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Understanding Motorcycle Defects Leading To Accidents

Being involved in a motorcycle mishap, it usually makes sense to always blame the driver of a motor vehicle that was involved in the crash, if there was one. The anxiety of the crash is only amplified knowing that yours was the only vehicle involved in the crash. But there are also motorcycle accidents that are caused by the bike itself, and an example of this is a defect that was found in Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the past. In that famous case, the cause of the accidents was aptly nicknamed the “Harley Wobble” or the "Death Wobble."


Speed Wobbles And Motorcycle Defects.

As noted above, these defective bike models would begin wobbling when a rider reached higher speeds. When there is a defect of this type, and the motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, they might be entitled to hold the manufacturer accountable and recover compensation for the injuries.

Ehline Law has assisted dilapidated riders in the recovery of money damages for almost a decade. So we understand the injured rider is often lonely and holed up at home or in a hospital. And they typically remain helpless in their immobile state. Our honorable and loyal attorneys help fill in that empty void and stand in the corner of the hurt riders.

Our friendly staff is the “Rider’s Friend” for a reason. We are compassionate. Accordingly, we can even arrange transport to our law offices. Also, we could even take you to your doctor’s offices. We are a friend indeed or a friend in need.

Motorcycle Company Product Liability Lawsuits.

Product liability claims is a lawsuit, in which the injured victim attempts to legally hold the motorcycle manufacturer or aftermarket parts manufacturer responsible. As a matter of fact, from time to time there could be problems with the motorcycle or product like:

  • Design Defect: The design of the motorcycle or aftermarket part is defective.
  • Manufacturing Defect: When the manufacturer has manufacturing errors that result in malfunctions of the motorcycle or part.
  • Failure to Warn: The manufacturer that fails to properly warn the motorcycle rider of dangers they are aware of.

These can be violations of the manufacturers’ legal responsibility to the customer. Because of this, they can be legally accountable.

Proving A Motorcycle Products Liability Claim.

Proving a product liability claim can be complex, and the motorcycle company will fight these claims in order to protect their reputation. Thus, the run-down victim gets nothing. A winning product liability claim will need to show that the defect caused the harmful event. The first step is conducting proper discovery to obtain emails, memos, and internal notes. That way we know what the manufacturer knew and when they knew it. But knowing what to do, who to sue, and when to do it is a tall order in the modern legal community of legal mills and rich kids with law degrees.

This means having experience and resources at your side. The motorcycle product liability attorney at Ehline Law Firm often retains excellent design engineers, accident reconstruction pros, and others to examine the bike. And sometimes, they render their expert opinion of possible design defects. Also, they help get you paid for aftermarket parts defects and errors. After all, if it turns out the builder could have recalled or fixed the product, other issues come into play.

In the same way, lawyers must be savvy and sophisticated, they must also be aggressive and assertive when necessary. Clients need this when going up against the lawyers representing the motorcycle or motorcycle parts builder. In this way, we stubbornly protect the rights of the casualty and that's a fact.

Ehline Law Firm The Motorcyclists’ Attorney.

Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm Law Firm is a motorcycle rider. So you know we have the experience to protect your rights as the injured motorcyclist.

Most of all, after an accident that results in injuries, this is what people want. So contacting Ehline Law Firm means personal attention, not an attorney referral service.

Contacting Ehline Law Firm.

Hiring the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC remains as easy as picking up the telephone. Afterward, we go to work protecting the rider. And we guide victims through the legal process each step of the way. Call (213) 596-9642 to learn more. Don't delay. The consultation is free and you won't pay a dime unless we retain the case and take on your important matter on a contingency fee basis.