What are the Statistics for Burn Injuries?

Annually there are thousands of burn trauma-related deaths. Also, there are tens of thousands of burn injuries that occur in the United States at home and in the workplace. Some industries carry a high danger for the workers of suffering burn injuries. But other types of burn injuries occur due to defective products and faulty equipment.

The numbers of burn-related victims have steadily increased since the 1950’s. And at that time only ten burn centers cared for victims and their rehabilitation. But in the United States today there are more than 200 trauma centers. And these care for badly to moderately burned patients, and their improvement (More Here.)

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What are The Burn Injury Statistics?

Burn injury statistics illustrate approximately 50% of accidents were avoidable. Hence, often third party negligence had a role to play. So this means someone else did something dumb that led to the burn injuries.

But the high-risk groups for burn injuries include:

  • Young children
  • Elderly adults
  • Certain industries and trades

Most of all, workers in high risk industries have exposure to heat and flame regularly. The most common causes of burn injuries for these groups are hot liquids and fire. But there are also other causes of accidental fires and electrocutions.

What About Burns and Little Kids?

Approximately one-third of burn injury victims are preschool aged children. Most of these played with fire. And many were fatally injured.

U.S. Burn injury statistics show:
  • In the United States, approximately 2.4 million people suffer burn injuries every year. There are approximately 650,000 burn injury victims treated by medical professionals. And about 75,000 victims get hospitalized for severe burn injuries. Nearly 20,000 people get hospitalized with serious burn injuries. So these are those covering about 25% of their bodies. Also, between 8,000 and 12,000 of these victims die due to the severity of the wounds. Hence, there are approximately one million burn victims annually. And these people will all suffer permanent disabilities.
  • Researchers estimate more children get burned in the winter months in the United States. And the Nationwide Children’s Hospital researchers estimate that 10,000 children suffer burn injuries annually. Children under the age of two are the ones most often hospitalized. So these are people with burns to the hands and wrists from contact with hot liquids. Burn injury victims under two years of age consist of almost half of burned kids hospitalized. But children between the ages of three and seventeen are more at risk of suffering burn injuries due to fire.

What are The Bureau of Labor Statistics Showing Work Related Burns?

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  • About 15,700 workers suffer chemical burn injuries in the workplace every year. And this results in about two days of work missed. In the retail industry, approximately 2,600 chemical burn injuries are suffered. And in the service sector, there are about 3,200 burn injury victims. Furthermore, in the manufacturing industry, there are about 5,800 burn injury victims yearly.
  • Nearly 41,000 workers suffer heat burn injuries in the United States each year. Statistics show employee burns from heat result in almost four days of missed work. The break-down is about 16,000 heat burn injuries in the retail industry. Then another 9,500 in the manufacturing sector. Last, there are nearly 8,600 burn-related injuries in the service industry.

What are Some More Burn Injury Facts?

What are the Number One Causes of Burns?
  • Burn injuries resulting from scalds are the number one cause of childhood injury deaths. So these are those occurring in the home and from birth to approximately 14 years of age.
  • The largest number of burn injury victims are over the age of 60. The rest include mostly children.
  • Electrical high voltage burn injuries total about 3 percent of burn-related hospitalizations.
  • Medical expenses for injuries are extremely high. Because it can include hospitalization, rehabilitation, therapy, reconstructive surgeries, it is expensive. Sometimes expensive skin graft surgeries and other ongoing medical care are necessary. The treatment for severe injuries can continue for years. Hence, long after the horrific accident, the person still suffers.

Did someone suffer this type of trauma involving carelessness, a defective product or a workplace accident? If so, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced advocate.

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