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LAX Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

LAX Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

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Date Modified: April 8, 2023

Few people think they will need a spinal cord injury attorney when traveling through LAX. But they are wrong, and you should care. In 2019, 88 million passengers traveled to and from Los Angeles International Airport by shuttle to reach their destination, making it the fifth busiest airport in the United States. LAX remains crowded with passengers and the huge staff needed to keep the airport running. Many of these employees and travelers suffer life-altering spinal cord injuries while passing through LAX. LAX is also used as a transfer airport where passengers from other cities transfer to another flight to reach their final destination. So there is a lot of walking around, sometimes in the rain and through spilled liquids in the terminal area. When people fall, they get trampled, suffer blown discs, and any number of terrible back injuries.

Headquartered near Los Angeles International Airport, Ehline Law is a chief plaintiff’s personal injury law firm with a distinct ethic for appropriating first-rate results by ably and boldly acting in our client’s best interest.  Below, our very best spinal cord injury attorney will walk you through spine injuries at LAX airport. Our elite practice focal point remains to provide clients with a spinal cord injury attorney who can offer veteran protection and representation for people who have experienced the hardship of being embroiled in a personal injury accident or attack at LAX.

Are you ready to speak with a respected, dominant Los Angeles spine injury lawyer today? Our personal injury lawyers take great satisfaction in our competence and in our capability to furnish high-caliber legal services at cost-efficient prices.

Contact the Ehline Law Firm if You or a Loved One was Injured at LAX

There is a risk of suffering spinal cord injuries in a tragic accident with so much movement going on. Fortunately, those injured at LAX might be eligible for compensation. However, they must act quickly. If you received injuries in an accident that was not your fault, contact the magnificent, attentive spinal cord injury attorney at Ehline Law.

There you will find that our spinal cord injury lawyers are ready and capable of discussing your case’s tragic, delicate facts and strategizing a financial recovery effort. Put our combined experience and unrivaled work ethic to work for you and expect better results.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries at LAX

Spinal cord injuries mainly occur due to a force or impact on the spinal column, back, or neck region, and there are many situations at LAX that can lead to such injuries if you’re not careful.

Here are some of the causes of spinal cord injuries at LAX:

Slippery Floors

With so many people traversing to different terminals and gates in a hurry each day, there are many instances of slipping liquids and running taps. These types of incidents create dangerous conditions for passengers to walk in if they’re not careful. Slipping on these floors can result in a bad back, broken bones, fractures, and other spinal cord injuries, turning your life upside down.

You shouldn’t be the one paying for an injury due to someone else’s negligence. A spinal cord injury lawyer can hold the airport accountable for the damage since it is their duty to ensure that the passenger reaches their destination safely.

Malfunctioning Equipment

Injuries and wrongful deaths at the airport can occur if the equipment and machinery at the airport are not functioning properly. It is the responsibility of the airport management to inform passengers and other relevant parties about equipment malfunctions to reduce the risk of injuries to the spinal cord. In previous years, there have been cases of malfunctioning equipment causing injuries to passengers at LAX. You may want to believe that the chances of these types of accidents are minuscule, but that’s really not the case, as many factors work together to increase the odds of accidents at LAX.

Our Los Angeles trial lawyers fill in that void when someone does slip and fall or gets pushed down an escalator by a drunk or unruly passenger. (Ex: hit in a car accident while riding inside of a shuttle bus, etc.) Our top-rated Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorneys go after all the parties responsible for covering your damages fully and fairly. We are eager to fight with passion for you or your loved one stricken down at Los Angeles World Airport with spine injuries leading to brain injuries leading to a tragic wrongful death!


As mentioned earlier, LAX is the fifth busiest airport in the country, which means there are huge crowds at the airport. During the holiday season, the further volume increases, which increases the risk of spinal cord injury cases at LAX. With so much human traffic inside the airport, there is a chance of falling over, crashing into a people mover, falling from the people mover, and other accidents. Our charismatic, caring injury attorneys are here to make sure the wrongdoers who harmed you while traveling pay the required compensation.

Parking Lots

Parking lots at the airport also create dangerous conditions for individuals, which can lead to personal injury accidents.

A poorly lit parking lot can cause vehicle or even pedestrian accidents, while negligence can lead to car accidents or other motor vehicle accidents around the traffic circle. Whatever the case may be, these types of accidents are worth investigating to hold the relevant parties accountable for any unexpected injury claims and resulting damage.

Our law firm’s most experienced trial lawyer offers a free consultation to clients seeking financial recovery following an injury to the spinal cord at LAX. We can meet you anywhere in Northern, Central, or Southern California. With our high quality, proven track record, and years of experience winning multi-million dollar case results, you should immediately make that risk-free telephone call without delay. Instead of meandering and procrastinating, you can talk about them confidentially with a top personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. There is no obligation, and you don’t pay a dollar to us unless we sign the paperwork and are successful with your no-win no, fee case.

We will go after the LAX property owners and anyone else to assure you and your family receive just compensation for lifetime costs associated with many spine injuries or associated mild traumatic brain injury from falling.

Do Spinal Cord Injury Victims Need a Lawyer?

Spinal cord injury victims face severe challenges when it comes to recovering from their injuries since the spine can affect bodily functions and take longer to recover. You may want to believe that simply filing a claim against the relevant party can result in getting compensation for your injuries. However, that is usually not the case.

The first issue that arises is who to file claims against. The accident can involve multiple defendants, which makes the process even more complicated. Without the help of a lawyer, it can be difficult to determine who the negligent party is in your spinal cord injury case. Filing claims against irrelevant parties waste precious time, as you only have two years following an injury in California to file claims.

The second concern when going alone against negligent parties is the legal resources the other party has. Remember, you’re going against an institution and not a single person, which means they will have strong legal representation to ward off any claims coming their way. Having the right evidence and a qualified attorney and law firm on your side can increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

Why Work with an Ehline Law Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

If you received injuries from an accident at LAX that was not your fault, contact our spinal cord injury lawyers for legal advice today.

Ehline Law is a personal injury law firm providing the best legal representation across California. Whether you’re injured due to a wet floor at LAX or were in a devastating injury due to malfunctioning equipment, our attorneys can help investigate your case and gather the relevant evidence to file claims and recover compensation for your damages.

Here are some of the reasons why Ehline Law is the right option for you:

  • A contingency fee basis means that we will take on the case’s legal costs unless we win. Spinal cord injury treatment is a financial burden that a victim cannot bear, and adding legal costs to it to protect their rights seems highly unfair. We work closely with injured people to protect them from insurance companies and their highly unethical practices. During your free consultation, a skilled Los Angeles spinal cord injury lawyer can show you some legal options you might have when the insurance company stops paying or offers a pittance to settle for third-party and even workplace accidents.
  • Lien doctor helps for your catastrophic injury. You’re not only getting the best medical treatment for your injuries, but you also don’t have to pay for it upfront, which alleviates the financial burden on the victim, helping them focus on their spinal cord injury recovery.
  • When going headon with institutions or other insurance companies, you want your injury claim to be really strong to avoid any rejections or delays. Having a qualified trial attorney on your side can help expedite Los Angeles personal injury claims and negotiate a maximum settlement to take care of medical expenses for your spinal cord injury.

Do you want superior results and phenomenal, caring service from a top-notch LAX accident law firm? Whether inside of a courtroom or outside fighting the insurance company, we are devoted to executing a superior outcome on your behalf. When you consult Ehline Law, you will rest easier knowing that your LAX spinal cord injury claim is in a bold representative’s winning, capable hands. Most of all, our team is experienced in spinal cord injuries from an airport slip and fall. We will ensure that you receive the best medical attention possible. We will also forcefully demand the fair compensation you deserve from the at-fault parties for your spine injury, whether these wrongdoers reside in Los Angeles or another state.

Our bold and aggressive legal team is ready to discuss forming an attorney-client relationship today. You can even visit any of our 15 law offices across Los Angeles and Southern California to discuss your case with high-quality legal representation and achieve superb, unmatched results with the help of Ehline Law Firm.

Hire a Superior LAX Spine Injury Lawyer to Win Your Case Today!

We take client cases seriously and take the time to hear their concerns and complaints. Don’t jump at the first offer made by the sneaky insurance adjuster. If you received a traumatic blow on your spine due to someone else’s negligence at LAX, contact us at our phone number (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation today on your personal injury case. You can also fill in our website form to contact us. A Los Angeles headquartered lawyer for spinal cord injuries is standing by 24/7 to help you receive abundant, superior results for your spine injury!

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