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    Ehline Law Firm’s superior Hawaiian Gardens car accident attorneys serve accident victims in and around LA, CA.
    • Our auto accident attorneys promptly provide crash victims with status reports, keeping them in the loop on a contingency fee basis since 2005.
    • Did you suffer Hawaiian Gardens car accident injuries in a rear-end collision or another traffic wreck?
    • If you sustained injuries in a Hawaiian Gardens car accident call our personal injury firm at (833) LETS-SUE.

Hawaiian Gardens Car Accident Attorneys

Did you suffer Hawaiian Gardens car accident injuries in a rear-end collision or another traffic wreck?

  • Ehline Law Firm’s superior car accident lawyers in Hawaiian Gardens swiftly serve vulnerable people needing legal assistance.
  • Our charismatic auto accident attorneys promptly provide crash victims with status reports, keeping them in the loop on a contingency fee basis since 2005. 
  • If you got hurt in a Hawaiian Gardens car accident, call top car accident lawyers at our personal injury firm at (833) LETS-SUE.

Why Hire Our Hawaiian Gardens Car Accident Lawyers?

Our top rated Hawaiian Gardens personal injury attorneys have been serving Hawaiian Gardens for over a decade, with many consumer awards presented for our steadfast commitment as car accident lawyers. We represent clients injured and their loved ones injured in in Hawaiian Garden, CA auto accidents in many special ways. We have one goal, getting you the best results. The cost to cope with intrusive medical treatment, hospital medical expenses, rentals, lost wages, repair bills, and painful, steep debt stress can ruin your life.

A road traffic collision from an unsafe lane change, swerving, a speeding vehicle, distracted driving (eating, chatting on the phone, texting), or minor fender-benders can cause severe physical injuries, including brain damage or death.

Touted Record of Success

  • Our highly compassionate team of car accident lawyers maintain a proven track record of success in other cases, winning over $150 Million in verdicts and settlements.
  • Our contingency basis car accident lawyers retain deep legal knowledge.
  • Our work lobbying congress for traffic safety and litigating tort claims as car accident lawyers helps us seek and achieve better solutions for people hurt in Hawaiian Gardens, CA.
  • Our volunteerism advocacy helps us stay abreast of the latest statutory law changes for people injured in an accident.
  • We’re on the cutting edge of transportation and safety laws related to Hawaiian Gardens car accidents.
  • Our best car accident lawyer, Michael Ehline, aims to improve the justice system by firmly protecting U.S. accident victims’ rights.

Hawaiian Gardens Car Accident Statistics

From the period of 2019-2021, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) disclosed:

  • Total Crashes: 84
  • Total Victims: 1 Killed and 109 Injured
  • State Highway: 3 (3.6%)
  • Ped Crashes: 10 (11.9%)
  • Bike Crash Claims: 9 (10.7%)
  • Motorcycle Crashes: 4 (4.8%)

Statute of limitations For Car Accidents

Your bodily injury deadline requires you and survivors to sue someone within two years from the crash date. Exceptions may apply to shorten or lengthen this two-year time.

Car wreck survivors have three years to file a lawsuit for damaged property. But unfortunately, suing the government shortens the period. (usually six months). You can trust our auto accident lawyer to determine everything on your behalf.

Common Injuries In Car Accidents

Our vaunted Hawaiian Gardens area car accident lawyers have the legal expertise to help crash victims with motor vehicle fatalities and common car accident injuries, including:

Getting Paid for A Hawaiian Gardens Automobile Accident

Injured Hawaiian Gardens residents and tourists have the same legal rights and obligations as any one else in a Hawaiian Gardens collision. A payment must compensate for the injured victim’s losses from a road crash caused by the negligent actions of the other responsible party.

After serving their car accident claim, injured parties will file a settlement demand package with the at-fault party’s insurance company reporting your damages and amounts due. We’ll negotiate your unique case through the whole process.

Our car accident lawyers in Hawaiian Gardens will seek reimbursement and obtain an appropriate amount by calculating the evidence. We may use experts and complex legal formulas.

That’s how a Hawaiian Gardens car accident attorney can inspect your case and prepare it for success. Our top priority is acting in your best interests. Call our American association of justice to learn more about Hawaiian Gardens legal representation.

What Are My Damages in a Hawaiian Gardens Case?

Following your doctor’s advice helps you obtain maximum financial compensation damages.

  • Lost Wages from Car Crash?

Be prepared to suffer a huge loss in past and future lost wages in all minor and major collision cases. Lost income, especially future earnings can bankrupt families. We’ll do an amazing job on your accident case immediately.

Additionally, we can help you file claims for unemployment and even SSI for an extended period.

  • Property Damage

Even if you weren’t hurt, property damage claims include vehicle damage compensation. This helps replace or repair vehicle accidents.

  • Pain And Anguish from Hawaiian Gardens Crashes

Our Hawaiian Gardens personal injury law firm help clients recover general damages and other expenses like:

  • Mental anguish or emotional distress non-economic damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Bother

Suppose you or a loved one suffered an ongoing catastrophic injury or someone passed away from wrongful death in Hawaiian Gardens. In that case, you need legal counsel’s help dealing with the other driver, their employer, or government agency. Don’t say anything about your case until you retain legal counsel at Ehline Law.

We help people in Hawaiian Gardens, CA, seek compensation. We help prevent clients in car accidents from taking less than the actual financial value of their auto collision cases. We are also Hawaiian Gardens motorcycle accident attorneys and bicycle crash lawyers. Hiring our first-rate staff today will provide faith you hired the best Hawaiian Gardens car accident lawyers for the job.

If you lost a loved one from a negligent driver’s actions, we’d guide any accident victim through the scary California law insurance claims process. Our very best personal injury attorney won’t let the defendant ignore your serious car accident claim. We’ll even come to the accident scene. Find out about an attorney-client relationship today.

Reviewer: Jerry

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 Out of 5 Stars)

“I was Googling for a top-rated serious injury lawyer near me. Our son and daughter had barely survived a heavy impact with three cars piled up in Long Beach, Hawaiian Gardens, in 2016 off the I-710 Freeway, with my pregnant wife being injured. I had many questions until I found Michael Ehline’s E-book called the “Accident Coach” online. After reading Mr. Ehline’s book, we ended up hiring these great injury attorneys.”

Reviewer: Kelly

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 Out of 5 Stars)

“In 2006, my husband was run over by the careless actions of multiple vehicle drivers on Mullholland and Sunset, L.A. The traumatic blunt force injuries my spouse died from caused us grief. The first car accident lawyer I hired sided with the insurance company. Serious injury lawyer Michael Ehline’s team, updated us throughout the injury case with excellent service, compassion, and the settlement we deserved. When I needed top-rated injury lawyers near me!”

Get A Free Consultation From A Car Accident Attorney In Hawaiian Gardens

Were you injured and need Hawaiian Gardens car accident lawyers today? Our compassionate team stands ready to offer you legal assistance first thing. Our business is making lives better. Whether you suffered a head-on collision, were sideswiped, T-boned, or were on foot and need a pedestrian accident attorney, our firm works 24-7 in Hawaiian Gardens 24/7.

Don’t accept the first offer. Never try to recover any amount of compensation from the insurance claims adjuster without receiving legal advice explaining the entire legal process.

After your free case evaluation, our best lawyers meet you at the crash site and negotiate accidents with the responsible insurance carriers. You and your legal options remain our top priority. Speak with a professional attorney. Dial (833) LETS-SUE. Call our car accident lawyers today for a free consultation. 

Or use our online website contact form to report motor vehicle accidents. Clients throughout Hawaiian Gardens can transmit your detailed contact information for your free consultation online.

Proudly serving the following Hawaiian Gardens zip codes: 90716

Proudly serving the following Hawaiian Gardens zip codes: 90716

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