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Welcome to Ehline Law Firm. It seems like rather than worry, you are pro-active about your personal injury case. So that is why you probably came here looking for information about bus accidents. Our law firm helps people recover monetary compensation in just such cases.

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We are experts at helping with bus accidents in the city of Newport Beach. Most people are unaware that bus crashes happen due to a wide variety of causes. One of the consequences to passengers is mental and physical injuries.

So we help get people money to compensate for those things. Read on, but whatever you do, “do not delay” to action. The law has time limits to file a lawsuit! It’s probably smart to strike while the iron is hot.

Do We Have the Skills You’re Seeking?

Yes, we do! So it goes without saying that wounded victims are probably seeking compensation. They will probably want a local Newport Beach firm. People also want a representative with experience, litigation skills, and resources.

You need support since these are also rare cases. Bus company liability needs to be determined right away too.

Most of all, an aggressive lawyer can promptly dig deep. As a result, legal experts can work quickly to find out what happened.

Bus Driver Negligence that Leads to Bus Accidents in Newport Beach.

The bus drivers operating a bus on the streets and freeways have traffic congestion. Noteworthy is that handling a coach on the winding mountain roads can be risky. Rain and inclement weather also present problems.

Hence, if the bus driver is not entirely concentrating on the road, death is a risk. Not being focused on driving can cause dangerous mistakes. Therefore, this puts the passengers at risk. It seems like driver error is always the reason for a wreck.

Plus, we all hear in the news about crashes from drivers going over the speed limit. Other calamitous errors include unsafe lane changes. Some operators will drive aggressively in lousy weather.

So when a bus accident does occur, we do a comprehensive investigation of the bus crash. Of particular interest, we work right away to determine if negligence played a role in the collision.

The More Common Types of Bus Driver Negligent Include:

  • Speed Limits: Bus drivers operating the bus over the speed limit will have a tricky time maneuvering. Their reaction times become reduced, and they must perform sharp braking. Consequently, it can result in them making hard turns. Flipping the vehicle, or rolling the behemoth is a real possibility. Traveling over the speed limit increases the risk of bus accidents.
  • Bus Driver Fatigue: Bus drivers and other commercial drivers are legally required to keep log records. So by law, these records must include the amount of sleep they have had. The documents also list the number of hours they drive. Unlawful records falsification can occur. Of particular interest, fake files are to the advantage of the driver that is trying to meet schedules. Bus driver fatigue increases the risk of a bus accident.
  • Furthermore, this is a negligent action when there is a bus crash. Hence, this may be considered negligence, per se. Bus accidents caused by a fatigued driver will mean holding the bus company or owner responsible.

Distractions Kill.

Besides being tired, there are many other pressing problems facing bus operators as follows:

  • Bus Driver Unsafe Lane Changes: On a regular route, the bus pulls over to the right to pick up and let off passengers. If the bus driver fails to see oncoming traffic, the consequences can be a bus accident.
  • Bus Driver Distractions: Distracted drivers put passengers at risk. Distractions increase the risk of a bus crash. Distracted bus drivers change radio stations or make other adjustments. Examples include driving and eating. The usual suspects include texting or talking on the phone. Hence, this will take their focus off of the road and the traffic around them
  • Driving Under the Influence: When bus drivers are DUI, passengers are at risk. Thus, operators are liable for operating the bus while stoned on alcohol. Bus companies or bus owners may also be accountable. Under respondeat superior, they are responsible for the actions of the driver. Examples of gross negligence include hiring a person with a bad driving history. It is probably a bad idea to hire a bus driver with multiple DUI offenses. It may not be smart to hire an employee who has a record for reckless driving either. Character matters.

Lack of Maintenance and Defective Parts.

The causes of bus accidents include when the driver loses control. But sometimes other reasons exist. As a result, you must determine the cause right away. Hence, a lawyer must investigate with a fine-toothed comb.

He must gather evidence. In some cases, he may find that improper maintenance is the culprit. Evidence may show the cause of the wreck was defective steering. The culprit may have been faulty brakes or broken engine parts.

They all can play a role. Thus, owners and repairers are responsible sometimes. Indirectly, they too could have played a role in causing the bus crash.

In other words, a lot of people can be on the hook. Of course, often investigations include the help of other experts.

Most important here is ensuring those liable parties stand accountable. After all, it was their actions or inaction that caused or contributed to the disaster.

The negligent parties that can be responsible include:

  • The bus owner The bus company
  • The company responsible for bus maintenance
  • The mechanic(s)
  • The manufacturer in charge of a defective or inferior design
  • The manufacturers of defective parts

When Motor Vehicle Drivers are Negligent.

Bus accidents also occur if they due to the careless or dangerous driver of another motor vehicle that the bus driver cannot avoid in time to keep a collision from happening.

Thus, this would be the driver that runs a red light. It could also include one that is speeding. Hence, examples also encompass unsafe lane changes. Distracted bus drivers may even be under the influence. Negligent motor vehicle drivers include those who drink or do drugs and drive.

Methamphetamines are the drug of choice for many long haul drivers. Bus companies cannot knowingly hire druggies.

But if the company knew or should have known the driver was on meth, we have a problem. There may be circumstantial evidence. In this type of circumstance, the bus company or owner’s insurance company may be on the hook.

Expert Legal Representation in a Newport Beach Bus Accident Case.

Representation by experts like Ehline is essential. You bet your bottom dollar that the bus company defendants will have prominent money lawyers. There is also the fact that the law limits the amount of time to sue.

Depending on the defendants, you must rapidly file a bus accident injury claim. Thus, waiting can mean ruining your case. In conclusion, consulting an experienced legal warrior will protect your rights.

We Make It Happen?

Last, we have the litigation skills to assist brutalized clients. Our forte remains to max out the compensation legally possible. Our commitment is to your family and loved ones. Your Newport Beach bus collision is essential to us. Reach out to the attorneys of Ehline Law Firm. Call toll-free at (888) 400-9721. 

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