Times Prior

A Colorado woman was killed in a hit and run accident in December by an illegal immigrant. Annette Conquering Bear was at Walgreens when she was struck and killed at an intersection on December 17th. The terrible crash highlights a wider national trend.

Western Journal covered the terrible story. The details are depressing, saying the least. According to federal immigration officials, the driver was Juan Sanchez. Customs officials previously deported Sanchez six times. However, at the time of the accident he was in the United States illegally– again.

Sanchez borrowed another person’s vehicle. Sanchez could not legally operate the SUV legally due to his immigration status. His bond was set at $500,000.

Who Bears Responsibility?

From a legal perspective, this is an especially interesting case. There are many individuals who share at least some of the responsibility for the fatal crash. First and foremost is the driver himself, who committed a number of felonies being investigated by the Denver Police Department. Furthermore, the person who lent him the car also bears some of the burden. The owner knew Sanchez was an illegal immigrant who was unable legally operating the car. The Denver PD is collecting more data. This will be especially interesting.

Furthermore, the state of Colorado bears some of the responsibility. Sanchez was in the country illegally, and the state is one of the few that refuses to work with ICE. This sanctuary state status allows for illegals to operate outside of the scope of federal law. As a result, Sanchez may not have been in the nation– or Colorado specifically– if not for this series of decisions. As a result, a woman’s life cut too short for a political decision.

The family would be wise to consult a wrongful death attorney to discuss all of their legal options. In addition, there is yet more info for consideration. As more details of the crash come out, keep it tuned here for more legal analysis. Our legal experts analyze cases like this. We regularly update our site. Furthermore, our team reviews the legal implications.

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