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Former U.S. Marine Motorcycle Lawyer and So Cal Personal Injury Attorney Partners. We Fight For Fallen Motorcycle Riders In Downey, CA.

[Content Updated 04/21/2022] Are you seeking Downey motorcycle accident attorneys after a bad crash? A motorcyclist accident might result in catastrophic injuries and cost families a fortune in prescription drugs for pain and lost wages.

Common motorcycle accident injuries include anxiety, fatal motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, a spinal cord injury, painful road rash, broken bones, mental health decline, and life-long physical/emotional pain.

In terms of real dollars, lost wages, expensive surgeries, repair bills, and unpaid medical expenses can bankrupt victims and families after a tragic motor vehicle accident. Since 2005, Ehline Law Firm has professionally helped injured clients with automobiles as a motorcycle accident law expert with thousands of motorcycle injuries and millions in financial compensation. Call us to discover your rights in motorcycle crashes right away.

Below our best personal injury attorney will discuss how our top motorcycle accident attorney in Downey will custom-tailor legal representation in personal injury cases for each motorcycle rider with a serious injury like a head injury, or soft tissue injuries.

We’ll also cover how you can secure compensation benefits from the at-fault driver and how to update an accident report. Call our Downey Motorcycle accident attorneys at (833) LETS-SUE to speak with one of our attentive team members about your motorcycle accident case for a free case review today.

Depend On Our Best Downey Motorcycle Accident Attorney

But what makes Ehline’s team different and our client commitment better for maximum financial compensation?

Downey Motorcycle Accident Claim Prep

Insurance companies escape liability for auto accidents by lulling claimants into not hiring help. They’ll run out the clock, hoping the motorcycle rider won’t locate witnesses or receive medical care or legal assistance.

These villains promise you money if you’re patient. But how much is your case worth? Will your case yield a healthy verdict/result? What if you lost a child run over due to distracted driving through a crosswalk?

We want to provide you with things like a free case evaluation. Assuming you retain our legal services, we will put our investigators to work to assist the wounded rider, proving their burden of fault.

Our Experienced Downey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Investigate Motorcycle Accidents

Our motorcycle lawyers will look for evidence of speeding automobiles, tailgating, lane splitting, unsafe lane changes, drugs, or alcohol consumption. Was someone texting, talking on a cell phone, eating, and weaving in and out of traffic? We will seek out info about dangerous road conditions.

We Gather Evidence

Our office will gather data for the motorcycle accident victims, including available police reports from the police officer(s), witness statements, and weather reports. We’ll hunt down valuable surveillance tapes identifying debris patterns and loose motorcycle parts.

This information will help us pinpoint a defective part, an at-fault driver, threats, and more liable people, including their degree(s) of fault. After, our legal team can perform a proper motorcyclist v. car crash case evaluation. We’ll identify people financially responsible for paying your personal injury claim.

We Handle Insurance Company Negotiations

Your motorcycle law experts will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive fairer indemnification. We won’t let the insurers convince you to accept a lowball settlement offer as you struggle to get by after a serious auto collision.

If the insurance company fails to offer you a reasonably fair damages value calculation, our law offices can seek private mediation to break the stalemate. If negotiations fail, we can advance costs for filing a Downey Superior Court lawsuit near you, seeking better results.


  • SINCE 2005 OVER 3000+ CLIENTS







Compensation for motorcycle accidents is authorized by pursuing motorist negligence claims. (torts). But you will need a Downey motorcycle accident attorney with experience.

You need lawyers giving dedication and holding people financially accountable for a motorcycle accident claim. Get a free consultation.

Common Injuries Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Firm Take

Motorcycling social activities like joining a motorcycle club and attending motorcycle rallies help teach road hazard injury avoidance. But you can’t prevent all wrecks. But no one can predict a motorbike collision’s severity, with its few safety features, offering zero roll cage protection.

The experienced motorcycle accident lawyer team at Ehline Law accepts clients suffering from all types of permanent, severe, catastrophic personal injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), including CTE Brain injuries

  • Broken bones/fractures (a broken leg, hands, fingers, toes, ankles, etc.)

  • Spinal cord injuries, including tetraplegia/paralysis

  • Bruising, scarring, disfigurement

  • Abrasions, cuts/lacerations

  • Lower extremity damage

  • Road rash/friction burns

  • Internal organ damage

  • Wrongful death claim

  • Limb amputation

  • Fractured skulls

  • Rib fractures

  • Avulsions

Survivors of serious accidents causing motorcyclist wrecks may lose careers since they can’t work. Survivors ensure long-term physical and psychological injuries as a consequence of crashing. Did you crash, suffer severe brain damage, post-traumatic stress disorder, coma, etc.?

  • Who Pays What

The court will instruct the jury to determine the motorcycle accident victim’s percentage of fault for inflating their injuries. If someone failed to wear head protection, causing 50% of their harm, they would recapture 50% less compensation. Your motorcycle accident lawyer at Ehline Law Firm fights to counter these defenses.

Motorcycle Lawyer Downey, Michael Ehline, Esq.

Compensation For All Your Downey Motorcycle Accident Claims?

Depending on the party at fault or the types of injury claims, we can get you money for a motorcycle accident injury claim. Did you suffer a catastrophic injury? Maybe you have a less severe wound-like road rash?

Did factors out of your control cause your partial or full impairment? Clients are entitled to totally fair compensation. Clients deserve to know their property repairs along with medical expenses get covered.

Talented motorcycle attorneys in Downey find ways to settle your case after gathering reparations evidence, or they can let a qualified jury evaluate motorcycle accidents during the trial.

A jury will decide on intangible/tangible harm by determining the plaintiff’s nature and extent of your serious injuries during the trial. Using proven negotiation tactics, we will help you receive a maximum financial recovery value for your severe motorcycle crash.

Depending on who’s at fault, plaintiffs must file their motorcycle accident cases before California’s statutory deadlines expire from injury discovery. Motorcyclists must lodge a government demand within six months. Civil lawsuits must be filed within two years of motorcycle collisions unless an exception applies.

The insurer has expertise in engaging instances of deception, hindering your financial recoupment while optimizing insurance company profits. Your chances of winning a higher recovery will increase by retaining a motorcycle attorney from the beginning.

Speak confidentially with a lawyer right away for a motorcycle accident in Downey from Ehline’s offices about your unique accident claim problems today for help. Victims of devastating motorcycle accidents in Downey, CA, can request a free case review and free consultation with our law offices, call us 24 hours per day.

In addition, choosing our legal services means we will collect no payment unless we win your California contingency case. A listening, trustworthy advocate awaits your essential phone call at (833) LETS-SUE.

Any injured motorcycle rider can use our online intake form for faster turnaround times. The answers you need for questions about all types of motorcycle wrecks are a phone call away. Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

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