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Life Insurance Claims Lawyer

The death of a loved one is distressing and painful. If you expect that person to give financial support to you and your family, the financial well-being of those left behind is in jeopardy.

This is why there is life insurance. Buying life insurance is a decision made to try to shield the beneficiaries from financial crippling if the worst happens.

One expects the insurance company to pay the agreed-upon death benefit in exchange for all the years and months of premium payments.

Additionally, the family does not need to worry about the threat of losing their house or not being able to send their children to college because of their anguish and pain.

It is not simply families who get affected. Businesses frequently buy life insurance policies to safeguard themselves financially in the case of the death of a key employee, partner, or executive.

However, if insurance companies believe they can get away with it, they refuse to pay the death benefit, and they can be rather inventive in their efforts. If this occurs, remember that you do not have to battle for the life insurance benefits you need and deserve on your own.

Ehline Law Firm wrongful death attorneys have fought every strategy these insurance companies use. You have a much higher chance of a successful life insurance claim with the services from an Ehline attorney in Los Angeles.

How an Insurance Company Tries to Deny a Claim for Your Loved One

The devastated family members or crippled business may confront one or more of the following gimmicks, based on the scenario and the insurance company in question:

  • The death does not qualify – Firms may argue that the policyholder’s death was not covered.
  • Retroactive cancellation – The insurance company may argue that the life insurance policy got canceled, lapsed, or was not paid for prior to the death, which cancels it.
  • Misrepresentation – The firm claims that the policyholder lied in the agreement about important facts about themself, voiding the policy.

This is not a comprehensive list. Since denying claims equals more money in their pockets, insurance firms are quite resourceful.

Competing Claims

Other issues with life insurance may develop in addition to denied claims. A competing-claims conflict might arise between a newly added beneficiary and the claimant or between a beneficiary who got removed from the insurance but continues to seek a wrongful death claim. These scenarios can become challenging, whether they involve an ex-spouse, a child, a new spouse, a stepchild, a friend, or a business partner.

Identifying the correct recipient and successfully demonstrating their claim may become difficult, painful, and lonely. Ehline Law Firm in Los Angeles handles competing claim issues and fights for the advantages our clients deserve and need.

What Are Incontestability Clauses in Los Angeles?

Many states have safeguards to ensure that life insurance payouts get paid, even if the insured made false assertions on the policy application. The goal is to ensure that an insurance company may have to handle any queries or issues while the insured is still alive.

Allowing an insurance firm to collect premiums for years only to undertake a more extensive inquiry after the death of a loved one and refuse to pay the family members is not fair. These clauses are commonly referred to as “incontestability clauses.” In essence, such clauses state that an insurance provider cannot fight a life insurance policy for any reason, including fraud, after a set length of time, usually two years in Los Angeles, California.

How Our Wrongful Death Attorney Fights for Your Case

To begin, an Ehline insurance recovery attorney offers you a free consultation to evaluate your case. We charge a contingency fee, meaning we only get paid if you receive your settlement. When we say free, we mean it: we do not charge you for things such as expert witnesses or investigations. 

When your insurance company learns you have engaged us, they may be furious. We have a well-deserved reputation for going to any length for our clients, including going to trial if necessary. We value our attorney-client relationship, meaning you can rest assured knowing that we conduct a case review and your policy limits thoroughly to ensure we act in your best interests.

Our team of specialists and investigators go over the specifics, conditions, and tiny print of your case and insurance contract with great care. Flimsy reasons and unjustified death cases fade away, and your chances of receiving assistance improve dramatically.


How Long Does it Take to Receive Life Insurance Payments?

The money is normally sent out within 30 days of the insurance firm getting the death certificate. If they have not sent the payout by then, it is usually because they’re still investigating the death. This could be due to valid concerns, or they could be seeking a technicality to justify rejecting the wrongful death claim.

What Do I Do if I Cannot Afford a Wrongful Death Attorney in Los Angeles?

There is no such thing as a family member who cannot afford to engage a friendly and charismatic wrongful death lawyer at Ehline Law Firm. Our business works on a contingency fee basis to help you receive astonishing results in the form of a substantial damages payout. 

There is no abhorrent upfront fee and charges for any expenses or costs incurred during the wrongful death or personal injury claim. Thus, you can always afford top-notch legal advice regardless of your financial circumstances or vulnerable circumstances.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation in Los Angeles, CA

You must contact us right away. The sooner we become engaged, the more likely your wrongful death lawsuit gets settled in your favor, and the less likely you are to overlook a critical item that could cause issues if not addressed promptly.

You are not required to fight alone. When we accept wrongful death lawsuits, we pledge to stand by your side through thick and thin, doing everything it takes to obtain the benefits and compensation you deserve. Call us today and speak with a jubilant, legendary Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer at (213) 596-9642 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation case review, and evaluation.

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