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Our Cable Car Injury Law Firm Proudly Sues for Victims in the Bay Area of California

Our caring Bay Area law firm helps plaintiffs. Therefore, these law offices are always motivated to help individuals with suing for MUNI Railway injuries.

Therefore, we help people victimized by someone's carelessness in their operations. This company has proudly recovered millions of dollars for California accident victims. Most of all, we stand with the little guy. We act as a person's sword and shield in their hour of need.

Cable Car Accident Facts

Cable car injuries can be among the very worst types of catastrophic cases for the people involved. The U.S. Department of Transportation shows cable car injury rates rising over the past four years. Therefore cable car collisions have more than doubled.

Of particular interest, MUNI bus has a five times higher rate of bodily harm than electric trolley buses. They also beat light rail accidents in the number of accident victims. Cable cars travel at a speed of nine miles per hour.

The science shows this is a high enough rate of speed to result in accidents. Hence, serious injuries often befall the victims. These rides are also a favorite of tourists. Thus, many victims feel naked and afraid so far away from home.

Ehline Law Firm takes pride in assisting people. We enjoy helping those who have nowhere to turn. Michael Ehline was a U.S. Marine. Thus, he considers it a solemn duty to run to the sound of the gunfire.

Cable Car Accidents Through the Years.

Over the years, our city has become the focus of some severe tragedies involving cable cars. So below for you is a sampling of some of the most noteworthy wrecks. Hence, this will probably give you an idea of the prevalence and severity of injury in these tragic cases.

  • 1967: In the year 1967 on Hyde Street a cable car loaded with passengers ran away crashing into several automobiles with the wreckage catching fire. Killed were two people. Forty-three were injured.
  • 1988: In May 1988 on the same hill on Hyde Street a cable car sped down the same hill causing passengers to be thrown to the pavement when impacting a truck. In this crash, twenty people became injured.
  • 1993: In October of 1993 a runaway cable car at Hyde Street and Beach Street struck three parked cable cars after the brakes failed. In this crash, ten people suffered harm.
  • 1995: In 1995 an empty cable car became a runaway car hitting a passenger car and trapping an Australian tourist between the two vehicles. The man suffered severe enough injury to his left leg that it required amputation.
  • 1999: August 16, 1999, a cable car traveling down from Nob Hill struck a protruding rod in the street resulting in the car coming to an immediate stop with fifty passengers, many of which were tourists. In this incident six of the fifty passengers required hospitalization, and twenty other passengers needed treatment at the scene of the crash (Source.)
  • 2005: In August 2005 a cable car came to a sudden stop at California and Powell Streets due to the gripmen from the California and Polk Street lines activating cable cars at the same time. Five people sustained injuries in this mishap.
  • 2007: In January 2007 at a North Beach intersection a cable car struck and killed a seventy-six-year-old pedestrian.

Cable Car Accidents are Not Uncommon

Of particular note, these are incidents that occur with regularity. Our San Francisco municipal railway injury attorneys have a clear understanding of the engineering dynamics.

They comprehend the operation of cable cars. Our paralegals and law clerks learn about their interconnected braking systems. Therefore, our whole staff is always learning. Thus, their goal is to know the rules and regulations that oversee the operation of these vehicles.

Lawyers of Ehline Law Firm have specialized knowledge in the causes of these collisions. Michael Ehline likes to help people less fortunate than himself. He is grateful for the success of the firm. He gives back by going the extra mile.

Michael is an expert on passenger boarding injuries, runaway cars, and sudden stopping. These are the situations that most often result in harm to passengers.

Pursuing Damages in Cable Car Mishaps

If you or a loved one suffered harm, such as fractures, brain injuries, paralysis due to a cable car malfunction we can help. Contact the Municipal Railway injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC for a free consultation.

Hence, we will gladly evaluate your claim. Then we will conduct a thorough investigation. Our services include giving you a definite, caring explanation of your case in blunt terms.

Once you hire us, we get to work right away. We start by ambitiously tracking and interviewing witnesses. Carrying out witness interviews is essential. The plaintiff must collect evidence in cable car collisions. Thus, research on these crashes must happen immediately. Our compassionate law firm uses experts for an expertly prepared case.

Of particular importance, delaying gathering scientific and other evidence can result in a loss. Noteworthy is the fact that MUNI investigators and defense lawyers will be working overtime to obtain written or tape-recorded statements.

They seek to record confused witnesses in a way that distorts the facts. Hence, they try and turn the tables in their favor. But our professionals will put a stop these tactics. Instead, we will surround you with guardians and protect your claims.

Injured by a Cable Car in San Francisco?  Know your rights!

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Was Your Cable Car Operator Properly Trained?

Particularly relevant, proper training is a requirement under California law for cable car operators. Hence, they must be proficient in starting and stopping cars as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, the operator has to use excellent care and diligence. Furthermore, a great driver will have a record for safely operating and transporting passengers.

Failure of this duty of care is negligent. There are also statutory rules and regulations for cable car operators. Have you suffered harm and believe you have a claim against the cable car?

The opposite maybe is right. Your case may be against the City and County of San Francisco. Therefore, you may also need to bring a government claim.

It is possible you have a complaint against the Municipal Railway. It is probably a good idea for you to contact cable car legal specialists at our law firm.

Your warm, loving and attentive, professional lawyers are happy to discuss your pending case toll-free at (888) 400-9721.

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Michael Ehline is the author of several books and articles like the one you just read, including How to Become a Lawyer with No Law School. He is President of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.

He lives in Greater Los Angeles County, with his wife and two children. You can reach Michael here.

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