Will the National Media Take on The Self Driving Car Risk?

The Many Issues of the New Tech

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Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. In their recent column, the magazine explains that the ordinary person may never ride in a driverless car.

Many people are disappointed that self-driving cars are not all they were cracked up to be. We do know that car companies pay news outlets a lot of money for ads. So the question arises, “will the national media take on the self-driving car risk?”

After repeated crashes, intellectual property disputes, and technical issues, the problems are adding up. It looks like it will be decades, not years before you can ride one. In fact, the issues are mounting so fast some companies are overwhelmed.

Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. In their recent column, the magazine explains that the ordinary person may never ride in a driverless car.

Fortune cited Tesla claims its car was not on self-driving mode after a crash killed a man in the Netherlands last year. However, as Dutch media reported recently, a Tesla car on self-driving mode crashed into a truck there this year.

Uber-Google Fight Could Sink Self-Driving Cars

Fight Over the Future of Self-Driving Cars.

The recent fight between Google and Uber may portend far more significant changes to come. The conflict arises regarding the role of self-driving car tech. The SDC movement has garnered a lot of smoke, but not a lot of fire. Furthermore, despite multiple attempts promises keep vanishing.

Fortune reported on the ongoing battle between the two giants. Underlying the whole situation is the fate of SDC tech. Google claims that Uber stole their proprietary info. This suit will eat up a whole lot of time and money. It also exposes the weak foundation of self-driving car hype.

The years showed that such technology is more often than not a puff of smoke. Also, repeated crashes and even a fatality followed the rise of this tech. Testing is inconclusive and is well behind schedule.

Uber’s Mounting List of Problems.

The situation regarding Google is just the tip of the problems for Uber, according to the LA Times. Thus, regarding the lawsuit, Uber received 14,000 company files from its former employee Anthony Levandowski. Google, owned by its parent Alphabet, soon discovered that its tech was ripped off by Uber. Furthermore, many cases the files were almost the same. According to the suit, Uber took three patents. Also, Google wants Uber to stop using any of the techs.

All of this is terrible news for consumers. The trust they put in ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft is misplaced. There are multiple cases of abuse by their drivers and the company. Many instances of violence rocked the news.

Ultimately self-driving cars are a boondoggle of epic proportions. They show that many of the promises are hollow. It also shows a misunderstanding of the American consumer. Consumers do not want the fraud of major companies. The lofty promises are just that. Follow us here for more information about Uber and updates on fraud cases.

The video below shows just one of the many accidents caused by these types of vehicles:

Furthermore, this is only one example of issues these cars produce on the road. Considering these are just pilot cars, wait under they come out in large numbers.

Decades of Work?

Many of these issues are not just bugs to work out. In many cases, they are full problems which will require decades to get through. These car companies are lying straight out about the capabilities of these cars. Self-driving cars are a danger on the road. Don’t let the fancy videos and commercials fool you. Tesla, Uber, Google, and the others need a long time to work out their problems.

Keep it tuned here for more information about the self-driving car phenomenon and how it is growing– and fizzling. Ehline Law has several experts in both auto liability and autonomous car issues. We are abreast of the latest case studies and the chance you’ll be sitting behind the wheel of an SDC.

In conclusion, whether or not the national press will risk losing advertising dollars and expose the self-driving risk is a matter to be seen. So we’ll keep you updated.

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