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Bicyclists with helmets.
Riders at the beach.

Also located in the sunny region of California, known as Greater Los Angeles, is the tiny South Bay City of Hermosa Beach. Sandwiched between Redondo Beach to the south and Manhattan Beach to the north is an exclusive area.

Running along the Marvin Braud Beach Bike Path, all the way south to Torrance Beach, the lovely Strand reveals diners, bars, and restaurants along its winding path. Built on the opposite side of the pier are international clubs, cuisines, and constant farmer’s markets.

Hermosa Beach is a draw to all colors, creeds, and desires. Here, the rich and famous, as well as inlanders living paycheck to paycheck, will coalesce to stay cool during the summertime.

Illustrating its historical beach culture, it maintains a world-class skate park for young thrashers and grown-up pros. Many continuous sporting activities take place within its boundaries. For example, swimming, running, fast walking, skateboarding, cycling, beach volleyball, surfing, skim-boarding, sailboarding, paddle-boarding regularly happen.

It’s located just 15 minutes south of LAX. Its warm Southern California coastal climate and accessibility by waterfront trails make it a major draw for people worldwide. With a population of only around 20,000 people, it maintains its own police force. Contrast this with the City of Rancho Palos Verdes. That city leases the Los Angeles County Sheriff for its community policing services.

Hermosa historically raises a considerable fortune off of issuing parking tickets, DUI, and DWI drivers. It was once notorious for its barhopper speed traps and DUI checkpoints along sections of PCH. But with competing services like Uber and Lyft, look for the city to develop other revenue-generating schemes to make up the loss.

The Hermosa Beach Parking Problems.

Moving right along, how interesting it is that despite Hermosa’s great prestige and wealth, finding street parking for your Ferrari may prove difficult. This area is densely packed, full of people and motor vehicles. So if you don’t have a garage or valet parking, you may have a tough time. Perhaps this is why so many people are using taxis and peddle power to get around here lately.

But of course, no visitors to Hermosa Beach will find themselves utterly immune from accidents and injuries. Due to extreme real estate costs, few sidewalks exist in residential areas. So stories of pedestrians clipped by a car’s side mirror on a dark side street are not unheard of. With so many bars here, the lack of well-lit walkways only increases the chances of an inebriated driver running you over.

In the business section, the city is practically afloat with head injuries from slipping and falling hazards. For example, slipping on a spilled beer or food at Baja Sharkeys™ or another establishment can cause you serious injuries. Also, what about residential and private recreational pools? Many are available for swimmers at local health clubs and hotels.

Swimming pools present many other threats to public safety, especially when no lifeguard is on duty. Head injuries and drowning from pool diving or slipping on a wet poolside surface are clear and present dangers to parents and children alike.

Don’t Be Defeated if You Suffer an Injury in Hermosa Beach.

Sometimes injuries or death were caused by another person’s negligence. So if you or a loved one has contracted grave injuries or impairment after an auto accident, slip trip and fall, or from swimming in the environs of Hermosa Beach, get help. Speak to a trained lawyer before throwing up your hands in defeat.

Ehline Law Firm wants to enlighten you that we are local, feared, and respected legal counselors. Most of all, we specialize in bodily harm tort cases. Ehline Law Firm has a stellar reputation for safeguarding the interests of clients who have undergone a negligent bodily injury in accidents of all types.

Also, the Ehline Law Firm has a local office near you. We stand ready to serve all your legal needs for any negligence case. Let us take over your legwork. We want you to intensify the healing process free from the distractions and additional trauma of pushy insurance adjusters and brash defense attorneys. Accordingly, we are standing by the phone right now to assist you in this challenging endeavor.

What Else Makes Us Different?

Our firm is rated as a top Personal Injury Litigator by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents™. Attorney Michael Ehline was reared up in Southern California. Also, Michael attended law school in Southern California. Next, he is a former Marine and well respected by his peers.

Michael’s integrity is evident when he is seeking justice for the injured victim. His professionalism has the high regard of his peers. Statements from the clients he has represented buttress this contention.

Even the adversaries against him respect him. Precisely this is what a fatal loss of a wage earner in your family requires. What are you going to do when something like a devastating dog bite attack cripples you? Victims cannot represent themselves with competence if an animal kills their partner or spouse.

Imagine dealing with emotions alone. This is why we are here. As legal counselors and fighters, we go on the attack for the plaintiff!

Our UNRIVALED Pride and Commitment.

The Ehline personal injury law firm is proud and genuine. Our team’s commitment is seeking justice for injured victims like thrown bicyclists. But it doesn’t stop there; cruise ship rape victims and abused elders are also part of our client base.

But if you did get run over, don’t deal with monotonous car or motorcycle insurance claims on your own. Turn your legal problem over to us. Our promise includes going all the way to trial if need be. As an accomplished attorney, Michael Ehline can calm the fears of injury victims.

He does this through the entire legal process with an unrivaled dedication to his clients. Of particular concern, many financial challenges arise from personal injuries. Take, for example, conditions such as blindness. Eye injuries can occur when airbags explode. Glass shards from shattered windshields can penetrate the eyeballs of a person too.

There are other painful things like melted skin from severe burns. People may even become mentally challenged. Some victims even suffer amnesia from severe brain injuries or death. We are proud to serve these poor souls.

What About Our Small Firm Service, Big Firm Results?

We offer small firm service with big firm results. Therefore, our lawyers want to hear from you whether or not it’s a personal or business-related injury. Our leading advocates provide a loud voice for the plaintiff and their family members.

At our South Bay offices and our offices throughout California, Ehline Law Firm remains ethically and morally bound to its injured clients. That means we will guide you through the confusing maze of legal procedures and settlement posturing.

Everything we do is geared to achieve an unmatched financial outcome for our wounded clients. So whether through negotiating a pre-trial resolution, or full-blown litigation to the jury, we never surrender.

When you become severely injured, Ehline offers world-class emotional comfort and availability. Learn more about our 5-star service. Find out how we can help your personal injury legal needs.

We are happy for the opportunity to serve you in any way we can. Get yourself an in-person consultation now, and avoid letting the statute of limitations expire. Make that life-altering call today at (888) 400-9721.

Proven Record of Success

Also, this law firm has earned millions of dollars in verdicts, settlements. We’ve also helped clients save money by helping with bill reduction. Furthermore, Ehline has represented many citizens of the South Bay from our convenient locations.

Our leading advocates and partners have also successfully sued large corporations for over a decade. Furthermore, we have aggressively helped clients of all shapes and sizes and with different issues.

Learn More About Plaintiff’s Attorney Michael Ehline

3d render of a collection of law books
3d render of a collection of law books

Michael is a personal injury plaintiff’s attorney based in Los Angeles County, CA. He lives and works in the South Bay. As a father of two children, and a resident of the South Bay community, Michael wants to keep everyone here safe.

Our great leader is also the president of Ehline Law Firm. Michael’s an upstanding member of Personal Injury Warriors International and Circle of Legal Trust.

Also, for many years now, he has been a Martindale-Hubbell Peer Rated Lawyer.

Because of this reputation, this gentleman also has a:
  • 5 Star AVVO rating.

As a leading advocate and citizen, Michael is a high achiever.

  • Michael tried three jury trials as a Certified Law Student while reading the law.
  • While studying for the Bar Exam, he was a judicial extern at the Second District Court of Appeal. Michael worked at the Ronald Reagan Building in Downtown LA off of Spring Street. So you can rest assured that he knows the local area and the pulse of the city.
While a law student, he worked at the appellate division while he studied law.
  • Michael also worked at the LA City Attorney Criminal Prosecution Division at the La Cienega Airport Courthouse Branch.
  • Prior experiences as a U.S. Marine instilled in him a “never quit” mentality.”

These experiences have combined to make Michael an excellent criminal and civil litigator. “Do or die” is his battle cry. Michael Ehline will “make it happen.” Ehline Law Firm possesses tested and pure talent in the form of its head. Rest assured that the veterans here can do many things that less skilled lawyers cannot.

What Other Types of Hermosa Beach Tort Cases Does Ehline Take?

Michael and his team, like Irene and James’ top priority, is to meet your needs. These staff members assist with things like horrible motorcycle accidents, for example. Although our emphasis is on water and storefront accidents, Ehline Law Firm lawyers deal with many personal injury cases in Hermosa Beach.

And this is so, even if your previous lawyer abandoned your important case. The Hermosa Beach injuries we help with are not just limited to motor vehicle accidents. But the sad truth is, this is where most cases stem from.

Some of the local injury cases our excellent lawyers help people with are:

Unfortunately, head injuries are one of our main areas of legal practice. Also, our lawyers see many types of motoring mishaps all along PCH in Hermosa Beach. But we help with all kinds of accidents on the state’s highways and waterways, not just at the beach.

Recently a woman jogger died while crossing PCH during the darker a.m. hours. And her life ended at the hands of a motorcyclist as she was jogging, minding her own business. But she was not in a crosswalk. Noteworthy, in that case, the decedent jogger was crossing PCH headed west, and the rider was also killed.

So who will take care of the loved ones she left behind? The answer is that her survivors will need to file a wrongful death lawsuit before the statute of limitations. So it remains crucial to seek out legal counsel, or you could lose any chances of remuneration.

The Many Hazards and Considerations When Traveling Through Hermosa Beach.

The roads here are not well lit in HB. Thus, a significant amount of glare is present here from lit up hotel perimeters and neon signs.

  • Flickering signs from businesses also prove to be a distraction for commuters.
  • Hermosa Beach is also a hard place to find parking.
  • In fact, broken parking meters have been a long term problem for many.
  • Also, many fights have broken out over parking spaces.

Are there Accident Risks Caused by Hermosa Beach Teen DUI Drivers?

Yes. As discussed above, drinking and partying by underaged drivers remains plentiful here. Because of this, young drunk kids are especially present here during the summer months. As a result, we often see DUI checkpoints all over the city in the hotter holiday periods.

But even in winter, during peak hours, many older residents still try and avoid driving here. It goes without saying that avoiding these hassles doesn’t mean you will always prevent being in an accident.

  • What About Bus Accident Risks?

Bus accidents are happening daily as well. Although these wrecks are not always the fault of the bus driver, they are mass casualty events. There are all types of vehicles that get into wrecks here. Motorists in passenger cars see a lot of fender benders and rear-enders. As a matter of fact, the far-right southbound lane of PCH often becomes blocked by cars.

Often, busy commuters are aggressive and discourteous. Going north or south on PCH during rush hour is a case in point to the dangers here. Some locals headed south on PCH have seen the merging traffic slam into the parked car on the right.

The opposite is true for northbound PCH vehicles. Metro buses have caused serious injury and death to bicyclists and people walking.

  • Motorcycle Rider Risks.

There is an increase in road rage incidents statewide. Hermosa Beach is not immune. But some motorists can simply become careless and even reckless. And they are liable when their inattentiveness hurts a person riding.

Most of all, riders in motorcycle accident insurance claims need an exceptional warrior lawyer. Of particular concern, this is a monied area. Many defendants residing here have higher than average liability insurance coverage. You may have a case. But there are likely hurdles even the best lawyers must jump through.

  • Other Less Obvious Serious Injury Claims We Help Clients With.

Remember that not all injuries are visible in an objective way. That blow to your head could be the basis of a fracture. A victim’s scrape or puncture wound could lead to dangerous infection or disease.

Bruising and internal bleeding caused by tightened seat-belts can result in spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, it could also lead to an aneurysm arising from the snapping of the neck.

Science confirms back injuries of this magnitude could result in an unplanned trip to the funeral parlor. In fact, individual victims with sensitive bodies are more at risk of death.

So you must stabilize yourself with proper medical care. Then you contact us. Next, we can guide your mishap through the minefield of an eggshell skull case.

Does Ehline Help in Hermosa Beach Death Cases?

There are many causes of wrongful death in breezy Hermosa Beach. Statistics from 2015 show one non-alcohol-related fatal accident involving one car and two people. Years prior show even more fatal road traffic accidents. Despite DUI checkpoints, DUI-related deaths in HB remain a known quantity. Even a quick search on Youtube reveals documented cases of drunks on the roadways causing trouble. Motoring accidents involving alcohol or drug-related hit and runs are always in the news here.

Why Is a Superb Lawyer So Important?

People who can afford proper insurance can procure a good defense lawyer. Malevolent insurance companies will try and burn you no matter what. But besides this, what about a hit and run case, or a case where you were knocked out, and the police didn’t give you the other driver’s info? How do you even find the person responsible?

Are you experiencing a situation where you cannot locate the at-fault driver? You are not alone. And the stress from this is likely putting you in a bad spot. Your only chance is having a great plaintiff’s attorney on your team.

  • Some crummy injury lawyers won’t even bother to investigate the fault.
  • They are just trying to settle quickly and close the file.

For hurt victims with future problems medical conditions to come, this is terrible news.

  • Clients deserve lawyers who act with responsiveness to their goals.

Getting the Greatest Sum of Money Remains the Goal of the Injured Plaintiff?

Yes, we all want justice. But in a tort case, justice means getting money. The prosecutor decides criminality, so often, your only justice is within the Los Angeles County civil courts’ walls. But what does justice initial in these cases? After all, private people can’t jail each other.

We can seek specific relief like an injunction or request a court order to pay money damages in a civil case. Get it? A plaintiff’s lawyers’ purpose is to garner the most massive sum of money possible for their clients.

  • For example, what if your family’s beloved and sole wage earner gets run over by a truck?
  • What if the mother of your children gets thrown out of a rolled SUV that was making a sharp turn and got killed?
  • Who is going to cover a lifetime of damages and injuries to the surviving family? Millions of dollars could be at stake.

But Research Is Key To Finding Those Deep Pockets to Pay the Victim.

Unless the attorney collects evidence and adequately investigates, the victim is at a financial disadvantage. Why is this?

  • Research Helps Locate Liable Parties.

Some potential actors could be partially at fault for the injuries. Hence, survivors need to be sure that the case does not involve multiple defendants. The more parties to pay, the better. But who are they?

  • Potentially Liable Parties?

A responsible party is a person like a Fortune 500 Company. They become liable to the victims for their negligent actions.

  • Even a lack of action that caused or contributed to a victim’s injuries is a basis for liability.
  • It could be that the person who caused your injury was in the course of the scope of business.

What are some other examples of potential defendants?

Below is a list of some other commonly liable parties in a personal injury case:

  • Employers
  • Landlords
  • Government agencies
  • Vehicle and Parts Manufacturers

The job of the lawyer here is crucial. Your local legal counsel must work hard to ensure the liable party(ies) has/have assets or insurance to pay you. Injury claims won’t be cheap. Most important here is that someone could have “deep pockets.”

  • Some insurance policies have excess and umbrella coverages.
  • This means if you have severe or permanent injuries, there will be more money to pay you.
  • Most of all, this is why it is so important to have an investigation conducted immediately.

Ehline Will Leave No Stone Unturned in Case Investigations?

This is our promise. We will protect your legal rights skillfully and diligently, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice. As seen above, considerable effort must take place in identifying parties at risk for paying. Accordingly, we will pursue all forms of recovery, not just the negligent party’s liability insurance.

The staff and team will work to assure that all tortfeasors are on the hook. Also, this motivated law firm will seek out all potential sources of recovery of money damages. Proven skills in negotiations and court are all put to work for our clients. Most of all, our attentive personal service puts clients at ease.

  • Don’t Look for a Quick Settlement?

That’s right. Breathe and relax. Great lawyers do not just look for a quick solution. Hence, our trustworthy lawyers won’t just take whatever money is ostensibly available. Also, as noted, the team looks for other sources of recovery.

They try to find potential products defect claims against big money car manufacturers and government claims against the City. We will seek out those other possible defendants that other firms don’t consider.

  • A government defendant may be liable in part or in full for certain accidents. Examples include potholes and uneven pavement on roads traveled heavily. This can create a dangerous state, county, or city road.

Michael Ehline and this large team will go after all defendants, jointly and severally. With confidence, we will seek the defendant’s self-insurance, umbrella coverage, and personal assets. Also, we promise that any other uninsured lawbreakers or bad actors will be held accountable.

The Unrepresented Plaintiff Problem.

Most Hermosa Beach plaintiffs will find they have the cards stacked against them right off the bat. For the unrepresented party, handling a case like this will usually be a struggle.

Getting financial compensation is a laborious-fought process. And even with a trained legal representative to intervene, this is a tough row to hoe.

Blowing the Time to Sue – Statute of Limitations Problems.

As discussed above, you could easily blow the statute without a great attorney. It could be the victim’s injury was from a dangerous, improperly maintained estuary. There are also many slips, trips, and falls at storefront operations.

A trip on a poorly inspected or repaired walkway is just one example. Joggers along the Strand have been the victims of non-trivial defects on the sidewalk. But with no lawyer, they often blow the shortened time limitations statute.

Also, suing Hermosa Beach City requires a particular legal process under the Government Code. Particularly relevant, Ehline may try raising exceptions to this Code or the regular two-year statute of limitations.

  • It could be a skull fracture put you in a coma. Perhaps years later, you’re competent to sue.

Thus, an exception is created. This allows the jailed, the unconscious, or the victims of latent injuries to sue in the future. But if you don’t hire us quickly, it may be too late.

How Do Unrepresented Parties Translate their Financial Losses into a Dollar Figure?

Whatever caused your ailment, the outcome to the victim includes loss of household wages. And economic losses usually come with unwanted hospital and physical rehab bills.

Yes, these bills may be easy for you to total up. But who will pay them? A person with no lawyer can send all those bills to the adjuster for indemnification. But those lucky enough not to have passed away are often partially or wholly physically challenged. Sometimes they are desperate for money and clueless about how to obtain compensation.

Knowing all this, the adjuster will short sell you to avoid paying you full case value. In fact, only the best lawyers get you the most money for these hardships, so don’t go it alone.

The Quantifying of Future Financial Losses Problem.

Ok, what about future losses? How does a physically challenged, proper plaintiff figure costs for future damages? After all, affording a competent lawyer to do it may seem impossible. Even with a lawyer, how does a client pay for their new permanent disabilities. After all, these will often become lifetime expenses.

Statistics show that securing help gives clients more certainty and total paid money. So having a lawyer increases the chances of a decent economic recovery. But it’s not just about money, and it’s about you. Providing customers a sense of security they would not otherwise have significantly lowered their stress. Stress is a known precursor to diseases like cancer. We don’t want that!

So it goes without saying that we are continually counseling and comforting clients. We are always ready to discuss the important facets of our superior legal representation. Clients can rest assured that our high caliber team will promptly respond. We promise to fight with vigor from the time we sign their injury case.

Of Special Note.

The attorneys and team members will seek necessary things like a special van with a wheelchair ramp. Some health conditions may call for a permanent house-nurse or caretaker. So we work to make this happen for the victims.

  • Pain medicine isn’t cheap, either.
  • Medical insurance won’t cover pre-existing injuries.

And if your current health provider cancels, good luck getting affordable new coverage. You need to get this money now from the liable people.

  • Often, long term therapy and job re-training may be a factor in mitigation of future losses.
  • Defendants can offset this damage if a plaintiff is not prepared.

The new inconvenience a non-represented plaintiff faces in learning law and procedure can remain an insurmountable object. Imagine needing someone to help you go to the bathroom for the rest of your life? This costs big bucks!

  • How do you calculate the money you will need?
  • Without expert witnesses and a phenomenal lawyer, a plaintiff could lose out on the money.

But there’s still more potential problems if you get past that obstacle.

How Does a Plaintiff Monetize Personal Injury Damages?

There is no set formula for determining general damages. These damages include money for pain and suffering. These monies are different from the past, present, and future economic losses called “special damages.”

General damages cover daily and even hourly pain, suffering, for example. People describe these damages as a calculable yet intangible concept. For example, a jury can put a dollar amount on a victim’s passionate memories of the sad event itself. Sometimes a plaintiff can obtain punitive damages to punish reckless or intentional conduct.

Also, never rule out the possibility that you may bear some responsibility for your injury. Sadly, unrepresented clients struggle with apportioning fault under California’s Pure Comparative Negligence rules. Does what we just discussed remind you of the battle you or someone you’re familiar with are facing right now?

If so, the lawyers at Ehline Law Firm are ready to take over your case — with benevolence and purpose of action. Ehline Law Firm will face this significant, uphill struggle for you. We place our superior veteran skills at the client’s service as they convalesce.

We have valuable hands-on negotiation skills and courtroom prowess that many firms strive to match. As always, we can travel to you on our time and our dime.

If you suffered a tragedy and don’t know where to turn, our proven track record both in and out of court is second to no one. When you want a tack driver you choose us. Ehline Law Firm treats you with respect and compassion. We win cases.

Hire Us, Other Out of Town Firms Sure Do!

Some law practices want you to believe they are successful national or statewide law firms. But often, they hire us to prosecute their client’s cases. Yes, they might have a tremendous staff, etc. But the truth is, often they are not based out of Hermosa Beach. Even if they were not, they usually have huge overhead and limited time to help cases individually.

And that means they feel immense pressure to settle cases quickly to pay their staff and overhead. In our opinion, it is better to take on fewer cases. Our boutique firm’s preference is giving local clients close attention and more compassion.

We think the personal aspect of personal injury is more important. So we don’t just turn case files over to less experienced lawyers. Also, hiring more people to handle lots of cases can mire down a law office. The legal staff could be re-tasked at any given moment. These devotees are now forced to work on another instance, which takes away attention from you, the client.

Other tactics large firms use may include having junior staff lawyers with less experience take on your file. Particularly pertinent here, they may not always be able to advance your interests. We feel being elite allows us to be less wieldy, which gives you the responsiveness you deserve as a client.

Also, Ehline has expertise in the local Hermosa Beach, California court system. Also, the Ehline Law Firm understands the administrative procedures quagmire faced by clients. This toolbox represents a definite advantage to the personal injury victim.

Get Our Proven Strength At Your Side.

Basically, if your injury is from the negligence of another, you probably have a viable case. Due to the many types of accidents and potential defendants, each case will be unique and wrought with its own potential positive points and pitfalls.

One of our team members will help identify whether you have a case. Ehline Law Firm will discover if uninsured or underinsured coverages afford protection for this set of facts. Also, we will seek out evidence such as videotaped location cameras in the area. We will chase down percipient witnesses and request their sworn statements documenting what they saw. Big firm experience, with small firm attentiveness, is what our clients get.

As always, negligence victims owe us no attorney fees unless we win their case. The fee arrangement is called our contingency fee. To learn more about our above-average legal representation, get a free consultation toll-free (888) 400-9721.

Our highly honed lawyers are prepared to work tirelessly. Meeting your needs is our number one priority. We won’t sleep until we get you a just, deserving outcome.

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