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We wanted to discuss something that hurts all of us here at our injury attorney portal site. Every person ends up having to pay one way or another when they become victimized by car insurance fraud. So they will be responsible for paying higher insurance premiums. Expensive false claims mean higher premiums for all of us.

In many situations, the victim and members of their family involved in an accident wind up paying with their very lives. To prevent insurance accident scam targeting, it is essential to becoming educated on fraud protection.

Insurance fraud followed private insurance. Astoundingly, recorded incidents go back to ancient Greece. For example, ships purposefully sunk. And that scam was called “scuttling.” Then insurance fraud made its way to England, and onto America.

How Long Has Insurance Fraud Existed?

So just as prostitution came along soon after sex, insurance fraud is no different. An entirely new arena opened up for insurance fraud claims as soon as the automobile was introduced. With the high tech technology that is commonly used today, there are organized and highly sophisticated crime rings that file numerous fraudulent claims for car accidents, and they are not very easy to detect.

However, this does not have to leave you exposed as a target for an insurance scam. There are steps against fraud that can be taken to gain protection and awareness.  And these steps help you avoid becoming a targeted victim of individuals and organized crime rings alike. First, you must understand the common insurance scams.

There are quite a few different types. Accidents that are ‘set-up’ can range from a driver acting like they want to offer help. But instead, they only have the intentions of causing an accident that appears to be the fault of the innocent driver. They do this to vehicles by intentionally stopping directly in front of an innocent driver to cause a rear-end accident.

Should I Trust My Doctor or My Lawyer?

Even attorneys and physicians become involved in these scams. You can’t trust anyone. The best way to make sure you do not become a victim of insurance scam fraud is to gain information. You need to understand fraud protection. So that way you can avoid car insurance accident scams.

Below are some of the most common scams that you will want to stay aware of:

  • Fake Helpers – Waving unsuspecting drivers into deadly traffic is their job. Next, their companion intentionally crashes right into your vehicle. But evildoers will deny the other driver got waved into the danger zone. Scams abound. For example, they help you locate a physician, auto repair shop, or attorney. In situations like this, everyone involved is aware and in on the scam. The physician and attorney will be deceptive too. That way, they get to collect more money from your insurance provider. Afterward, the body shop will end up charging ridiculous rates as well.
  • Additional Damage – Staged wrecks are more and more common. For example, a scam driver will drive to a different location and deliberately cause a significant amount of damage to their automobile. But the first accident is where all the injury occurred.
  • Rear-End Car Accidents that are Staged – When a car behind you hits your rear end, you have been rear-ended. But when its someone who forces you to slam on your brakes, you rear-end into the scam driver. So now, they can then collect large amounts of money for their vehicle damages. Next, they will gather even more money for staged medical injuries.

Semper Paratus?

The age-old Latin motto of the US Coast Guard says it best. “Always Prepared.” It is vital to remain prepared. After all, scams like this can occur at any place and at any time. The key is awareness. Keep an eye out for scam drivers. After all, they may be inspecting the habits of your driving or following your vehicle. You should always make sure there is enough room in front of your car to stop in a hurry.

Also, take notes if an accident occurs. Get information about the other car. Go so far as to notate every person in the other vehicle. Record damages to vehicles and structures on a disposable camera or your smartphone. Never use another person’s judgment; always use your own.

Do not let another driver ‘wave you into traffic,’ it is much safer to let other vehicles pass until you know you have enough room to get in or out of traffic. Also, if an accident occurs and you sense something is not quite right, make sure you convey this to your insurance company. These are just some of the ways to protect yourself from insurance scams and fraud.

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