Settlement Pay Delay FAQ

How Long After the Settlement or Verdict Till You Get PAID?

Injury victims normally have one nagging question.

And that question is:

  • "How long after the settlement will it take to get me paid?"

Typically, the profit-driven insurance company has to order a draft payment from its home office. And this does not happen overnight. There could be a backlog. They are in no hurry to pay.

So usually, the firm or attorney won’t send a demand package until you at your point of maximum medical recovery. Also, even after the payment gets deposited into the bank by your PI lawyer, those lawyers must first resolve medical and Medical/Medicare liens, if they exist.

Also, military service-members may have Tri-Care Liens. And by law, government liens have priority. Also, the attorney-client trust account must remain liquid to pay all liens. So this is the part of the case where patience is a virtue.

, and rear ends B. But B exits the car in traffic. And then a CHP cruiser runs B over. So B dies.

The jury would award the survivors of B for the vehicle damage and whiplash. But B's estate would need to sue the CHP for the death. However, getting out of a car in oncoming traffic would mean that B was partially at fault.

Hence, under pure comparative negligence principles, the jury may find B 50% at the blame. So if the court awards B 1 million dollars against the CHP, the family would only get 500 thousand dollars. Is this making sense so far? (If you're confused to go here to read more about pure comparative negligence in an automobile accident case.)