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Understanding what can happen while riding is important before strapping on that helmet and riding gear. Bikers at Ehline law deal with these cases all the time, and many of them are avoidable. The key is for the rider to be extra alert.

After all, who has more to lose, a person in a protected car, or an unprotected bicyclist? Brain injuries are common in bike accidents. We created this page to help you understand more.

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Common Bike Injuries Usually involve Brain Injury.

A large percentage of bike injuries in cities all around the world include a brain injury. A bicycle related "closed head injury" (click here) can cause lifetime suffering. But the good news is that the medical community admits it is in the early stages of understanding the complexities of brain injuries.

In any event, medical researchers can differentiate certain things modernly. For example, now doctors can tell us the impact experienced by the victim when trauma occurs to certain portions of the brain.

Concussions are a Commonly Misunderstood Brain Injury.

Many people believe all concussions are the same. But this is not true. Findings of new research suggest that persons suffering from a concussion are affected differently. This is the reason that the recovery time for some people is rather quick.

Yet other people will experience negative changes for the rest of their life. When a person suffers a head injury in a bike crash, it remains essential for physicians to determine the area of the head the damage has occurred. That way , hey can limit the amount of damage caused.

Important: Most people are astonished when they find out that as much as 30% of concussions can impact a person’s life from that point on. So this remains a huge reason to treat concussions seriously.

Brain Regions Concussions can Affect.

At one time ,professionals thought the workings of a concussion were the same for each person suffering this type of injury; therefore ,concussions were all treated the same. However, when new scanning methods were used to study shock patients, the areas of the brain that were affected differed in each case.

So this discovery provides an explanation as to why some patients can recover from this type of injury in a matter of hours, and other patients suffer from behavior and personality changes from that point on. When a bike accident occurs and causes injury, the victim is frequently thrown off the motorcycle.

In any event, the impact of hitting the ground or another object can easily cause a concussion. Important: Several factors will determine the severity of the concussion and they are as follows:

  • The forward speed of the victim’s head on impact.
  • The angle the impact occurred.
  • Areas of the brain that hit the skull during impact.

Physicians can now locate the particular portions of a person’s brain affected by the concussion when the same types of scans from the study are used. These scans also allow them to determine if any bleeding or swelling has occurred.

So now bleeding may be stopped quickly. This will help limit any future damage in the future too.

Lifelong Effects Concussions Can Cause.

Important: When concussions are treated wrong, they become worse. Also, they may end up causing permanent damage. In some situations, the damage may be minor. So in that case, it could cause mild personality or behavior changes.

But in other situations, the patient may have problems learning new things. Also, the subject is not able to concentrate. This means you need an excellent lawyer right away. That way he or she can help you get the best medical doctors.

Some of the other problems they may also experience:

  • Suffer psychological changes such as mania or depression
  • Be unable to use one side of their body
  • Suffer from seizures
  • Experience headaches

The severity of symptoms like this can vary a great deal from one patient to another, and they can last anywhere from just a couple of days to the rest of their life. When doctors determine the exact location of the injury, they are more efficiently able to diagnose you. Because of this, an appropriate treatment plan helps limit the amount of further damage experienced.

But it also helps the victim improve and recover various functions lost after the wreck. In any event, the earlier the concussion becomes detected, the better the prognosis for improvement. It can also help prevent injuries from progressing into lifelong burdens. The study provided a new and thorough understanding into the injury of the unique person. So this crucial information makes it possible for physicians to prevent concussions from being long-term. If a person gets injured in a bicycle accident, the patient is examined thoroughly. Only then can one know the severity of harm.

Next, a smart plan of treatment can become instituted. When a person feels fine after a bicycle accident, don't fall for it. Just because you think no damage was done by the crash does not make it right. But many times this can be very misleading. Afterward, many riders assume everything is fine.

But permanent injuries may later arise. So refusing medical and legal help is the worst thing a person can allow. First off, treat all bicycle accidents seriously. In fact, the best way to increase a person’s chances of a recovery would be to obtain professional help.

Injured Riders Should Take Legal Action.

If a bicycle accident hurt a person, they should get help right away. After all, a concussion or other closed head injury may be present. If so, you need to contact the legal experts at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.

Important: In any event, only trained attorneys know the complexities of bicycle-related brain injuries and the law. And these people can form a legal plan of action. Most of all, you ensure yourself fair, and just compensation for injuries and damages suffered.

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