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Ehline Law Firm has vast experience in Casino tour bus cases and many others. As a matter of fact, Ehline has information and experience from taking these cases all the way. For example, perhaps the gambling casino subsidized the casino tour bus operator?

Maybe the establishment paid the negligent tour bus operator a commission per passenger or based it upon a percentage of what you and the occupants gambled.

Did you know that the casino could be liable as a joint venturer, partner or co-venturer of the casino? This means the gaming venture has some liability for your personal injuries, not just the tour provider and driver.

Under the above set of facts, the law imposes upon the casino, a duty to make reasonable inspections of tour buses and to ensure the tour bus operator hires responsible employees who aren’t high on drugs for example.

Were you injured while on a casino tour to another state other than Las Vegas? Maybe you were hurt during an Indian Casino tour? In all of these cases, Ehline is an expert in the nuances, legal theory and plan of action to get you paid big money. Call us now to learn more about personal injury compensation. (213) 596-9642.

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Planning on Taking a Casino Tour Bus?

Santa Barbara Tour Bus Accidents
Tour bus off Lincoln Avenue, near Marina del Rey, CA.

The injuries suffered on any casino tour bus accident range from death, severe friction burns, broken ankle, broken bones and even coma to name a few. Recovering for money for physical pain and suffering and economic loss, past and present means hiring a lawyer. Passengers should seek out experienced and local California tour bus accident attorneys.

Perhaps you paid for cheap casino tour tickets. But maybe afterward you were injured in a tour bus on a casino trip. For example, take the recent Soledad tour bus accident. These things crop up at odd times and are unexpected mishaps.

Tour Buses – Tour Bus Statistics:

Negligent tour bus operators are not just limited to California. The Federal Transit Administration Regional Administrator in Chicago has issued a decision barring the Akron Metro Regional Transit Authority. It involves the $622,500 in federal funds they used while still violating the FTA’s charter bus rules. Other great free educational resources on the dangers of large vehicles on road are: Bureau of Transportation Statistics Web Site.

What is a “Casino Tour”?

Ehline Law Firm has dealt with all types of Tour Bus Accident issues. A casino tour is a partnership between gambling casinos and private party charter bus companies. For example, Las Vegas gambling casinos regularly pay bus operators a commission for “herding” tour bus groups together for “casino tours.”

In fact, many of these Las Vegas casinos subsidize the tour bus operators from gambling profits. So that way, the tour bus operator can sell bus tickets for below market price.

Aside from the legality of sharing gambling profits with tour bus operators not licensed by the Nevada Gaming Authorities, it is alleged in Hemsley v. Davis that many casinos never inspected a single “casino tour” bus for safety.

In one case, the driver was not paying attention. Instead of watching the route, he became distracted. As a matter of fact, he was looking at a small portable television set. Also, in that case, the driver was simultaneously changing channels on the radio!

In that case, his vehicle rear ended another bus, and there was a jackknife-rollover. That case was terrible and became horrific. For example, there was a fatality. And most aboard suffered spine injuries and bones broken from being thrashed around inside the bus. A passenger was even ejected. In that case, he was catapulted through the break away windows. But the casinos argued they had no responsibility.

This was in spite of the fact the gambling casinos appear to be sharing profits and losses with many negligent tour bus operators. Unfortunately, some tour bus companies overload their tour buses with luggage and passengers. Also, many have ill trained, or even drug/alcohol abusing drivers. Still other times there is some other improper or illegal problem with the buses.

Seatbelts Not Required on Tour Buses.

Many tour bus companies place profits over people. Tour buses do not always come equipped with seatbelts. At least one California case says it’s a jury issue as to whether or not tour buses should be equipped with seatbelts. “. . . therefore, the question of negligence and proximate causation for failure to equip the vehicle with seatbelts is a triable issue of fact for the jury.” (Greyhound Lines, Inc. v. Super.Ct. (Chisefski) (1970) 3 Cal.App.3d 356, 359-360).

Ehline will put this case the test with your case. Our firm will be there to fight for your interests if you reside or work in California. We understand the Vehicle Code. So we can help you collect money to pay back those exorbitant medical bills. Call our legal hotline for help.

We help those suffering from:

  • Friction burns,
  • Broken legs,
  • Crushed skull,
  • Broken ankles.

But most of all, we help with any serious injury caused as a result of the negligent tour bus operator. The reason we help is because absent negligence, you would still be ok. In fact, the tour bus driver may have taken a curb too fast. In that case, the bus could roll over and crush people. But it could also be a sideswiping of a pedestrian or other car.

In any event, if someone died from a casino tour bus, the survivors can sue for money. The survivors can recover damages for emotional distress, loss of consortium, and even physical pain and suffering. You may even get punitive damages. This is because of the casino’s reckless failure to make reasonable inspections as a “common carrier.”

Let Us Fight for You.

Michael P. Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm fights for your interests. If seriously injured in Las Vegas tour bus wreck that departed from Los Angeles, the chances are you will need money. This is because you may have hospital bills, lost wages and no income.

If you think your case fits into any of the above negligent accident areas, Ehline Law Firm should be able to help you. California tour bus accident attorneys are waiting for your call now at (213) 596-9642.

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