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Civilians and firefighters in vehicle fires are in danger of suffering burn injuries. Also, they become subjected to toxic smoke inhalation. Smoke and fire from motor vehicles contain toxic gasses and toxic vapors. Many of these toxins are from manufacturing materials.

In turn, they combine with fuel in cars, trucks, and motorcycles to for a pyre of deadly flames and smoke. The toxic vapor found in motor vehicle fires also contains carbon monoxide. And this is a deadly, colorless and odorless gas.

Engine compartment of blue four door ablaze. Passenger car on fire.
Terrible motor vehicle fire.

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Vehicle Fire Statistics:

Statistics for motor vehicle burn injuries and fatalities include:

  • Motor vehicle fires kill approximately 600 people every year.
  • One out of eight deaths caused by fires is due to a motor vehicle fire.
  • In the United States, one out of five fires is a motor vehicle fire.
  • Every year approximately 1,200 firefighters get injured responding to a motor vehicle fire.


Fatal and severe burn injuries can occur due to a motor vehicle fire. Fire involving a motor vehicle can reach temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees. Also, it can generate flames that reach as far as ten feet from the car. Parts of the vehicle, such as the bumpers, engine parts, drive shaft parts, doors, and axles can get propelled away.

Dangerous Projectiles.

So as they shoot away from the motor vehicle, they can become deadly shrapnel. Because of the temperatures the fire burns, it can shoot out super-heated, molten missiles. Hence, this makes car fires extremely dangerous. Also, there are flammable liquids. And the gas tank can explode during a motor vehicle fire.

So along with battery acid, that can be dangerous even when the vehicle is not on fire. Plus there are instances where the vehicle’s gas tank explodes. When then happens, it causes the motor vehicle to catch fire. Firefighters responding to car fires wear full protective gear. They still can inhale bad air.

Dangerously High Temperatures and Burning Cars.

The temperature of 1,500 degrees is much higher than boiling water. And it burns at 212 degrees. So that can cause severe burn injuries. So this means it takes special materials to extinguish motor vehicle fires. And firefighters will wear their full gear, including special breathing equipment.

Approximately three vehicles in every one thousand involved results in motor vehicle fires. Often the victims suffer car collision related injuries. These can include whiplash or banging their heads against the vehicle window.

But it can also result in fatal or debilitating burn injuries. Often, toxic smoke inhalation is in store for the victim. During a collision, the gas tank of the vehicle can become compromised or ruptured. But this is just one of the many causes of motor vehicle fires.

Safer Fuel Systems Mean Less Fires.

Manufacturers have access to safer fuel systems. And often they choose not to use them in manufacturing, due to cost effectiveness. Often, this results in thousands of drivers, passengers and firefighters suffering fatal or debilitating burns. All this is avoidable. And this is because it is the product of fuel systems that manufacturer’s use. Quite simply, this is hazardous during a collision. Furthermore, they have the technology. But they just won’t install it.

Get Legal Help for a Vehicle Fire Injury.

If a motor vehicle fire has caused you or a loved one to suffer severe burn injuries, you are going to need help. Especially true is when this accident resulted in the death of a loved one. Hence, it is crucial to speak with an experienced burn injury lawyer. Ehline Law Firm’s attorneys can evaluate your accident. Also, they can investigate the death of a loved one. Furthermore, they can explain your legal rights and your legal options.

Holding Defendants Liable.

The careless or reckless actions of another individual or manufacturer can result in negligence. Then they can become responsible. The burn injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm protect victim’s rights. Part of this protection includes demanding compensation for rights violated. And the compensation recovered can include losses. These losses include medical costs, future medical expenses, and lost wages. Furthermore, it should include an award for future lost earnings and other damages.

Recovering Damages – Hiring a Lawyer.

The family that has lost a loved one could recover additional damages. These could include decedent’s medical costs and funeral costs. But it can also encompass lost future earnings and loss of companionship. Most of all, don’t put off contacting Ehline Law Firm. Discuss your case toll-free at (888) 400-9721.

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