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Getting injured in a canine attack can cause serious injury or death. A close call or attack by a dog is usually a traumatic, harrowing experience.

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And that can leave you with emotional and physical scars for a long period.

  • Children are at particular risk for disfigurement and long term emotional problems after a dog attack.
Dangerous dog attack exercises.
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The Long Beach Ehline Law Firm is the place injured consumers like you go when seeking legal help. ELFPI has successfully protected the rights of past bitten clients.

Our past clients know that a well-vetted lawyer is needed in a dog bite case. And we have a proven track record for competently representing dog bite attack victims in Long Beach, CA.

What Do We Do to Preserve Your Rights in a Long Beach Dog Attack?

There are many things a consumer has to worry about after an assault such as this.

  • You will likely need medical care and maybe even psychological counseling.
  • The last thing you need to worry about is homeowner’s insurance adjusters.

Also, the defendant's investigators and representatives will try hassling, browbeating, and blaming you. So don't let them blame you for your mishap.

We will immediately take over your file, instruct the above adversaries to leave you alone and inter alia:

  • Give you a free consultation.
  • Move to recover your lost wages.
  • Offer you a no-fee unless we win promise.
  • Fight continuously to get you back the highest amount of compensation.
  • Interact with your hospitals and physicians to make sure you get the right care and reports.

Who is Legally Liable for Your Dog Bite Wounds?

There are many potentially liable parties in your dog bite claim. In Long Beach, every year, some adults and children fall victim to dog bite attacks and suffer serious injuries.

Your bite could be the fault of:

  • A police dog whose handler allowed it to exceed the valid force authorized under the law
  • Landlords who let a dangerous animal stay at a residence
  • The dog’s owner

For example, if a four-legged critter bites a person who was not an intruder:

  • California says that lack of prior reports of vicious behavior or bites is no bar to recovery of money damages.

So in a nutshell, the boss, owner or controller of the dog, or the premises the dog resides in, is usually legally liable to you.

What About Unusually Dangerous Dogs?

We do know that lower-income areas of this community have a higher than average population of dogs like Pit bulls, or Rottweilers, for example.

There are two sides to this story.

  • Dog fanatics say that there is no such thing as an unusually dangerous dog. These naysayers argue that dog owners need to train the dogs better, and thus, zero injuries would occur if not but for mediocre training.
  • Victims rights groups and injury lawyers will argue that these animals came from wolves.

For example:

  • Rotts were used to protect the Roman legions from aggressors and wild lions.
  • Pit bulls were bred to attack and kill bulls in a ring.
  • Plus, both dog breeds and several others have incredibly sharp teeth and powerful jaws and equal bite forces.
  • Last, many professionals who work with these animals and even courts of law classify these gang-banger types of dogs as “unusually dangerous.”
  • Gang-banger dogs? What?

Why do we say gang-banger? Simple, these particular dogs are associated with being tough and macho. Many gang-bangers reside in low-income areas and like these dogs since they make them look and feel “tough.”

Conversely, many people who live near gang-bangers use these as protection dogs. And this is because they know that criminals fear them most.

All About California Dog Attacks.
Dogs at the beach

So like any town, Long Beach has its unique personality when it comes to certain things. The common denominator is that we sue anyone and everyone who owned or controlled a dog that hurt you or your family, without hesitation. If they have the apparent ability to pay, we go after them. We will not be intimidated. Most of all, we will pursue justice on your behalf.

How About Reducing Risks of “Inherently Dangerous” Dogs Attacking?

As stated above, certain dog breeds can cause severe, and even debilitating injuries. Hence, when they attack an adult victim, let alone a small child, the injuries can be horrific.

  1. Rule one for potential victims, stay away from known danger zones and dangerous areas.
  2. For dog owners who care about others, spaying or neutering these more aggressive breeds can certainly cause them to be less aggressive.

But this does not stop surprise injuries from happening. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to loose animals.

Do the Relevant Statistics Prove the Dangers?

Yes. Dog bites are a clear and present threat.

  • Nationwide annually, over 850,000 victims seen in hospital emergency rooms.
  • A large number of bite victims become in-patients.
  • Yearly statistics show approximately 20 people die in a dog bite scuffle.
  • 60% of dog bite victims are children. And these kids are at a higher risk of infection, either bacterial or parasitic.
  • Children can suffer severe nerve damage and permanent scarring also.

What Are Some Relevant Dog Bite Laws?

In California, the owner of the canine must, by law protect the public.

  • Owners must have control or restrain their dog at all times.
  • When a dog bites an adult or child, the owner of the canine can become responsible.
  • As a result of the injuries, the victim suffered the dog's owner can become strictly liable.
  • So when the unleashed, unsecured, biting canine bites, the premises owner is legally negligent.
  • When the owner knows the dog has a propensity for violence, there are more problems. Hence, even if the animal is on a tether, it could approach a person. It could scratch or hurt someone.

No matter what, the owner is still responsible.

What Do I Do If Me or Someone I Love Was Hurt By A Dog?

Your case if filed, is likely to end up in Long Beach or San Pedro Superior Court. Also, these are both local to our law firm. So if you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog bite injury, Ehline Law Firm are legal pugilists. Use our online e-mail form or talk to us by telephone at (888) 400-9721.

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